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Oi, you think we don’t know?

A silver lining to the grim impact of the ‘full’ and partial lockdowns is the emergence of new, youthful talents almost every day. This emergence of fresh voices – at a time when the entire system has been shaken to its core – gives me much hope for a more vibrant, inclusive nation.

Interfaith effort to help overstretched hospitals

Earlier today, a good friend of mine texted me: “Really very sad to see the situation in hospitals … It’s seriously scary!!! I cry for my country.”

‘Now they are stealing ikan kembung’

Another reason why we should not carry out the Penang South Reclamation.

Climate change warning in Penang: Chickens coming home to roost?

“One month’s rainfall in two hours” – where have we heard that before?. Yes, we heard something similar in the wake of the heavy downpours on 15 September 2017 and 4 November 2017. Back then, I wrote we should get used to it, with climate change looming and rainfall intensity rising.

Heating up: Campaign to stop Penang’s mega-reclamation goes national

Look what was featured on Astro Awani tonight. You decide which side sounds more convincing.

This is only a snapshot of what’s wrong with the mega-reclamation off the southern coast of Penang Island.