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Nothing but a farce

Source: EIA report on proposed reclamation in southern Penang Island

I have not really bothered with the draft Penang Structure Plan 2030 ever since the briefing to the public was cut short on 11 October 2018 when the panel members were unable to provide more than cursory answers to the probing questions raised by the public.

Five reasons why it would be good if federal loan for Penang’s mega plan is ‘not forthcoming’

The reported ‘bad news’ that a bridging loan for phase one of the controversial RM46bn Penang land reclamation and transport plan may not be forthcoming from the federal government would actually be good news for Penang.

Chants of ‘Stop the Reclamation!’ ring out at Penang Youth Climate Strike

Several dozen youths and activists gathered in Penang for a spirited 100-minute protest gathering in solidarity with the global Youth Strike for Climate protest.

Global Youth Climate Strike: Youths in Penang join in

Youths in Penang join the global Youth Climate Strike

The above photo has now been featured on CNN live updates.

Look what I spotted at 9.15am in Penang today. Some youths in Penang were raring to get off the blocks to join in today’s global Youth Strike for Climate protest.

New Malaysia not dead – but it needs a jumpstart


It was less than a year ago that many Malaysians felt so upbeat when the general election heralded in a new Malaysia. Remember the jubilation we felt at the prospect of a new dawn?