Concern over land reclamation

Source: EIA report on proposed reclamation in southern Penang Island

Found this extract in Kit Siang’s blog in 2014, when he expressed concern about a large reclamation project at Gelang Patah. Hopefully, his advice will remind all those indulging in such projects about the need to preserve our fisheries:

“I was puzzled and worried – once the reclamation is completed later, can these fishermen still look for fish on the reclaimed brown land which was blue sea before? How are they and their children to compete with foreign workers in order to land a job at the construction sites? Where is the kampung after all?

Coastal Fishermen and Fisheries

They are small coastal fishermen. The Department of Fisheries statistics tells us that there are 613 fishermen in western Johor Bahru, of which 415 are Malays, 147 Orang Aslis and 51 Chinese. Gelang Patah is the main fisheries centre of the western part of Johore Bahru. In the area of Pendas and Tanjung Kupang alone, there are some 250 coastal fishermen and 95% of them Malays.

Fishing might not be the dream job for everyone. The coastal fishermen go to the sea in small boats with outboard engines to fish by using small nets or traditional fishing tools. They are not the relatively well-off trawl boat fishermen with large boats, trawl nets and modern gears. But without these coastal fishermen braving the waves and baking under the hot sun, there will be no fish and prawns as sources of affordable food and nutritious protein for us.

Fisheries contributes to about 1% of GDP for Malaysia. But the contribution of coastal fishermen to our society, and their important role in shaping Malaysian culture and identity, cannot be assessed and valued based solely on the GDP numbers.”

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The initial phase of Opposition ruling states ( 2008 -2013) was the most efficient in terms of governance and the effort of getting hard job done. Post 2013 reeks with filth of arrogance, misinformation and political wayang, with good press publicity other than action being their upmost priority. Don’t waste your life on them, find a new hobby other than politics.

Kopi Susu

Penang property eg condo reached its peak in 2015 period when the focus is more driving properties prices up hence the frenzied speculations leading to wealth creation as well big pocket burning for some Penangites. More condos whether occupied or not the state earned more from vaarious cukai pintu.


Of Course condo reach peak in 2015. Pengland very big like Australia? Pengland very small and mountainous/ Land very scare. During Gilakan/Dumno, land very plentiful. Throw a rock will hit an empty land. Since then, like KL, rubber estates are churn into Petaling Jaya and world famous Rubber Research Institute in S Buloh and tin mining with the tin dredges land had churned into housing. Pengland condo has to go up hills.and came up with 300 feet? Which feet when everything is in metric? why not 100metre which is about 330 feet

Ray of Light

Singapore to be a major investor in the 3 artificial islands?

Will 3 islands bring back the Penangites now working in Singapore?

Shriek can enlighten us ?


Who can own an island? In fact everyone wants to own an island. But a few wants to own the amazon jungle,
Those over the sea is not likely to come back and the 3 islands will reduce the outflow of Pengland Kias as there are better opportunities than before.


Penang will look into why it is no longer one of the country’s top five investment destinations for manufacturing.

According to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida), in terms of attracting the most investments in the sector, the island city did not make it into the upper tier of the list in the first quarter of this year (Q1 2021).

Perhaps Penang is moving away from manufacturing, to focus on tourism and service sector?


manufacturing? pengland will see more viet … banglas, nepalis. In Klang, none klanglites will go to klang as it has become an extension of an Indon town. Same as KL. What chinatown? It is like Yangon now.
Further Pengland has only Science Uni not Tech no logy Uni. Top Pengland kias get scholarship in Sing apor to study

Gus Pubba

I hope Penang public don’t yearn for big roads expressways but instead use more public transport. If so don’t need to trade islands for developers (proxies for rich foreigners mm2h) for mega public transport spendings.

Kopi Susu

It’s time for Penang Forumers to run for State posts in GE15.

Salma and Lim can leave their cars behind, ride on RapidPenang to promote the cause.

Action is louder than words.


use more public transport? Public buses are by Commonwealth Gomen. Have they done a ridership survey? Or asking people to buy Poton, Kan chil? Public Buses come with better roads. Any express buses? Express buses run on normal road? Who will build BRTs? State or Commonwealth? Ask Ah lians and Ah bengs to take buses? Only Ah peks, ah mahs and migrant workers. Buses are like AA cattle class.


Malaysia is expected to spend 8 billion ringgit (US$1.95 billion) on fuel and cooking oil subsidies this year, more than double the 3.78 billion ringgit originally allocated, the finance ministry said on Jun 12.

The government should have channeled the money to fund public transportation instead. Keep the fuel price at market price with little subsidy to discourage car ownership to promote public transport ridership


Penang has no need to be in a hurry to carry out the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project when a key environmental management plan has yet to be approved by the Department of Environment (DoE), says Gerakan deputy president Oh Tong Keong.

Perhaps Gerakan did not read or understand the explanation given by CM Chow?
The State Government has pledged and repeatedly stated its commitment to comply with the EIA Approval Conditions which include the EMP.


The theme of World Oceans Day 2021 is: ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’. World Ocean Day is celebrated every year on Tuesday, 8 June. This day is of great importance, as it is celebrated to spread awareness about the impact of human actions on the ocean, and develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean.

8 Ways you can help save our ocean in support of World Oceans Day:


NGOs only talk and talk and no do and do. Other countries they have tree planting days, beach and sea bed clear up. Bergers which made mountains of $$$ are sponsoring all those activities.


Learn from China tree planting that has turned 23% of the country (even deserts) into greenery forest.

Malaysia plants single crop oil palm, diminishing our forest biodiversity, to the dismay of environmentalists.


when jungles are transformed into oil palm trees, penang forum is very quiet. Gee 7 are like magnificent 7 to discuss future of next generation and and crime against humanity with temperature rise, why no urging to keep the temperature rise not more than 1,5 deg? Otherwise, there is no terbalik for the weather. Gee 7 today’s meeting is no critical for humanity and but everyone remains silent.


Iskandar Waterfront City will be built on JB’s Pantai Lido as the extension to Danga Bay high density private residential project.

Gus Pubba

Danga Bay projects mainly developed by China companies with Royal blessings.
Main attraction is close proximity to Singapore.
Penang 3 islands resort world can be holiday vacation playgrounds for China Richie rich who may find the condos still cheaper than Hainan’s.


Complaints from Danga Bay condo buyers in 2018: “the low quality of workmanship and materials used were not in accordance with the details stated in the sale and purchase agreement”.