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A total of 89 anti-GST activists were arrested today, of whom 26 are being held overnight by police.

Twenty five of them, including six women, are being transported from the Kelana Jaya Police Station to the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters. (The 25 arrived there after midnight; the remaining one of them is still at Kelana Jaya.)

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About 80 people were arrested at an anti-GST protest at the Customs complex in Kelana Jaya this evening. Several more were arrested late tonight; they were among a crowd holding vigil outside the Kelana Jaya Police Station tonight.

The crowd outside the police station are chanting, “Hidup, Hidup, Bantah, Bantah!”

At a recent talk on the GST, I asked those present what they thought “GST” stood for. Most of those present responded, “Goods and Services Tax”.

Then, I showed them a cartoon by Zunar which described GST as “Golfing, Shopping, Travelling”! They got the joke and laughed knowingly.

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Many Malaysians are outraged at this latest development while those who have squandered billions of the nations wealth are roaming free.

Nurul Izzah has been taken to the Jinjang Police Station a short while ago. She was arrested under the Sedition Act, introduced by the colonial rulers.

She has been taken to the Jinjang Police Station and could spend the night there, if she is not released later tonight.

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Note: This satellite image of the area is about a year old.

Penang-based activist Tan Seng Hai came up with this report:

I took a drive to Teluk Kumbar in the South-East District of Penang Island for seafood the other evening. I was last there about six months ago. What I saw of the scale of development and hill-cutting shocked me.

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Spare a thought for Adam Adli and Mandeep Singh who were arrested this evening after a protest at Sogo. See this Bersih 2.0 statement on the Aliran website.

A Kuala Lumpur-based political analyst sent in his impressions of the event:

By all accounts, it was an eventful night and the political stars from Pakatan Rakyat graced the occasion to lend support to Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Nurul Izzah Anwar.