Now that elections are over, focus on an inclusive People’s Agenda!


13 Aug 2023

Post-election statement from Aliran:

It’s time to acknowledge that the mainstream economic model has left many youths from low-income households feeling anxious, insecure and marginalised.

Now that the state elections are over, it is clear the nation is still polarised, with Perikatan Nasional making sharp inroads at the expense of Umno and PKR.

Aliran congratulates the winners in the six states – Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu and Kelantan – and hopes the new state governments will get down to serving the people.

During the election campaign, some NGOs and activists urged voters to focus on state and local government issues in these polls.

But many voters were paying more attention to the national political landscape – understandably so, given the circumstances.

Pakatan Harapan supporters were intent on giving Anwar Ibrahim a vote of confidence for his more inclusive Malaysia Madani (Civil Malaysia) vision.

On the other hand, those who voted for PN were keen on seeing political change in PH-ruled states, which they hoped would snowball into a momentum for change at the federal level within a matter of months.

Disturbingly, PN leaders indulged in the politics of race and religion. This conveniently distracted voters from local problems. It also tapped into the economic disenchantment among many who feel marginalised by urban capitalist development with all its inequalities.

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This race-and-religion narrative diverted attention from the issues that matter: corruption, the high cost of living, unsustainable development, social injustice and the lack of urgency on climate change.

So most voters on either side were not looking at local issues. For many, these elections were more about the “green wave” and a national ‘referendum’ on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s “unity government”.

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But these elections should not be seen as a referendum on the unity government at the federal level. First, it would be ridiculous to treat it as such with the federal government in power for only eight months. Second, major stakeholders like Sabah and Sarawak were not in the picture.

For state elections, local issues have to be considered. But these were overshadowed by concern over the national political landscape.

Hence, the winning parties should not regard the election results as an endorsement of ecologically harmful ‘development’ projects in the six states, such as logging in the northern and east coast states, rare earth mining in Kedah, the PJD Link highway project in Selangor and the massive reclamation projects in Penang.

Neither should the polls outcome be seen as an endorsement of high-density development projects in the more developed states or on sensitive hill terrain.

Now it’s time to cut out on the fake news and mud-slinging.

We strongly urge the federal and state governments to focus on the People’s Agenda:

  • Uphold the dignity and quality of life of the people
  • Promote equitable, sustainable development and address the climate crisis
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusivity
  • Save democracy and uphold the rule of law
  • Fight corruption and cronyism

Instead of pandering to the conservative religious base, the Anwar-led federal government should show the people it is serious about reforms.

Reform the Election Commission and electoral system. Revamp the civil service, especially the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the police. Set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission. Take firm action against all the corrupt, irrespective of political affiliation.

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Remove oppressive laws. Introduce a political financing law. Separate the powers of the attorney general.

Expand and upgrade essential services like public healthcare, education and affordable housing. Come up with sustainable mobility masterplans for our major cities and towns, with the help of renowned experts. Strengthen food security by protecting our independent farmers and fisherfolk.

With a two-thirds majority in Parliament, the unity government should be able to fulfil its election promises, as proclaimed in its manifesto. This is what it was voted into power for.

Ahead of the next general election, the unity government must not only listen to the people, it must perform as well. It has to inform and educate the people about what it plans to do to raise their quality of life. It should not handle criticism over social media and the mosques by resorting to censorship or trying to ‘out-Islamise’ Pas.

Instead, the unity government has to put out a more compelling and inclusive narrative than its opponents. Explain the Malaysia Madani (Civil Malaysia) concept and how it will care for the people, especially the poor, the marginalised and the underpaid.

This inclusive narrative should encompass how we view and practise our various religions. Make care and compassion for the people – rather than the capitalist orientation – the central tenet of Madani.

The voice of civil society will be important in steering the narrative towards the people’s real interests.

It’s time to acknowledge that the mainstream economic model has left many youths from low-income households feeling anxious, insecure and marginalised. Deep down, they may realise they are losing their competitive capacity to take up high-skill jobs. They have fewer multi-lingual and vocational skills, and they may not have honed their capacity to think creatively and critically.

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These anxieties and insecurities are easily hijacked by ‘anger-and-outrage mongers’ and their racial-religious ideology.

The Madani government has to do something fast to empower these youths. They need to be counselled, seriously taught, upskilled, enabled and motivated. Giving out freebies and band-aid handouts will not do the trick.

This has to be tackled immediately or else Malaysia will only slide further down the already slippery slope.

Aliran executive committee
13 August 2023

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Uphold the dignity?

Many have little income, yet want to elevate dignity by driving big car.

Dignity comes with a price. Many are willing to pay for it!


I think most people equate dignity with brand name and are willing to pay a premium for branded stuff to be seen by others.

Today many western brands outsourced their manufacturing to the third world. A Nike shoes or jersey could now be made in Vietnam or Cambodia, yet it is carrying a high price tag.

So by all means go pay top dollars for brand name, if it boost your ego and break your wallet at the same time.


