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Three major challenges for the new Malaysia in the coming year

Photograph: Penang Hills Watch

Here we are in 2019. We made it through a tumultuous 2018 and major regime change.

Three articles to read this weekend

I usually spend some time sifting through thought-provoking analyses and commentaries. I find I learn more about Malaysia that way than by reading new reports. One of the great things about the new Malaysia – even if not everything is going our way – is that we are seeing more openness in critical thinking – and this is coming out in various writings in the media.

Why a street-level public transport system is suitable for Penang

A monster elevated LRT station

Dr Lim Mah Hui has come up with another rejoinder for those fascinated with ultra-expensive six-lane elevated and underground highways and elevated light rail transit for Penang.

‘PTMP’ – or property play and greenwash?

It looks as if the Singapore Straits Times has cottoned on to the discontent that is brewing over the RM46bn Penang transport land reclamation and property development masterplan, which has been described by critics as a ‘property play’. Check out the video above.

Proposed elevated LRT in Penang too early and too late

A monster elevated LRT station

The following piece by Lim Mah Hui is bang on target. I doubt the pro-elevated LRT camp will be able to refute his figures for KL ridership figures and projected LRT operational losses, no matter how much they spin to try and justify this exorbitant mega project.