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Penang mega projects: 12 questions elected reps must ask in Parliament, state assembly

The RM46bn SRS rojak

A concerned Penangite has sent in a dozen questions that MPs and Penang state assembly members should raise about the controversial RM46bn transport proposal which is being pushed through despite strong public opposition.

Here is what I received:

Penang government should act to embrace Sustainable Development Goals

Photograph: Penang Hills Watch Facebook page

This piece by Laurence Loh calls on all of us to heed the alarm bells set off by the UN about an impending climate genocide. The Penang government in particular has to take the first step by reviewing all its proposals by applying the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as evaluation criteria. It should insist that its project partners be ready to justify their proposals along SDG criteria to independent reviewers and to the people of Penang. They must be prepared to modify them if they are not compatible, or worse, if they are directly contradictory to these SDGs.

Penang Forum calls for independent panel to review EIA

The collapse of the beam placed at the site of the construction of a RM275m “paired road” at Jalan Tun Sardon highlights the risks of construction along the hill slopes of Penang. The incident occurred just before Penang Forum released a media statement calling for an independent panel to review the EIA of the controversial Pan Island Link highway.

Port Dickson: Anwar wins 71% of votes, but…

Anwar Ibrahim is back in Parliament bagging 71% of votes cast in the Port Dickson, despite a lower turnout.

Draft Penang Structure Plan 2030: Official feedback session cut short after barrage of questions

A planned three-hour official session yesterday morning at Komtar to solicit feedback on the draft Penang Structure Plan 2030 from civil society was cut short to half that duration after relentless questioning by activists.