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Inflation and food security: Your views (July 2022)


1 July is the date when a range of subsidies and price caps are supposed to be removed. Of course, there are other ways to retain some of those critical subsidies. Check out this piece by K Veeriah in Aliran: Delay mega-projects and tax ultra-rich to raise funds for subsidies

Tanjung Tokong fisherfolk don’t want compensation; they want to fish


The state government should be thinking of protecting our food security instead of facilitating even more property development (for whom?).

People’s Agenda: Celebrate diversity and inclusivity

The Bon Odori brouhaha is another episode that shows us why we have to adopt a more inclusive and accepting approach to ethnic and cultural diversity.

Current events: Your views (June 2022)

Share your thoughts on the latest current events, including the run-up to the coming general election.

Inflation and food security: Your alerts (May/June 2022)


Here’s where we discuss the rising cost of living, including soaring food and fuel prices. What are the latest price hikes and what can we do to stop them?