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Totally agree. High spending projects which penang people don’t need. How about planning purchase of 15 Camry 2.5V for official cars. Aren’t we having local cars which the Pedana executive can do the job handsomely? Rate hikes for houses assesement is totally absurb, with almost double the normal rate. We are normal working citizens these hikes will increase burden to working parents or families. What is PH promise to people? Anything better for so call UBAH?

Veera Kumar

Very well answred Mr.Cheah many people that I speak to in Falim, Air Itam are infact very concern of the environmental effect of this projects. Many have been farming on the hill slops and their livelyhood depends on it. The new Sunway velocity project on the old Lee Rubber factory is also a concern.

Rodney Fong

I cannot agree using the new highway PIL 1 as my regular route to work etc as it w put burden on the other road users that may not have a choice. Car drivers should be use the LRT when ever posdible to reduce cars on d road n not. Aurse traffic jams.


Really enjoyed your article on the Gurney Wharf project, there is certainly something underhanded going on with this, I don’t expect the final result to be anything like the public expect, lots of smoke and mirrors going on here. Please keep investigating.


The best method I can think if is to reduce vehicles on the road to the FTz at peak hours. Enforce minimum 2pax per car during these hours while a bus only lane is created. Again during peak hours. Tonnes of cars go into the FTZ every morning n exit every eve. I suggest that multi storey car parks be built at ends of both bridges on the island n cars encouraged to park there n drivers take a shuttle into the FTZ. These shuttles should run every 5-8 minutes n cover every road in the FTZ. There should be… Read more »


For me as a true Penangite..I really wished few changes..apart from the tunnel..outer ring South Island reclamation..
Firstly try reducing the heritage act and allow certain zones for certain types of development.tis wil able to provide more dwelling space for the younger generation this creating a more viable city.
2.allow development for most of the mansions along maclister road and northam road..Carnarvon street .. Penang road etc.
3.transfer the ftz areas along bayan baru to kulim..this space can accommodate as 2nd city with new government hospital.
Hope it comes true in some coming days


When are you going to have a meeting in penang


Well done Penang Forum


One suggestion,
Maybe you remove paypal unless main contributor pay by paypal.Another thing address should be remove during paying through credit card.

rajraman.I don’t want to put my address that i am staying in squatter house.Ha2.PKNS in Selangor build high end houses.2.8billion reserve under their pillows.


A bit of advice,
You should remove the US dollar and put Ringgit Malaysia.If US dollar after convention on paypal or credit card the exchange rate high.

rajraman.Got mood to support but i don’t want to pay exchange rate, I rather pay you.



Do you have contact for Fr OC Lim ?Is it o.k. to email me – I salute to this priest!!! Didn’t know he is no longer with St Francis Saviour Church.


Hello Anil

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the donate button cannot be created by $g residents.


Hello Anil

Would like to know to go about getting a paypal “donate” button.
Thanks for your help.
And keep up the good work.

max saw

Anil Netto, pls. go and find out the list of land sold by Penang State Govt as freehold since 2008 . You will be amazed.


It is the truth because my daughter’s working collegue was the unfortunate victim

pino striccoli
Keith Rozario

Hey Anil,

Just curious how the average contribution for 2011 was?



I hope the gov can help the disable and the aged by opening good nursing homes and give jobs to single mothers to work in nursing homes .the gov has done so much for the people im sure DATUK NAJIB WILL HELP ME AND THE OTHER SINGLE MOTHERS LIKE ME .


Keep up the excellence.
I think you can draw even more attention (and hopefully more contribution) focusing on Penang plights/issues as they seem to generate the most interests.
All the best.

ES Saw

Recently i read about the new major planned land reclaimation by E&O at the Tanjung Pinang foreshore. It would be great if you can help to provide more awareness on this project and how the various issues of Environmental Impact( siltatation…) and Economical benefit to the state… With the eastern forshore reclaimation the public has the ‘Jelutong Expressway’ to help alleviate the traffic congestion. With the 1st phase of the E&O reclaimation we did not see an obvious benefit… Perhaps a discussion can help to bring the transparency to a higher level…



Thank you for your hard work.

Steve Oh

Hi Anil, I read your comment on disappearing hornbills in the Belum/LakeTemenggor. Just to let you know I saw some at Temenggor on 2 separate occasions when I was there about a month or so ago. Pls reply to my email address so I can talk more.