These branded goods are endorsed by celebrities. When you buy you are paying money to these celebrities. Why pay money to them as though they are you parents?


A good quotation from Harry Potter’s Star Emma Watson:


Those support PN will definitely prefer “Proklamasi Melayu” to the “People’s Agenda” because the 3 words ‘Equitable, Diversity and Inclusivity” are considered taboo words against Ketuanan concept.

NGOs can continue to kpkb these same tune post election to urban folks but to no effect on rural folks engulfed by the Green Wave in the recent state elections.


NGO People’s Agenda in the internet Vs Sanusi’s on the ground Agenda Rakyat on football field.

Simple as that. The Green Waves easily kick out NGOs aspirations kalau tidak Turun Padang bersama Rakyat.

Penang Forumers can start organise football juggling skills with the major ethnic group first.


Yes be more practical and not be blinded by idealism. Non malays are minority, pushing to hard to soon will get backlash and accelerate islamization the PAS way.


BTN Bureau used public money to brainwash government employees. civil servants. In June 2015, Noor Farida (G25) stated that it condemned English, socialism, liberalism and pluralism. Divide and rule.


divide rather than unite. rakan muda, rukun negara and rukun negara are all … ?


Every year Merdeka month this local TV will intensify propaganda featuring the threat of komunis towards our Jalur Gemilang…

Did Komunis ever conquer and rule our nation?
Who colonised and ruled Tanah Melayu between 1511 and 1957?
Many passed SPM Sejarah but failed to recognise this simple fact.


Likely to see endless repeats of Bukit Kepung movie on local TVs.


And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shinin’ until tomorrow, LET IT BE

Listen to Dolly Parton’s “Let It Be” (feat. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr):


Can Aliran or Anil explain why the majority of Malays think that Muhyiddin PN government last time was good (despite white flag issue) compared to the current Anwar’s Madani government. PN won many votes because of this sentiment.

Why? It should be more than the EPF withdrawal issue.

Until the reason is known, very hard to sway the mind of majority Malays.


During election, PN kept attacking DAP and liberal ideas with lies. Religion and Malay rights have become more important than fighting corruption and good governance. PN has taken a leaf out of Donald Trump’s play book. Keep telling a lie long enough, people will believe you.


KAMPAR: PAS has opposed a water festival here, leading to the organisers changing the name of the programme from the Songkran Festival here to the Sahom Water Festival.

How can PN and PAS be inclusive?
Remember the outcry on Bon Odori?


They always say others are controlling and taking way when they have consitution, heads of state, country and more peope.


Malay-Muslim only state govts a ‘crazy idea’, says Sarawak minister

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says the proposal would not work as Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country.


The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has expressed concern over the introduction of the Imam Al-Nawawi 40 Hadith module in national schools, calling it unconstitutional.

There is no provision in the Federal Constitution to allow such teachings in national schools.


No need to complain. You can also include your teachings in the moral education syllabus for school.


Why nons vote ph and natives vote pn? After 60 years there is still a dividing range


What PH needs to do now is to select and confirm the candidates for the next general election and state elections in Johor and Melaka. Let them work the ground, PH can do a lot to help these candidates w their resources. After 2-4 years the voters will know the PH candidates better and may favour them. This way at least the voters will have time to get to know the PH candidates and build trust before the election. Ps: The People’s Agenda will certainly scare away the insecured Malays voting for PN. Anything inclusive is not acceptable to them.… Read more »


DAP has changed to be more open and receptive to Umno’s cause and direction in supporting the struggle of the Malays, Umno Supreme Council member Saarani Mohamad said.


Many of those Malaysians with Permanent Residence (PR) status in Singapore without hesitation to switch nationality to become Singaporean when they cannot tolerate to being Orang Tumpang or Pendatang in Bolehland.


68,000 motorcycles entered Singapore Tuas 2ndlink every morning. All are Malaysians shuttle daily to Cari Makan in Singapore. This does not include motorcyclists entering via the causeway.


Why DR M dont claim a world record? Even in China, they dont have so many cross the border into HK to work. Which country in the world have so many people to ctoss international border especially to work. Malaysia is so fond of records, this is the WORLD’s record. Like Times’s best unis, it is the best record


About 5.5% of Malaysians have moved abroad for better prospects. The global average is 3.3%.

Of those who have left Malaysia, about 1.3 million are in Singapore.

Imagine how much more we can achieve if we can woo just half of these emigrants home.


Aliran should examine speeches by Sanusi, and understand it’s psychological impact on the minds of Kedahans.


You only need to understand that a rabble-rouser seeks to distract because he has no tangible and beneficial initiative.


Sanusi can gain Malay’s attention. He may bring green wave to Johor via the Pulai by-election!


Real divide in the nation. See bersatu is another mosquito sucking pas. Who won more? Pas or bersatu? Try to teach PAS on people’s agenda? It R, RRR!!

Ernie Yeoh

Pas will swallow bersatu very soon.
Islamic state is coming. Brace yourself.


