Why did PN’s vote share rise?


This Malaysiakini graphic above speaks for itself.

Popular vote:


2018 – PH 67.2%

2022 – PH 60.0%

2023 – PH+BN 66.6%


2018 – PH 63.4%

2022 – PH 52.8%

2023 – PH+BN 60.6%

Negeri Sembilan

2018 – PH 53.9%

2022 – PH 44.8%

2023 – PH+BN 60.8%


2018 – PH 36.5%

2022 – PH 23.3%

2023 – PH+BN 30.1%


2018 – PH 7.3%

2022 – PH 5.5%

2023 – PH+BN 32.0%


2018 – PH 10.0%

2022 – PH 8.8%

2023 – PH+BN 30.5%

What are the reasons for this? Is there an economic angle to it – economic insecurity and alienation arising from our development model and the urban-rural disparities?

What can Anwar Ibrahim’s Madani government do about this?

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25 Aug 2023 6.45pm

ARMY personnel, police officers, and teachers opted for Perikatan Nasional (PN) in the recent state polls, contributing to PN’s huge victory in Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu, Ilham Center’s findings revealed.

The pollster also concluded that Umno lost the support of young Malay voters, Felda settlers, and Malay traditional villages, which also saw a switch of votes from Barisan Nasional (BN) to PN.

18 Aug 2023 8.05am

So far Anil has yet to give his analysis on why MUDA and PSM failed miserably in the state elections.

If they refuse to know their weaknesses and mistakes, they will likely repeat the same approach and get the same disastrous results.

16 Aug 2023 9.12am

GEORGE TOWN: Perikatan Nasional (PN) made huge gains in the Penang state election on Saturday, winning 11 Malay majority seats on the back of a large number of votes from Umno supporters.

PN won the predominantly Malay seats of Sungai Bakap, Penanti, Pinang Tunggal, Seberang Jaya, Permatang Berangan, Sungai Dua, Telok Bahang, Permatang Pasir, Pulau Betong, Telok Ayer Tawar and Penag


14 Aug 2023 4.15pm

State election is over and it time to bid goodbye.

Until the next GE in 4.5 years, I wish all readers and Anil all the very best under the Madani governance.


25 Aug 2023 6.46pm
Reply to  NoNo

Has Anil lost another reader-contributor?

Anil must find out why they decided to leave the platform.

A Rakyat 88
14 Aug 2023 2.54pm

“Time for new blood in MCA, says Dr Wee” By Fazleena Aziz
dd Monday, 14 Aug 2023 9:49 AM MYT



Yes all this is good but what plans, action have you taken to convince the Chinese community that the New MCA is no more the Old MCA to get them to come back and support your political party?

A Rakyat 88
14 Aug 2023 1.09pm

“Time for new blood in MCA, says Dr Wee” By Fazleena Aziz
dd Monday, 14 Aug 2023 9:49 AM MYT



Beside this, what other plans, action are you going to take to convince the Chinese community that the New MCA is no more the Old MCA which was rocked by corruption and sex scandal, to get them to come back and support your political party under your leadership?

15 Aug 2023 3.20am
Reply to  A Rakyat 88

New MCA is new people in charge just lw you ike rocket like lau tua has very little influence. You say corruption in MCA, but no MCA fella went to eat curry? Very lucky fella

A Reader
15 Aug 2023 5.39pm
Reply to  Shriek

Your Greek language difficult to understand. Don’t make sense. Only you seem to understand what you say and mean. Probably you must love how you talk.

Readers here have already said earlier they do not understand what you are saying but you still continue to say in the same way. So, if you do not get any reply, you should know why already.

A Rakyat 88
15 Aug 2023 6.17pm
Reply to  Shriek

“No MCA leader charged with corruption, reminds Wee” dd 3 February 2022


16 Aug 2023 5.53am
Reply to  A Rakyat 88

Why no charge when you said is rocked by corruption? Ah, that time ACA set up to net ikan bilis and Kampong. No wonder they are getting extinct and expensive now. Why you no KbKb?

A Rakyat 88
17 Aug 2023 2.22pm
Reply to  Shriek

Sorry, do not understand your “net ikan bilis and Kampong” and also your ” getting extinct and expensive” mean. You should explain better.

A Rakyat 88
15 Aug 2023 6.23pm
Reply to  Shriek

“Wong Tack slams MCA man for distorting remarks on corruption”
dd Sunday, 04 Mar 2018 2:38 PM MYT


A Rakyat 88
14 Aug 2023 12.13pm

“State polls: Urging Zahid to resign not the solution, says Puad”
By Fazleena Aziz dd Monday, 14 Aug 2023 10:50 AM MYT



Sorry to say this but UMNO is now broken, divided, fractionalized, no more a strong single united political party. Saw this way back last year ever since DSNR was removed from the scene just months before GE15 . 

Back then, the Opposition parties also saw him as the single uniting force that was keeping UMNO together. Despite all the accusation of IMD hurled at him, he was still very very popular among the Rakyat.

A Rakyat 88
14 Aug 2023 12.12pm

How does UMNO think it won the 2 state elections back then. PH was so unpopular, lost all their by-elections even though DAP was among the PH coalition.

Its not that they are popular now. It is just that they have to unite with other political parties to form a so called unity government and lean on one another to survive. UMNO is now one among them.

14 Aug 2023 9.34am

1.”The limits of Perikatan Nasional” by Liew Chin Tong 
dd 13 Aug 2023, 3:11pm


>>> An excellent rebuttal (below) from Kassim Abdul Samad. First, it was from DAP’s retired party supremo TSLKS and his imaginative ” Sheer Bombast” story and now another from DAP’s DSG LCT. What are the DAP people up to or trying to cover?

2. Chin Tong has it all wrong about PN’s limitations by Kassim Abdul Samad
dd 13 Aug 2023, 8:59pm


16 Aug 2023 12.04pm
Reply to  Opposition

Chow terus memimpin Pulau Punang.
Emperor niaokong please do not interfere

16 Aug 2023 6.38pm
Reply to  Brocky

The new SG of DAP is good. He is firm and decisive. A no nonsense man on this matters. Does not allow matters such as these to ‘Fester’.