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Charity art exhibition in KL

Helping to lend publicity to this event:

As part of its fundraising activities, the Society of the Severely Mentally Handicapped (SSMH) will be holding an art exhibition.

Two migrant workers killed at Juru construction site

Two migrant workers have been killed at a factory construction site in Juru when the frame of a roof fell on them, once again highlighting safety concerns involving construction workers.

This is what Pulau Jerejak might look like in a few years

'Queens Island Condo and Villa' on Pulau Jerejak - Photograph: idealproperty.com.my

There goes Jerejak Island. This is what “Queens Island Condo & Villa” on the eco-heritage haven of Pulau Jerejak will look like, according to the Ideal Property website.

Bukit Kukus probe: Take stern action against MBPP, other wrongdoers

So what action is going to be taken against the MBPP? Is they can’t oversee or manage a small road project, what hope is there when they build the monster six-lane Pan Island Link project along and beneath the hill slopes of Penang.

And why isn’t investigation report being made public? Meanwhile, check out this CAP statement

The Consumers Association of Penang calls for stern action to be taken against the wrongdoers who have been found responsible for the fatal landslide tragedy at the construction site of the paired road project at Jalan Bukit Kukus on 17 October.

Where are all the cars? Comparing Singapore with Malaysia


Some time ago, representatives of an established foreign university with linkages to Malaysia travelled to a few places around the country to guage what kind of a demand there would be for an urban planning course, which they thought could be introduced here. I heard they dropped the idea as there didn’t seem to be much of a clamour for such a planning course.