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Street-level light rail cheaper than monorail or elevated LRT


The infrastructure cost for street-level light rail vehicles (or new generation trams) is much lower than the monorail and elevated light rail transit options put forward in the revised transport masterplan for Penang.

Botak Hill: Court dismisses defamation suit against Teh Yee Cheu

File photo: Carolyn Khor

Yesterday the Penang High Court dismissed a defamation suit against Tanjung Bungah rep Teh Yee Cheu over his remarks when he shaved his head in protest at the illegal hill-top clearing at Bukit Relau.

Why Najib cannot escape responsibility for 1MDB debacle


Page 14 of the PAC report above clearly indicates why it would be difficult to absolve the prime minister for whatever 1MDB has done.

Video: Opposition MPs march in solidarity with detained Rafizi Ramli


Opposition MPs this morning marched from Parliament to Bukit Aman police headquarters to protest the arrest of Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli under the Official Secrets Act. Rafizi was remanded for three days yesterday.

Why street-level light rail would be a better option for Penang


We do need a transit system from George Town to the airport but not in the way the Penang transport masterplan envisages.

Video: Look who’s here! Mahathir addresses anti-GST rally


He’s turning out to be quite the seasoned protester, isn’t he? Flanked by Mat Sabu and Tian Chua, Mahathir urged some 2,000 anti-GST protesters to sign the Citizens’ Declaration.

Look who else showed up (see below):

Early Indian references to Kedah


I visited the fascinating though little known Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum in Merbok nestled on higher ground in the foothills of the Kedah peak, surrounded by paddy fields that had turned brown in the scorching heat.

Live: People’s Congress


Share your thoughts on the Citizens’ Declaration and the People’s Congress. Will it really make a difference?

Poll: Should news portals and blogs be forced to register with the authorities?


The Communications and Multimedia Ministry has sent to the attorney general’s chambers a proposal to amend the law so that news portals and blogs (apparently aimed at political or news blogs) will be forced to register with the government.

This appears to be a thinly disguised attempt to restrict or control the space for freedom of expression against the backdrop of the recent exposes of major corruption or financial scandals and the blocking of several critical websites. What do you think?

Public vilification of Dr Lim Mah Hui: Penang Forum responds


The Penang Forum steering committee has just released this media statement, which speaks for itself:

Penang Forum is extremely disappointed by the recent personal attacks against civil society city councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui with the highly disparaging press statement from Chief Minister of Penang YAB Lim Guan Eng on 12 March 2016.