Never again should Parliament be suspended!

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Dramatic scenes in Parliament today, and Aliran has just issued a response:

Aliran is appalled to learn that the government surreptitiously revoked all six emergency ordinances ahead of the reconvening of the long-suspended Parliament.

The government claims it revoked the ordinances on 21 July. This was apparently done by stealth as there was reportedly nothing in the government gazette at 1pm today to show the ordinances had been revoked.

This revocation appears aimed at pre-empting the requirement under Article 150(3) of the Federal Constitution for the proclamation of emergency and the ordinances to be tabled before the Houses of Parliament for a debate. The government was probably not confident it had enough support to pass the resolutions on them.

The backdoor revocation of the emergency ordinances before they could be tabled in Parliament also suggests that the government is afraid of an examination of its record during emergency rule. Clearly, it has failed in managing the Covid crisis, which has spun out of control during the period Parliament was suspended from 12 January. Full statement on Aliran website

And Mahiaddin just disappears from Parliament soon after. Read this.

What do you make of today’s events? One thing we must all be vigilant about is that we must never allow our parliamentary democracy to be hijacked by vested interests, including lobby groups and corporate interests.

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Ray of Light

Anil Netto pls be interested being a wakil rakyat as Aliran candidate.

You can count on many supporters to make it a reality.


KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 — The Yang di-Pertuan Agong today said that he was “deeply saddened” by de facto law minister Takiyuddin Hassan’s assertion in Parliament that the Emergency Ordinances have been revoked.

The Agong also said the minister’s remarks have confused Parliament, and that the announcement was “not accurate”.

Ray of Light

Not again being lapdogs to property developers after GE15.

Ram Karpal Singh should be in line as next CM of Penang?

What say you?


Why, Ramkapal has to use the word ‘ Lapdog’ towards the Speaker of Parliment. Is that not kinda rude and down right impolite. Why did he not say, ” the Speaker is being bias”. RamKapal is a lawyer, isn’t he ? He should know better.That would have been more civil.


Art is orso a loyar and cant he defend himself? …

Ray of Light

Being biased has little conscience element in it.

Lapdog definitiion by Cambridge University :
someone who is willing to do anything that a more important person tells them to do:

Ray of Light

Countryy in dire strait denial situation now then eating hotdog is also deemed offensive? Don’t be evasive to dog away from truth?


A long long while ago, I remember another fellow, also a lawyer who used the word ‘celaka’ in the state assembly, ended up with
a bloody cow head in front of his house gate. Now quiet 
as a church mouse.


animal farm. some are more equal than others. cow head only use as symbol in defunct socialist front party and not literally


Law minister Taki says Emergency Ordinance ‘revoked’, but FT minister Anuar says ‘in the process’

Have to wait til next Monday for answer?

Bossku questioned the legitimacy of revoking Emergency Ordinance

Milk Tea

“A Nelayan Story in Penang Hokkien”

State gov. is only here to create problems, more racial tensions in a harmonious Penang.

Milk Tea

Abah Cow clearly has no interest in listening to anything other than himself. Someone should teach PN how to perform strategy planning, not copying from other countries! If the youngest MP like Saddiq is (allegedly) able to pecah amanah, you know something is wrong with this country. The future of Malaysia isnt bright with all these lacklustre politicians. Niao kong should step down and let Loke takeover, he ki siao liao.


Racial tension is there since MCA and Gilakan has coastal fishing with subsidised gas and deep sea fishing further in the Straits with gas kosong,

Those fish further in the straits have to spend every penny on gas, robbed by pirates … You further add salt to oredi salty sea.


Why quiet over neighbour state wants to channel the river water into his side and you are very happy to drink ali tongkat, teh susu or kopi o kau kau?
Anil talk so much about food security but none on water security for Pengland kias? Without H20 for 3 days, habis. Without fish for 300 days, still survive.