Northern Perak is the marked zone to be conquered by Green movement, having secured the minds of southern mainland Penang, Kedah and Perlis.
Bless you.


Why Malaysia is So Behind And What We Can Do About It. (ft.YB Liew Chin Tong)


Sultan Johor on Bangsa Johor

Aliran should seek an interview session with Sultan Johor, as Sin Chew Daily has done so for its chinese readers – A way to seek alignment for People’s Agenda and Bangsa Johor concept.


There is no such government on this whole planet which is serving the people


If you control capitalism, you have some chance. Check out Bhutan.


Check out the impact of internet in Bhutan – people there suddenly ‘see’ the world, now have more wants to fulfil and keep up, less happy now.

A Rakyat 88

“DAP to strengthen youth wing, brushes off Muda merger talk” by Tsubasa Nair 14 Aug dd 2023, 11:51pm ======== The senior most retired party supremo in his twilight year seems to be having some difficulty in assessing current political situation. MUDA should not merge with anyone and should try to go on its own. As the saying goes, ” Rome was not build in one day” DAP was formed in the mid sixties and it is only now in 2022/3 they are part of the ruling coalition. In one of the elections in the mid nineties they lost all their seats… Read more »


alpha 888, based on your rational, muda by the time they become a potent force, they become tua – senior 88? 88 old kuat lagi?


“Get rid of them”, netizens react to Muda” by Amirul Aiman  dd 13 Aug 2023, 8:44am ======== These clueless netizens or they could be those clueless supporters of PH, have forgotten that MUDA had applied to be part of the PH unity coalition before the state election but was ignored or were given the silent treatment despite repeated request. So, don’t get on their case and say nasty things about them.  Instead, turn around and ask your own political leaders whom you clueless people support, as to why they ignored MUDA’s request. MUDA is an independent political party and… Read more »


PH would not have sidelined MuDa if MuDa do not ask for the overlapped safe seats in urban area, but is willing to contest in rural seats particularly in Kelantan and Terengganu.

A Rakyat 88

Brocky, they are young, just stated. Look at the faces of their members. They do not manifest experience. That is going to take time. Instead of a as and when alliance, MUDA and PSM should look seriously into forming a proper long term coalition similar to of BN and PH.  That would give our Rakyat a third option. The fourth will be Independents. They also need an image change, especially their party flags. One has a black n white theme, the color that is similar to of isis and the other has a maroon that looks like red with a clinched… Read more »


You think just solve it like marrige? One is based on youth ideology and the other is socialism. With so many poor rakyat, yet they ignore PSM- PSM is your time, you dont knw who they are? Senior 88 should know who are PSM? …

A Rakyat 88

So, go on, get properly organized, then on to a recruitment drive, get qualified people like Abe Lim, train them, then market and connect them to our Rakyat by organizing various activities through MUDA. Action as you know speaks much more louder than just mere words. MUDA needs to be connected with our Rakyat 100%, consistently if MUDA wish to advance politically. Just a reminder, MUDA don’t have to be within the Penang State Assembly to be an Opposition voice. MUDA can do so from without. Just don’t let what you say to be empty political statements. You will lose… Read more »


Real old gingerly. As good as Tan Sri LKS – You can become advisor to Muda. Right, connected to rakyat like rakyat 88?

A Rakyat 88

Notice, their leader SS have not properly introduced the MUDA people to our Rakyat. Have no idea who their office bearers are? Rarely do any of them come forward and speak on issues that are of importance to our Nation. Only he seem to be doing all the talking. And he is not doing a good of it.


MUDA is filled with idealism but no track record to show their effort. Voters were confused when they fielded 59 year old candidate that neither young nor experienced. At least Siti Kassim learnt her lesson in the last GE and back off. MUDA-PSM alliance also failed, but I leave it to Anil to give his assessment on this.


PSM will continuevto fail since it has idealism but no practical solutions. Too bad most ngos like aliran will ‘HELP’ PSM into the same vicious cycle of repeated failures.


PSM must learn from mistake.
Need to be more relevant.


Rakyat, like lao tah, you can be the advisor to Muda. You talk talk here only and issues pertaining to penang only. You miss out talking about Kelantan, trengganu or even nearby ke dah

A Rakyat 88

What is there to talk about these 3 states. The people there are happy. Their religious leaders are happy. They recently voted for PN with very high margin to govern their states. That’s happiness voting there.

Not sure what our PMX was thinking trying to convince them otherwise.

Still remember GE14 campaign where DSNR tried to convince the people of Penang with song, dance and dinner to vote for UMNO.
That didn’t work either. The people of Penang were happy with PH coalition.

A Rakyat 88

……”with song, dance and dinner to vote for UMNO.”

Sorry it meant to mean Barisan Nasional.


MUDA selectively skipped Kelantan and Terengganu – the very places that they could make impact to launch their party.


Don’t think too highly of muda. They are not prepared. Still very idealistic.