UN recognises Palestine after historic vote


The United Nations has implicitly recognised the state of Palestine after the General Assembly voted for a resolution to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s diplomatic status to ‘non-member observer state’.

The result: 138 votes in favor, 9 against and 41 abstentions.

The United States voted against.

The vote comes 65 years after the partition.

The Vatican has hailed the outcome and called for “an internationally guaranteed special statute” for Jerusalem that would safeguard “the freedom of religion and of conscience, the identity and sacred character of Jerusalem as a Holy City, (and) respect for, and freedom of, access to its holy places”.

It also called for “effective commitment to building peace and stability, in justice and in the respect for legitimate aspirations, both of the Israelis and of the Palestinians”.

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Some more: It was no accident that Mahmoud Abbas chose November 29 to seek a United Nations General Assembly vote recognizing Palestine as a state, albeit as a non-member “observer” state at the U.N. November 29 is the 65th anniversary of the General Assembly’s Resolution 181, which partitioned British-Mandated Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian states. The Jews accepted the Resolution; Arabs unanimously rejected it. It passed by a vote of 33-13 with 10 abstentions. Had the Arab world voted for the plan, a Palestinian state would be as old as Israel is today, and within larger borders than the 1949… Read more »


Today is the 65th anniversary of the passage of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 on the future status of British ruled.Palestine. Well, it seems that they failed to mention one quite significant element of the UN resolution (which passed with 33 votes in favor, 13 against, 10 abstentions and one absent). Res. 181 not only called for the creation of a Jewish state, but the creation of an Arab one as well. The Jews accepted partition. The Arabs didn’t accept partition, refused to compromise on any outcome other than a single unitary Arab state and launched a war when Israel… Read more »


Wonder why people keep stirring up mud from the past and can’t move forward? Palestine has been recognized by the international community as a state. So be it. It is an acceptable reality and realistically both Israel and Palestine ( Mahmoud Abbas is Fatah and not Hamas) should take steps to lay down arms and start real peace negotiations, instead of Israel approving more settlements on the West Bank that is occupied territory (meaning it’s not legally theirs). If the UN GA had not taken this step, Israel and Palestine will continue scratching old sores to make them bleed, then… Read more »

David Swami

SunnyOoi says:Zoinist propaganda machine all the same.; Guess you must be from Penang. The DAP has jumped on the band wagon demonizing Israel, guess it is the new way to gain votes. Anti Zionism is the new name for Anti Antisemitism, sounds more acceptable by your kind of a crowd (anti Semitics).


If the world continue to act blindly in denial-apologetic-phobic like Obama’s foreign policy for Middle East & skewed multi-culturalism in US, nothing civilised will come out of the conflicts. One glaring example is the recent Libyan fiasco of Obama’s croc’s tearful self denial of geopolitical reality. How becoming true by the hours is The Clash of Civilization by Samuel P. Huntington. Bravery of practice of principle of justice, truth, tolerance, freedom & sensibilities seems lacking, especially for some of those living in constant phobia of religious violence by putting up a front of appeasement against own moral conscience. The way… Read more »


If only the state of israel was set up in Frica instead of Middle East, the world would be more peaceful?


If Abraham had the patience & fortitude to follow God’s plan & not his wife’s suggestion & not in want of a child slept with Hagar the maidservant from Egypt, there would not be such a conflict to this day.
And Africa is not God’s plan for the Israelites!


I rest my case…..

Phua Kai Lit

By oppressing other people and trying to rationalise this oppression, you end up morally corrupting yourself.

Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank, together with the influx of right-wing settlers of the Gush Emunim type, has also poisoned Israel’s internal politics. What has become of the original Zionist socialist, kibbutzim-based Israel of David Ben Gurion?

A two-state solution (Israel and a fully independent Palestine co-existing peacefully side-by-side) is the only way to go.
logical way to go.


Peaceful coexistence is possible but not with continuous violence & terrorism with an aim to wipe off a legitimate nation/people from the map. History has shown the consistence oppressions by Ishmael descendants (Arabs) against Isaac’s (israelites) from Eqypt to Persia for thousand of years. This is no political or cultural expediency of any sensibility. Until a concrete, practical, peaceful bilateral agreement between Israelites & Palestinians (not a one sided Morsi + Hamas or Iranium engineered peace-with-threats of nuclear bombs) is signed with utmost sincerity, anybody’s act of self protection or preservation against foreign terrorism is still considered an oppression (?).… Read more »

David Swami

It is an abomination for the Arabs for Jews to live amongst their midst. One should also ask whatever happened to the Jews of Medina (Saudi Arabia), yes they lived there long before Islam was around. Even in their prayers 17 times a day they say, “”Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who are astray.” (1:6-7)? The wrath is for the Jews and Christians. It has everything to do with religion. There will never be peace there. Historically, there were millions… Read more »


Zoinist propaganda machine all the same. Repeat same old arguments and ignore their own sins.

Best solution still 67 border as agreed by UN. But surely not for Israel who wants more land, so the cycle continues.


Will this solve the problem like Ex-Yugaslavia, which split up to smaller state to enable the peace?

No, unlike Europe, I bet 2 cents with anyone, this is just start of new problem, Palesteinian go kill each other, Hamas vs PNA, and Hamas continue launch rocket they get from whatever source to Israel border.

