Full house at Sabah PKR convention


Anwar Ibrahim delivered a closing address to a packed hall at the Sabah PKR Convention in Kota Kinabalu on Saturday.

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One of the things I wish Anwar does more in his ‘Jelajah’ tour is to show Tunku’s last interview where he infamous line of ‘curi lampu lama yang ajaib’

Sabahan warriors

We sabahans will rise up again to defend our land of our ancestors and we will get those corrupted pengkhinat after that.We are fed-up with our kids kaki ayam to school, no water,no light,no road and land grab for so many many many years.Enough of these gangs of thiefs!

jungle boy

If the opposition parties in Sabah do not unite to the fight the corrupt, robbing UMNO, then I feel very very very sorry for their children, grandchildren and many more generations of their descendant


One way to look at why Anwar deserves so much more than anyone in UMNO to be PM is this- Najib spent hundreds of millions maybe more on PR consultants, advertising on 1Msia and other sloganeering – and Anwar simply just achieved MUCH MORE with his little funny little ‘Tanya Sama Najib’ song…

najib manaukau

This is just a warning to the morons from Umno and also a sign that the people there are ‘awaken’ so get ready to give the people back what is rightfully theirs, their country.
To ensure this will take place vote the ‘colonial masters’ out of your country in the coming GE !