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In my “previous life”, I trained and worked as a chartered accountant and external auditor in England before returning to Malaysia to be immersed in corporate life.

But soon I found that corporate life and its values were not for me. There had to be more to life than making money and being obsessed with the bottom-line.

Before long, I found myself drawn to journalism and writing about human rights and socio-economic justice issues. I have always believed that we can build a more just and compassionate world. For several years, apart from being involved in civil society, I was senior writer for Asia Times Online, and Malaysia correspondent for Inter Press Service, an international news agency focusing on developing countries.

These days I am involved in Aliran and Penang Forum, which discusses sustainable development issues. Oh, and I also write a weekly column for The Herald.

The rest of the time, I spend on this blog. I am grateful for the contributions of a team of volunteer ‘citizen journalists’ in the comments section of this blog, a few of which I publish as guest contributions.

Inspiration isn’t always at hand, though – so grab yourself a cup of coffee and come share your thoughts with me.

An interview with BFM radio about citizen journalism:

What I believe

And this is about what Aliran is doing to stay relevant in the digital era:

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Hi Anil, Without proper public transport infrastructure, Sungai Ara is overdeveloped and yet more and more high density developments are coming up. Another high density hill slope development going to take place in Sungai Ara. The development has close to 1,000 units and will be sitting on slope with gradient of more than 25 degree. It is also adjacent to row of terrace houses. https://www.penangpropertytalk.com/2022/02/affordable-sungai-ara-oib-properties-k-sdn-bhd/ The problem does not stop here. When I went hiking, I saw soil investigation being carried out at durian orchard located deeper inside the hill. Are we going to see a massive development in Sungai… Read more »



Please share, over 900 hectares of forest reserve land that is in between several Orang Asli villages is at stake


Yoh, Anil, Penang Bar is cohosting an event on book titled The Legal Lion of the Commonwealth this Friday lar….. 23rd March at 4 to 5pm…. The book is on Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader…. are going????


Hi Anil,

I too would like to get in touch with you. My e-mail address is below. Many thanks.


Hi Anil, is there a way to contact you via email/mobile? Thanks


Hi Mr Anil,
I am Ahmad from Batu Maung. I would like to get in touch with you. My email address is below.
I look forward to your reply.
Thank you.

Lena Gan

Anil i don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Gan Kong Hwee’s daughter. I met you when you were with Aliran. I need your help. You did an article for IPS about the tourism (haze) and quoted Sally Koh, travel agent director. She used to book all my travels when i went to college about 30 years ago. I live in Honolulu now and flights from Penang are getting harder to come by. I’m trying to book for my mom and dad so she can celebrate her 75th birthday as well as my daughter’s 16th birthday. I need to… Read more »

Khoo Soo Hay

“I Need A Mountain Spring” I need to find a mountain spring That man has never seen or touch, That only deer come to drink And birds and squirrels can vouch. To have it bordered by plants And small pools for peacock fish To swim and play stunts Reflecting its scaly rainbow flash. And by its side monkey cups abound Collecting dewy drops of rain The agile monkeys life line bond That is part of the mountain terrain. I need a mountain spring Unspoiled by human hands, Its pure water, unwashed, unringed, Left to wash only its bottom sands. I… Read more »

Khoo Soo Hay

Dear Anil,
I have been receiving and reading your website for sometime and also gave comments.
Now I want to contribute a new poem which I wrote yesterday morning. Can you give me your other email address that I can write and attach the poem, entitled “I Need A Mountain Spring”.? It is about environment and if you see fit, you can add it to your website for your readers to enjoy.


Khoo Soo Hay


Hi Anil, when you have a little spare time please visit my blog on ‘Sewerage scam’ in Kota Kinabalu.
Wish you all the best in your endeavours.
Luqman Michel


Hi Anil,
Since the time I discovered your website just before GE13, I’ve been folowing the issues you’ve been highlighting almost on a daily basis. Your insights on citizen journalism over BFM89.9 was most interesting indeed. I think it would not be far off the mark to say that it’s caring and responsible people like you that give us a balanced perspective on important issues that matter to us all. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Fake Malaysia News

Dear Anil, Love this blog. Thanks for your sincerity, passion and just being you. 🙂


Thanks Mr Anil,

Appreciate your story and will continue support. U must know that your words has inspiration. tq


Hi Anil, I have only recently learnt about you and your work inspires me. Tell me something, with so many Malaysians choosing to run away via immigration or even pressured to stay overseas after their education, work stint, etc – you choose to return after setting yourself overseas. Please do tell your story.

