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Land reclamation in front of Queensbay Mall, facing Pulau Jerejak - Photograph by a concerned Penangite

Bit by bit, relentlessly, large stretches of the coastline of the eastern half of Penang Island have been handed over or sold to property developers, who are planning mostly higher-end projects.

The strong fencing (albeit temporary) in the photo above may be seen as a metaphor for the way coastal stretches are now being hived off to private interests.

The latest is Pulau Jerejak, part of which is now going to be closely associated with Ideal Property and Uda Holdings.


Penang Forum, a civil society coalition of Penang-based NGOs and concerned individuals, has come up with a new video in its persistent campaign call for a ‘Better, Cheaper, Faster’ Penang transport masterplan as an alternative to the over-the-top RM46bn proposal put up by SRS Consortium.

The Chinese version below:

A blocked pavement in Penang

Not long ago, while walking along a dim ‘five-foot way’ in town, my knee struck against a parked motorbike in the shadows. “Ouch! Man, that hurt,” I thought to myself, with none-too-pleasant thoughts about the person who had parked the bike there and the council for allowing such things to continue happening.