Live updates: Scorpene probe revelations


Briefing by French lawyer Apoline Cagnat in Singapore.

Tony Pua via Twitter: Apoline clarifies tht French judges r investigatn of legality of commissns paid to several co …

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alan newman, new zealand

The PM’s bodyguards were convicted of killing Altantuya. Who is the most likely culprit…? Certainly not Sarawak’s Taib or Sabah’s Musa! It’s circumstantial evidence and even a child can see it. Many horrific criminals are repentant, these criminals are not, instead they continue to double-talk, lie, deceive and plunder …! How disgraceful and shocking can it get?

A small RM1000 robber is jailed for many years. Here you are dealing with thefts of hundreds of millions, even billions, and murder with dynamites, plus incidences of treasons. These deserve 200,000 strokes of the rattan and a 100,000 years sentence.

Phua Kai Lit
Ahmad Sobri

Apoline, you are so pretty! I love you!

Purdeep Singh

Ahmad Sobri bila u jadi gatal ? Awas nanti kenap tangkap Jakim 🙂


Sobri, can you see that this case (allegedly) involves pretty women, dead & alive?

Phua Kai Lit

Former French President Sarkozy is being investigated for possible
corruption i.e. receiving illegal political funding from rich French

There is rule of law in France.


One wonders whether Mahathir would actually prefer that Najib goes down … over this Scorpene, and the related (issues). More and more, on top of his glaring incompetence, Najib is looking more and more like a lost-cause where the Scorpene case is concerned.. Certainly it may look far better for UMNO to cut its losses, and have Najib face the music. Can even claim to be pro-justice, and “not protecting anyone, even its own party president”! May even win back a number of votes. And the conspiracy theorists may add that removing Najib will facilitate the ascent of Mukhriz… And… Read more »


I think its quite clear that Mahathir backs Najib more than their critics generally think. All the rumours of difference between them is unfounded. Najib’s talk of change and reform from Mahathirism is PURE LIP-SERVICE. Everything that has been done is purely to make it ONLY LOOK like change. There is practically no will for it given all the evidence that corruption is as large, better hidden in better hiding places. People forget, Najib’s father was Mahathir’s mentor – Mahathir owe his career to Najib’s father. Also Najib, at the most critical moment of Mahathir’s career, sided with Mahathir. Najib… Read more »


Here is the thing – Why is Najib going after Suaram when it CANNOT stop the case? Answer – he has no clue that he got CYA (cover-your-a..) IDIOTS working for him or rather appear to be working for him…

Its too be noted that Mahathir said he does not see anyone else but Najib working hard for the GE.- It shows in reality UMNO/BN has no confidence in Najib and paying him lip-service but no one dare to remove him because Mahathir is behind him..


The interest from rakyat on this issue is increased the more the mainstream press try to cover it up.


Simple. He is (finished) if he CANNOT remain as PM. This will be the dirtiest GE ever, because he is FIGHTING for his life. If he loses his position as PM, he loses control of the machinery that can protect him. Going after SUARAM is news for the consumption of the rural and ill-informed voters. They need to create the perception that Jib is being persecuted by vengeful SUARAM.

Haji Idris

UMNO delegates should read’s live feed during their Perhimpunan “Agung” for them to digest the skeleton(s) in the closet ???


Ya, for those Johorians fed up with umno’s rhetorics, they are welcomed to attend event below fr better understanding of issues affecting the nation : [ Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat Peringkat Negeri Johor] Tarikh: 1 Disember 2012 (Sabtu/Saturday) Masa : 3.00 Petang – 12 Tengah Malam Tempat: Dataran Parit Salleh Ros Sri Gading Batu Pahat Tentatif: Petang : Ekspedisi Anak Muda Bersama Ali XPDC Malam: Ucapan Pemimpin NGO, Ucapan Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat Yang Hadir: 1. Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang 2. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim 3. Saudara Lim Kit Siang 4. Tn. Hj. Mohamad Sabu 5. YB… Read more »


Will this ‘skeleton in Najib’s closet’ fulfill the RAHMAN prophecy?


It’s simple as this: Yellow submarines that sink & hide without surfacing for a breather in public seas of accountability are highly fishy as we all can suspect of.
No wonder there are nightly undersea echoes of a Mongolian banshee in the Straits of Melaka as far north as Pulo Panang’s Pantai Keracut.