Yola Foster

Hi there What are your thoughts about Malaysia attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka in November? Would you support victims’ groups demands for a human rights agenda to be implemented before the meeting? https://campaigns.amnesty.org/actions/demand-truth-from-sri-lanka-president


You are the coolest uncle ever.

Ignatius Ooi Joo Pin

Hi Anil, I have a friend who is a Malaysian citizen and have never voted before because of his frustration with the Government and have migrated to Singapore as a Permanent Resident just like me. IN our discussion I told him that the first time I went for voting was in 2008 where I voted for DAP in Bukit Bendara and am now proud to say that I have voted for change for the right party and ask him to look at how Penang is being managed now. He agreed to have his name registered with the Election Commission and… Read more »

satellite whine

Hello Mr Anil,
Is there any chance for me to interview you for my assessment? if yes, may i have your email?
Thank you.

Richard Ng

Dear Sir,

Need to get in touch with Mr. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar for urgent legal advise for my brother.
Please give contact ASAP.
Thank you & Best Regards

Harnek Singh

I would like to meet you and lots to talk….


Anil My husband received the below email from a friend living in California: “This is the news that we should share with people, I like the Sikhs of this town and i feel being in a remote location, they have shown what humanity is all about, not religion, not caste nor colors Hope this type of news spreads faster than a bushfire in California http://m.timesofindia.com/india/It-was-pouring-so-Sikhs-invite-Muslims-to-offer-namaaz-in-gurdwara/articleshow/15600144.cms“. We hope this type of news will spread faster than a bushfire in MALAYSIA and as we celebrate yet another year of Merdeka, that this humanity (not religion, caste nor colour) will prevail amongst us.… Read more »

frauke decoodt


I recently published an article in English “Divide and rule in the land of gold” (http://fraukedecoodt.org/2012/07/23/divide-and-rule/ ) and in Spanish (http://fraukedecoodt.org/2012/07/15/dividir-y-vencer/ ).
I don’t know how comes but if you google my name and the words divide and rule most of the links direct to your page, without any trace of my article or whatsoever to me on your page. Is this something in your power to change?

Kind regards,


Dear Anil, Has always been following your lead and contribution to ensuring Penang’s greens are maintained. Hope you can get involve and spearhead a recent call from residence,clubs and general public on the EXCEPTION given to build on the GREEN hills of Sg ARA. 80 acres of green hills with all its jogging tracks will be gone. Just amazing how an area which is supposed to be above the sea level height limits for building gets approval in 6 months. There is a major gathering from the residence around tomorrow 8/4/12 at Sunrise condominium, Changkat Kenari , 10.30 am. CAP… Read more »

ahmad borhan

Simplicity it is Anil. Your work has done well to let others know of Bujang Valley, Kingdom Lost & Found. We lost history along the way, and we found your website! Thank you, Brother.


Hi Anil, Could I get u a cuppa? I am with BJCC and right in the midst of the embroilment with club proprietors. This club was Chong Eu’s contribution to Penang and with the outsourcing of her management, BJCC is being invaded by some Japanese intriquing and ill-gotten minds. Same Jap company took down Kajang Hills in Selangor and blew several members there to oblivion. I’d like to share my (and I do represent a few hundred members) take on the brewing issues at the club, all in the hope of perserving Penang’s heritage and more closer to my own… Read more »


Gee Mr Anil, you miss ONE major religion in your top bar sub-menu!
I thought your website was well done… Buddhism is the missing word my friend..it should be top of the list??? (alphabetically or by popularity)
Good luck. Your site has potential to be well-known.