Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary again …


Newcomer Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd has bagged the lion’s share of the allocation of the 4G-LTE spectrum.

The obscure Puncak Semangat, reportedly linked to tycoon Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, was reportedly allocated 40MHz.

The rest of the contenders, including the big boys – Maxis, Digi and Celcom Axiata – were allotted 20MHz each.

What makes Puncak Semangat, and no other company, so special?

Its proposal? Its financial capabilities? Its experience?

But, as The Edge (10 December) noted, “Puncak Semangat does not appear to appear to have a track record in the industry compared with its more established peers”.

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20 Dec 2012 9.50am

Syed Mokhtar’s companies owe RM34.3 billion, more than 10% of the national corporate debt! This is causing genuine fears of a bailout using taxpayers’ money.

Another Renong-type bail-out scandal in the making?

hafiz (@_hafiz)
16 Dec 2012 3.26pm

Will be interesting to see how far SP will do.. Best part, some headhunter contacted me for a job there, for sure i wasn’t interested in a shoddy co

16 Dec 2012 2.34pm

but whya the kampung folk kept silence on this ? and majority of this racist still uphold the policy especially his croni ? they dont have the ability to build on their own but must use this dirty tricks use other race as a threat to defend their position to create tension ?????

Andrew I
Andrew I
16 Dec 2012 10.49am

Oh Granny, what fast internet speeds you offer. All the better to access corruption scandals with.

najib manaukau
16 Dec 2012 8.38am

… This is a typical example of how the ‘Chap Chongs’ in Umno has hijacked NEP to enrich their own kind… Leaving the real kampong Malays in poverty and far behind in Malaysia instead of elevating their lives , which was the aim and intension of NEP. Thus giving the excuse to have NEP extended ! Syed Mokhthar is an Umno made Malay and at his rate he will, in no time, become the richest man in Malaysia without working for the wealth. If Umno intends to make him the richest Malay man in the country they might as well… Read more »

16 Dec 2012 8.33am

You really think its Syed Mokhtar who got it???? Look through his portfolio of companies – most of it are a ultra-Malay wet dream – and who do you think that is….

the mythbuster
the mythbuster
17 Dec 2012 10.59am
Reply to  bigjoe99

Who else but the … mohamad kutty! Who else has the finalcial … and the political clout to dictate terms to Najib? Who is capable of rocking Najib’s boat other than the evil one? Remember Pak Lah? The mad hatter and his nefarious schemes would not end …

16 Dec 2012 12.26am

An absolute insult to the Malays by BN as if there isn’t other capable Malays in the country!

15 Dec 2012 11.07pm

Yet another Jibjib ETP – Electrospectrum-Transfer-to-cronies-Program.

20 Dec 2012 11.10am
Reply to  moot

Malays should ask why wealth is not spread among the malays but only concentrated with a few ‘elite umnoputeras’ aka OKU (orang kaya umno).