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Batu Ferringhi Beach blues


This is the Batu Ferringhi Beach we know and love, and we should do everything in our power to protect it and the rest of our coastline from pollution and nasty effluents.

The PKNS sackings: The truth is somewhere out there

The sackings at PKNS have shown up the rivalry between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim in Selangor.

Highrise towers galore at ‘Penang WorldCity’ mega project


The ongoing mega project known as ‘Penang WorldCity’, sprawled over 100 acres in Bayan Mutiara is set to turn the area into a jungle of highrise towers. One shudders to think to think of the impact on traffic and the resulting congestion along the Jelutong Expressway in the years to come.

Count the number of towers in this artist’s impression.

Lonely Planet: Penang is world’s No. 1 foodie destination for 2014

Penang char koay teow, along with other local culinary delights, has hit the top of the foodie charts! Don’t you think it is about time we set up a street food museum to showcase how George Town’s street food landscape evolved over time and to honour the pioneers (or the ‘ori-maestros’, as Tunglang refers to them)?

Penang char koay teow: On top of the world – Photograph: jasonlcs_87/Flickr

The citation for Penang, written by Lonely Planet’s Robin Barton and published in the Independent, reads:

#1 destination: Penang, Malaysia

Everyone’s talking about it right now because… Malaysian hawker food has spread worldwide via food trucks and pop-ups but nothing compares to hitting Penang.

Is Malaysia’s property bubble poised to burst?


As the ringgit depreciates and as US quantitative easing tapers off, the era of low interest rates and cheap credit via bonds – the primary drivers of speculative investment – could soon end. Could that, in turn, lead to the popping of the property bubble?

Are there signs that this is already happening as heavily indebted Malaysian households tighten their belts in anticipation of further inflationary pressure? Will hot money from QE head for the exit doors at the first whiff of uncertainty? Check out the weakening ringgit in recent months after the QE tapering was first announced in June 2013.