Alena Murang’s Warrior Spirit showcases Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage


Amidst the doom and gloomily, we have this … a world-class performance by the Borneo-born Kuala Lumpur-based Alena Murang, who also plays the sape, and her team.

Warrior Spirit picked up two awards at the International Music Video Awards in the UK for best Asia Pacific music video and an honourable mention for best costume. It also won a special jury award at the Los Angeles Film Awards and best music video at the Rome International Movie Awards.

Alena and her troupe deliver a virtuoso performance, blending native rhythms with the mesmerising soulful lift of the sape, taking the rendition to a spiritual high. The colourful costumes provide a rich visual tapestry that blends with the mystical natural backdrop.

For far too long, Malaysians in the peninsula have not been exposed much to the diverse cultural riches we have been blessed with. Hopefully, Warrior Spirit will encourage us to unearth more hidden gems among us.

Warrior Spirit is from Alena Murang’s latest album Sky Songs.

Music video co-produced by: Project Room & Kanid Studio

Executive producers: Alena Murang & Fabian Joseph

Directed by: Sarah Lois Dorai

DOP: Fabian Joseph

Music written by: Alena Murang & Joshua Maran

Performed by: Alena Murang, Joshua Maran, Jonathan Wong Ketshin, Herman Ramanado & Jimmy Chong

Audio recorded, mixed & mastered by Ian Koren at Goldensound Studios

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Anil must be thankful that you are back, after long absence, to boost his blog readership.

Anil would otherwise be dedicating this song to you:

Ray of Light

Her music genre should be recognised and included in various media awards program like TV3 MUZIK MUZIK.

With rakyat endorment and appreciation she could be as popular as Siti Nurhalizza or Jaclyn Victor.


Alena Murang is a Borneo native should be a bumiputera, yet the performance are not featured prominently on RTM or TV3 while they could promote the Malaysia Truly Asia image.

Anyway, please stay at home as Delta Covid-19 is now on the loose. Malaysian undertakers are overwhelmed by mounting Covid-19 death toll.