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A heroic whistleblower is convicted

Update: Major Zaidi has been dismissed from the air force.

Major Zaidi obviously believed that the truth would set us free when he highlighted what many Malaysians were realising during GE13 – that the indelible ink was not really indelible. But this morning a military court found him guilty of two charges of violating protocol in speaking to the media without approval.



Bukit Gelugor by-election: Ramkarpal grabs 89 per cent of votes cast

Ramkarpal celebrates his victory - Photograph: DAP

Ramkarpal celebrates his victory – Photograph: DAP

Official result:

Ramkarpal Singh (DAP) – 41242 (89 per cent of votes cast compared to Karpal’s 79 per cent in GE13)
Huan Cheng Guan (Parti Cinta Malaysia) – 3583
Mohamed Nabi Bux Mohd Nabi Abd Sathar (Independent) – 799
Abu Backer Sidek Mohd Zan (Independent) – 225
Spoilt votes – 539
Total votes cast: 46388

Majority: 37659 (Karpal’s majority in GE13 – 42706)

Turnout: 46099 (56%) (86% in GE13)
(Discrepancy with total votes cast to be rechecked.)

All the three losing candidates lost their deposits. (more…)