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Penang reclamation: No federal decision yet!

Source: EIA report on proposed reclamation in southern Penang Island

What’s going on here. Last night I wrote that I could not understand how Mahathir could go along with the massive reclamation off the southern coast of Penang Island – especially as the reclamation would cover an area larger than Forest City in Johor, which he was dead against.

A dark day for Penang

Today, the National Physical Planning Council meeting reportedly approved the massive 4,500-acre land reclamation project off the coast of southern Penang Island. This comes at around the same time as a large crowd of activists have shut down London in protest at the lack of action against climate change by British leaders.

Monster highway approved: Welcome to the Parking Lot of the Orient

The federal authorities’ “conditional” approval for the RM8bn Pan Island Link project will lay the foundation for further congestion in the state five to seven years after the highway is completed.

The remarkable school in Sungai Ara that Maszlee would dream of

Photograph: seameo.org

No homework for pupils. Wholesome all-round education. A school farm where pupils can experience and learn living science. No extra classes or tuition for pupils. Little emphasis on exams. And yet commendable academic results.

Rantau by-election not a disaster for Pakatan Harapan

While the BN’s winning majority of 4,510 in the Rantau by-election yesterday might look large, it was actually a reduced majority compared to its 2013 general election winning majority of 4,613. (BN had won unopposed in the 2018 general election when the PKR candidate was sensationally disqualified.)