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Comments may be edited or deleted at my discretion and judgement. But it is not possible for me to moderate or edit all comments meticulously due to the sheer volume of comments. So if you come across a comment that is offensive or problematic, please highlight it to me by leaving a comment at the end of the latest entry or click ‘report comment’ at the end of the comment for me to take a second look.

I hope these guidelines will promote livelier, more civil and more fruitful discussions.


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Boo Yeang Khoo

Prasarana should introduce passenger-only catamaran from Penang cruise-liner terminal to Butterworth Sentral terminal


Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to place my search for an arborist. We have several trees planted as part of our greening program, but unfortunately a few of them seem to be affected by some kind of disease or pest attack. I am afraid if left as it is these trees may have to be removed before the problem is spread further.

Please help !!


I want to bring your attention to a comment andr request to remove my comment by the name kiran sarpotdar as soon as possible

Mohammad Fuad Salleh

Well said. Unfortunately whether in Malaysia Lama or Malaysia Baru, good and reliable ministers will not last long. Honestly its Tun who should resign.


Anil, what are our options to appeal for a review of these assessment hikes? Many of us living in OWNER-OCCUPIED homes built before 2008 are retirees living on savings!


Penang govt does NOT care about the environment at all. Only cares about development and making money for developers