And somebody here please enlighten me, how Palesteinian can establish the economy when Hamas rocket PNA constitution, via versa?


Hamas manipulates Palestinian cause. Syria egg Hamas on to do the shooting. Iran supplies proxy aggressors Syria & Hamas & Hezbollah with arms & logistics & hatred doctrine to eliminate Israel from the map. And US aids the secret transfer of arms from Libya to the Syrian rebels via Sinai Peninsula some of which inadvertently ended in Gaza & West Bank. Go ask US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in his grave. Now, who is the real trouble maker in all of these conflagrations? Since Camp David, never has a single truce or temporary peace accord been observed by Palestinians. Go ask… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Is there a website where the excuses of those who voted against or abstained from the motion are recorded?


Most of the rest of the world is just fed-up with both Israel and Palestinians. THEY WANT a two-state solution and peace. My personal view is that it goes beyond just religion or past scores. The relationship between Israel and Palestinians are dysfunctional. They hate each other but they can’t live without hating each other..Honestly modern politics and governance as well as modern economy can’t stand up against the dysfunctionality that is them.. Honestly, what I would rather see is the world getting together and just telling the two-states – get their act together or the rest of the world… Read more »


Historic it is! Palestinians have gain dignity in the eyes of the international community they have been denied for well over 6+ decades! Hope this will revive negotiation for 2-State Solution with Israel and let there be peace but Palestine first needs to solve its domestic problem – reconciliation with HAMAS and through the ballot boxes!

David Swami

. Kevin:”Yes Israel never existed before and was carved out of nowhere using might and power”. It has existed for 4,000 years, many times the Jews were expelled. Do you know about Al Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem? The guy who raised the Sabre Division of the Waffen SS, a Muslim Division for the Nazis? With the sole intention of exterminating Jews. What about the thousands of Jews who became refugees in Arab countries? What about Jerusalem, it was there the Jews built the first temple. Kevin, you are smoking too much of the … that the Malaysian and left… Read more »


Ok. Fair enough but like I have said if you talk about history, it can go way way back. If u go back 4000 years, another person can argue and go back 10, 000 years, and others can go back 20,000 years to the time when there was no Jews, Muslims or Christians. These ppl probably prayed to the trees or to stones and believed in spirits residing in plants. How far back is far enough? If we keep going back, people practicing Animism should claim the land as theirs. And the aborigines should form their own state in Australia… Read more »

David Swami

I was wondering when you were going to post about this: UN vote recognizes state of Palestine, thus legitimizing Palestinian terrorism. Get over it, there was never a state called Pakistan, it was built on the blood of Hindus, likewise Turkey, there was never one, it was built on the blood of Christians. They do not go around instigating wars of hate, as Pakistan does until today. The Battle of Masada occurred from 73 to 74 A.D on a large hilltop in current-day Israel between a group of Jewish rebels (also known as Jewish Sicarii or Jewish Zealots) and the… Read more »


Nobody is saying that the UN should not recognise Israel as a state. Yes Israel never existed before and was carved out of nowhere using might and power. The same for many other countries which exist today. Nobody is disputing that Israel is a country on its own. In fact the UN had long already recognised Israel. What people are saying is that as much as the Israeli’s have a right to their own state, the Palestinians have the same right and Israel must respect them as a sovereign state. Not meddle in its affairs and control its govt like… Read more »

David Swami

Hamas “political leader” Khaled Mashaal. Mashaal told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: “I accept a Palestinian state according to 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital, with the right of return [of millions of Palestinians to Israel].”No one better than Mashaal himself expressed this view in the same CNN interview, where he stated: “Palestine, from the river to the sea, from the north to the south, it is my land. And the land of my fathers and grandfathers, inhabited by the Palestinians from a long time ago…but because of the circumstances of the region, because of the keenness to stop the bloodshed,… Read more »


Kevin, Israel existed as a Kingdom of Judea long time ago before Palestine came into existence. Read about King David or Solomon? This is factual history. Even before that, it was a land of (real) giants of more than 10 feet tall before it was conquered by the Israelites. Read about shepherd boy David defeated Goliah with just a sling shot? If you care to research this conflict, it has its origin from Biblical time from the patriarch Abraham who didn’t follow God’s command resulting in a lineage that was not God’s plan. Sin has a way to effect on… Read more »


Keven, talk about history, what if today inner Mongolia claims MOST of Europe, india and Asian continent as its country because of ex “Monghul-glory” land?

How about current Thai government claim the peninsular as part of it “Siamese” colonial state? So you want a world war 3?


Exactly my point guys. What I was saying is that we cannot keep looking back and back into history and claim this and that. I am saying, forget about the past and move on. If u keep going back into the past then only the dinosaurs should be legitimate residents. I did not say get rid of Israel and give the land to the Palestinians. I said, let Israel remain as it is, a sovereign state but at the same time also let the Palestinians have their own state. Which means Israel has to stop meddling into the affairs of… Read more »


Enough with the anti jew and terrorism labels, as it is clear what is going on.
Which side continues to build settlements on stolen land every year?
Which side killed more women and children every year?
Israel is no angel.

Also spare me the history lesson cause it dont justify committing war crimes. If you are born in Europe then your motherland is in Europe regardless of your race.