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Live – Kajang by-election results

MH370: Distraught Chinese mother says Malaysian cops didn’t treat her badly

Excerpt from a CCTV News interview:

JAMES: Why did you go to the press conference?

Liu: I wanted to ask the politicians what happened to my son… it was March the 19th, by then the 12th day, and there was still no news about my son, no news about my son.… I was losing my mind…

JAMES: The media has been reporting that the Malaysia police treated you badly, is that true?

Liu: No. I was surrounded by journalists and police. At first I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought they came to arrest me, I began to ask for help and was screaming “What are you doing?” They carried me out of the crowd of journalists, and someone from Malaysia Airlines told me in Chinese that I needn’t worry. My daughter said they were there to protect me, not to arrest me.

See the full interview (video and transcript) at the link above.

Seven reasons why Malaysians are struggling to put food on the table

A visit to the local wet market is enough to give you palpitations. Prices of vegetables and fruit have soared, perhaps by as much as a third over the last few years. One news report even said that the price of kangkung rose in December 2013.


Kajang by-election: Caught in the act – Fake posters being put up

This just in. The dirty tricks team are at work.

Kajang by-election: Wan Azizah addresses voters

Wan Azizah at Himpunan Reformasi 2.0 at Kajang Stadium last night.

Another video below.