‘Now they are stealing ikan kembung’


Another reason why we should not carry out the Penang South Reclamation.

The southern waters of Penang Island are rich in seafood, including ikan kembung (Indian mackerel, also known as ikan rakyat or the people’s fish). This is one of the most affordable fish species (protein source) in Malaysia, and now very much in demand.

Times are so bad that people are even stealing ikan kembung and vegetables from hypermarkets. “It’s so sad,” the Mydin boss says.

What will happen to the price of ikan kembung if reclamation destroys these fishing waters?

Times are bad, and we should be boosting our food security now instead of eroding it. It is about time we respect and protect the livelihoods of our fisherfolk and farmers.

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Apollo 8-storey fish farm in Singapore.

Tallest fish farm in Singapore to produce 2,700 tonnes of fish a year by 2023


Malaysia’s “Iron Lady” Rafidah Aziz has posed six questions to the government on behalf of the people ahead of Parliament reconvening on July 26.

The first question, said the former federal minister, was addressed to her former student in university, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.



The six questions from Rafidah


UOB supports Singapore fish farming.

Our local banks should do likewise to help financing modern fish farming.


Bank Finance? To who? Who has the know how? What is Pengland Science Uni surrounded by sea is doing? Otherwise bank will be donating the money. Must as well gives to charity


Will Penang (or Mydin?) consider catfish farming like in Vietnam?

T-lang 4ever

Mydin can lawat sambil belajar at Botswana and can lease a site at new artificial Penang island A to build commercial fish farming ?



Malaysia follow Vietnam? Vietnam fought a very very long war. We enjoy life when Viet Congs are in the bush and then have to recover. They are years behind us and how come now we have 2020 as developed nation to learn from them? Maybe they learn from Malaysian politicians and jump in front of us


Employers warn of massive retrenchments or wage cuts due to uncertainties following the ongoing lockdown and enforcement of the EMCO in parts of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.


Anil, wonder what are your thoughts on this video discussion below. Is it true that the DAP gomen foresee (years ahead) that Penang cannot solely rely on its declining manufacturing sector (stiff competition from developing third world), that they are playing “4d chess” since the 2nd term of their administration in order to save Penang’s economy by reinventing PG as a retirement hub for expats, where they are likely to spend more on expenses in comparison to locals. This is crucial in boosting our PG macroeconomy, esp key in reviving the dying F&B business and various SMEs hit hard by… Read more »


The well do have their own area and frankly many oldies ang mos, pek mos in their own country volunteer to do social work to past their time and do more meaningful life. No knows some may volunteer to teach English or social work like Salvo, Vinnies. The state gomen can added surcharge to the properties as a non local. Further, do we expect the poor, lower middle. middle and upper compete buying properties. When there is more income to the state, they can introduce or enlarge social services. Maybe have half a dozen of libraries in Bayan Bharu staffed… Read more »

Sylvie Loki

Influx of expats who tend to have superior (more affluent but may not be morally brainier) complex mentality can create class divides in Penang.


Mydin boss is not the only victim, even food bank also kena curi!


Malaysia en route to ‘failed statehood’, says Bloomberg columnist Daniel Moss


The desperate plight of poor Malaysians coupled with the latest political shenanigans of the nation’s leading parties amid an indefinite lockdown are signs of the descent of a once-proud nation.


more than 60 years governed by who? for who? To who? Others are considered as invisible. Non or those invisible has to acknowledge what Hang Tuah/Jebat said and resounded by Dr M??


No need to resort to stealing.
Just fly a white flag to seek help.

Mydin need to do more CSR, instead of complaining about lost business or stolen fish


what to do? have to consult and ask teh susu how to do better? Under current gomen, MCO and EMCO still in records. rakyat raise flags not cheering but surrender. many unable to pay back to banks, finance and even to tai yee long. … Even teh susu says do better. How? How? pengland kias all want to stay over the seas – overseas on the island not mainland.