A Nelayan Story in Penang Hokkien


This is a video by independent filmmaker Andrew Ng. Subtitles in Malay and English are available.

He also came out with video critique (below) of the promotion of the three islands project to be created under Penang South Islands (PSI) or Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project.

Critics say the acronym should more appropriately be known as Penang South Islands Reclamation or PaSIR (sand – as in sand mining or pouring sand in the fishermen’s rice bowls).

And here’s a bonus video:

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As movement curbs persist, Malaysian fishermen and farmers grapple with lower demand and logistics issues



What if you could farm vegetables AND fish in the same space, with little to no fertilizer or pesticides? We visited an aquaponics farm in the middle of a city where this is already happening – to see how future food production could look like.


Hotels in Penang adjust to MCO to stay afloat by selling hawker food for pickup either at their lobbies or at roadside stalls.

This will affect the livelihood of hawkers?


How about a tunglang selfie picture?
No software touchup please.


Words are slow… About time for Anil to start vlog or podcast?


Did Penang benefit from factories (of US firms) moving out of China? What is MITI contribution here?

Penang cannot continue to rely on cheap foreign labor for cost advantage. During good times Penang SMEs failed to move up the value chain, now got rude awakening by Covid-19.

Pg brand Pensonic cannot make advanced gadgets but table fans and toasters?


Local firms lack long term vision so no investment in R&D, prefer to make easy quick profits exploiting cheap foreign labour, instead of leveraging knowledge transfer from MNCs. Those with good vision (Grab) end up in Singland.


local firms long term vision is to support gilakan, mca and dumno during the election with gannam style- as ex primier said work with me. further vision is mandatory local participation. another vision is ali baba and 40 thieves with open sesame jv. cheap foreign labour is boss, broker and approver win win and win


Tunlan – Silent sentence on unfairness from fed. Good in kbkb at state and tail down at fed and yet so eager to challenge a small potato, Real cyber bully


Yes Pic better than your king of KBKB. Just king of parrot just regurgitating. You just copytechnic and paste. Make sure dont infringe people’s copy right other wise sue until pokkai and emperor without clothes

Ray of Light

Can Pulau Mutiara sustain simple traditional livelihoods of its people without succumbing to New Lifestyles dictated by Real Estate Developers?

Can Penang sustain its present FTZ prownesss by over dependent upon Foreign Direct Investment without giving incentives to stimulate local enterprises to create global brands?

Can Penang sustain its Local Street Food unique popularity without creative enhanments in presentations, quality and cleaniness?


Tunglang was wondering do you do the Curtis trial on your Botanical trip ?
Ps: Anil please allow shorter word limit, as apparently I am forced to type more. More diversity in response please.


Have you savour this Fried Chicken Bun at Air Itam?


Axian (Jason) recommends ‘butter kopi’ with ‘roti bengali’ at this Kopitiam at Teluk Kumbar:


Butter + Coffee = butter kopi

What is your verdict, Tunglang?
Can find this at Starbucks?


Kopi Butter at Bee Ghah Kopitiam was first introduced 80 years ago. Today, the coffee shop is currently helmed by the 2nd generation of the owner, Mr. Teoh. He mentioned that his father introduced the queer combination of coffee and butter because the older generation enjoyed the taste of butter in their cup of coffee.


To this day, each cup of coffee is hand-brewed using a cloth coffee strainer.


where were you when your neighbour wants to build barrages and draw water into his side?
How many fisher of men? Thousands of Pengland kias have to move south in sing land singing Abba’s song Money money as what can pengland kias to do or what can be done in Pengland? Just look at Pengland’s history – in the past big mansions along many roads and Uncle Loh seize the opportunity to sell kapchai. Now Pengland kias only selling kiam cai or looking after Love Lane Losman.


You only KBKB at state and scare of makan curry and staying in Kamunting Hilton Hotel if kbkb at big brother? Look at the funds promised cancelled. Only appear in Anil and hide behind and want to challenge a small potato like me?
Form state fund for private investors to tap? – Where to get funds when big taikor is treating tunlang like peanut? When state get income from developers, tunlang and PF Olympic gold medalist in KBKB and says is developer party.


Call yourself Anak Pengland? State has to accept whatever $$ to improve Botanical Gdn, Bukit Bendera, yet you have so many saliva and kbkb. Teh susu kbkb why rakyat searching for food in Komtar, no library in Bayan and lack of public housing? Sia Boey you kbkb again as historical site.
You sleeping, see my constructive suggestions


Now you want them to be Developer Party? Show the state $$$$? You sing like Abba – money money. The budget for Pengland is so much less than Kampong Kuala Lumpur.

Gus Pubba

Street Food Franchising can bastardise the original recipe when undergoing mass production using central kitchen concept.

Worse the price definitely goes up. Just look at Chendol Penang served at malls.


Gentrification of street food. Mall for tourists or high end locals. Street servings for B40 locals?


Tunlan you drive 4w drive and dont cycle. You just recycle. What happen to the snake temple and TAR Aquarium? Died under Gilakan and where were you on the 2 tourist spots?. Even China dont have snake temples. Street Food – is by rakyat. Dishes are invented by people who have passion for food but your passion is like chinese all soul festival hungry ghost. Sleeping like Teh susu? Aquaculture, farming, tourism are run by Gilakan Dr Tan and MCA Yen Yen