Delegates’ tears flow as Najib prays for Umno-BN victory


Urging delegates to rise and clench their fists, Najib brings the Umno general assembly to a rousing and emotional close – but not before invoking divine assistance for success in the coming general election.

Watch from 43:30

(Looks like PSM and their clenched fists logo are not alone!)

Increasingly, Umno looks like a party under siege trying to make a ‘fist’ of it. You can almost feel their anxiety and uncertainty about the outcome of the coming general election and what the future holds for each one of them. Can they already see the writing on the wall?

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Wan Idris

The fact that Najib is seeking divine help and looking up to Pak Lah and Tun M is a sign that he is clueless and lost direction.


what rubbish of a speech. that too from a PM of a multicultural society. … moron

najib manaukau

That is the only one left for this turncoat to turn to for help, especially after he swore on the Koran that he never knew the mongolian beauty. Whether that did help him to become the P.M. is left to be seen after all there is nothing tangible to show one way or the other. But to him it must have because he became the P.M. even though it was not because he was voted by the people to become the P.M. of Malaysia, he was given the seat to become the P.M. by AB. Whereas this time round he… Read more »


Honestly, I don’t see any real anxiety. UMNO/BN is a modern political organisation which employs all the modern technique of instant constant polling.. If their numbers tell them they are in trouble, they would be panicking not trying to organise better..

UMNO/BN don’t really have to commit that much fraud to win. 5% is probably good enough, 10% and it would be insurmountable for the opposition..Indications are that in Selangor its easy to get away with 10% or more..So if you add up all the other places plus gerry meandering, they should be very comfortable..


Johor is certainly stirring hard…

30,000 people was there to listen to DSAI!


Suasana kehebatan & kemeriahan semasa ucapan Anwar Ibrahim di kubu kuat Umno, Batu Pahat Johor semasa ‘Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat Johor’. Bertempat di Dataran Keadilan Parit Raja, Batu Pahat Johor pada 1hb Disember 2012.


At his level, his often gesture is raise his hand to cover the sky with his palm. To show off how big and wide his palm can reach.

Why in a sudden, rest his fist on his heart? why such humble gesture? election coming kah?

Some say this ” Power made one’s hand big & wide! point your fist to the air! give no forgiveness, question the God!. Powerless, rest one’s fist on his heart! ask for forgiveness and ask for the God!.”


After committing so much corruptions and scandals such as cow gate, scorpene, (the link to the) alta (case), now they have the nerve to ask for divine help. Now even God will not help them

Aidil Yunus

If Naj1b & his delegates are confident of 2/3 majority win in the PRU13, then why must he remind the rakyat the so-called consequences of Pakatan in power?

Are tehy too emotional (with the ‘anak kecil main api’ song) and lost their rational and logical thinking?


Ini lagu dari Ali XPDC sempena Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat Johor 1/12/2012 lebih hebat dari lagu ‘anak kecil main api’.


Those umno delegates sad because they will lost opportunities to use country coffer to buy them Wahyu beef for meal daily.


it’s wagyu not wahyu or were you referring to any sarcasm that I’ve not known of. Mind to share.