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A new beginning for Malaysia as Anwar becomes PM

Finally, after over two decades of persevering in the wilderness, including long spells in prison, Anwar Ibrahim today becomes the new Prime Minister of Malaysia. The challenges are many, but for now we can begin a new journey of hope in a land with so much potential. Read this piece by JD Lovrenciear: Malaysia takes off with newfound hope as Anwar is appointed PM

Anwar must be given first bite of the cherry

As the leader of the coalition with the most number of seats, Anwar Ibrahim must be given the first chance to form a government and enough time to carry out proper negotiations. This is by convention. It is only if he fails that the leader of the coalition with the second highest number of seats should be given the opportunity to form the government.

LIVE – Election 2022 analysis begins at 6pm

An Aliran team of political scientists and analysts will be providing immediate reactions, analyses and insights from as the general election results roll out.

Follow the commentary on the Aliran website here.

The Great Malaysian Race is underway

The Great Malaysian Race to convey overseas postal ballots to the various returning offices in Malaysia is underway. Witness the people’s mobilisation to ensure these ballots reach home in time.

Early voting: 95% turnout surpasses 2018 figure. Is this a sign of things to come?

Early voting today witnessed a 94.7% turnout (out of 224,828) this time around compared to 83% (of 278,590) in 2018!