Mat Sabu rips into Umno’s racial politics


Mat Sabu claims if he is allowed to speak over RTM, Umno would be finished the very next day.

Shame on those desperate Umno politicians who use race to divert attention from the real issues and to win votes.

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Wan Idris

Nowadays TV1, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, Astro Awani are filled with BN propaganda… Where got room for Mat Sabu to tell us the truth?

Kee Ling

Rakyat are really p… by the 1malaysia propaganda on TV.


Feed them with opium then control them with opium. Plant that ghost in their mind, haunt them with that ghost. See it through, the feeder, the planter are the devils, not opium nor the ghost. But if you agrees “better the devils you know than the angels that you don’t”, not even God can to save you!. Get a faith!, a faith to trust in good and abandon the bad, a faith to trust in yourself, claim back your conscience, buried deep in your heart by decades of race and religions indoctrination. See it thru! throw away the opium, overcome… Read more »

Aidil Yunus

Umno is trying to mould a moderate and harmonious atmosphere in the run-up to the 13th general election. Najib is setting his sights on all Malaysians and not just Umno members, it is therefore imperative for him to look beyond Umno, and supersede the clash of interests within Umno in a bid to broaden his acceptance. However, some Malaysians remain sceptical of Umno, thinking that the party lacks a strong political will to effectuate changes while not transcending ethnicism and cronyism. Umno’s negative image easily offsets the otherwise impressive approval rate of Najib. Even as the voters might support Najib,… Read more »


Mat Sabu is an honest ,non racist & religious Leader & Non -Corrupt-just what Malaysia need so desperately !
Hidup Pas & Pakatan !

Gerakan K

Mat Sabu then will tell you another Cinderella* story. We are so afraid ???!!!!

*e.g. PAS for all. But in fact PAS Islam for all. Look at hair salon in Kota Bharu. Muslim ruling also applies to chinese salon.

BN [x] Pakatan [ ]


PAS is definitely not blameless on the unisex hair salon issue.They need to act and act fast to rectify their policies and/or bylaws.
It’s obvious umno-linked bureaucrats were (allegedly) behind the timely sabotage! There’s no a single doubt.


GK, you must all out promote MCA, what can be more important that defending the unisex salon issue? compare to PKFZ, NFC, Lynas, Altantuya submarine, unisex salon is top priority of M’sia, right? Hidup Umno!


After Anwar, Mat Sabu is the best campaigner in Pakatan. Salt of the earth style goes very well in UMNO’s heartland. .I keep wondering why they don’t use him more often in places like Johor, Sabah & Sarawak..

Purdeep Singh

RTM (TV1) & Media Prima (TV3, NTV7, 8TV & TV9) went full force to show the live telecast of UMNO closing ceremony as if present audience have no other choice but to tune to see the rhectorics ???

UMNO must be very very desperate now so yet to set the GE13 ???