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Jho Low’s gift: This is what a see-through piano looks like…

Photograph: Crystal Music Company/Daily Mail

This is the sort of piano that Tanjung Bungah boy Jho Low reportedly gave to supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2014.

Aliran releases music video to commemorate Human Rights Day

Check out this new music video released by Aliran.

Is Penang turning into another Hong Kong?

Penang - or Hong Kong?

Take a look at these photos taken by a concerned Penang resident.

If you think the background of the photo above looks ominous, wait till you see what is in store for the foreground – the area presently being reclaimed near Gurney Plaza.

Pop quiz: If you led a state government …

Let’s assume a hypothetical situation:

These two Zunar cartoons sum up the situation in Malaysia today

As usual, cartoonist Zunar has captured succinctly in a picture (above) what might otherwise take a thousand words to describe. It is a battle between the new more inclusive Malaysia and the old Malaysia, where the politics of race and religion reigned supreme. Pests (the toxic old communal politics) are now trying to devour the young shoots of a vibrant new nation.