Chua Jui Meng was pushed, shoved after meeting with NRD: Witnesses


Chui Jui Meng was pushed and shoved by a group of men after a meeting at the National Registration Department in Putrajaya to call attention to the plight of stateless residents, according to fellow opposition members who attended the meeting.

Stateless residents protest - Photograph: Charles Santiago
Stateless residents protest – Photograph: Charles Santiago

The incident occurred as the seven opposition members were leaving after a meeting with the NRD Director General Jariah Mohd Said and other senior officers.

PKR’s N Surendran tweeted about the incident at 1.34pm.

When contacted, Klang MP Charles Santiago confirmed that there was pushing, shoving and harassment by a group of about 10 to 15 men, believed to be MIC Youth, inside the NRD building. “Chua appeared to be their target,” said Charles.

Charles expressed surprise that the men had been allowed in as others had been kept out.

MIC Youth information chief S Subramaniam has reportedly denied the allegations. “We were there as part of a special task force. Chua reacted harshly when one of our members asked what he had done for the community when he was in the cabinet,” he told the Free Malaysia Today web portal.

Earlier, a few hundred people had gathered in front of the National Registration Department (JPN) this morning. “JPN doors are literally closed for stateless Malaysians,” Santiago had reported at the scene. “A team of MPs are negotiating with police and the JPN senior team.”

Chua Jui Meng had also been tweeting about the gathering. “In Putrajaya to support d stateless & d fight for justice for d oppressed,” he had said. His last tweet was at 11.43am.

The whole issue of stateless residents requires a political solution, said Charles, as it was unlikely that NRD departmental procedures could resolve the issue. “They seem to have very little interest in resolving it.”

My own grandmother, who spent the last three decades of her life in Malaysia, passed away 13 years ago with only a red identity card. She grew up in India and after her marriage, settled in Singapore, where she lived for three decades, before relocating to Malaysia in the 1960s to be with her adult children.

So I can understand the predicament and insecurity that many of those in similar situations experience.

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the mythbuster

After Samy Velu, Palanivel, Nallakaruppan, Eswaran and a host of idiots who claim to be fighting for Indians under various political outfits are nothing but (subservient) to their political masters. Those morons do not even understand or care to find out why Chua Jui Meng and PKR guys were at the JPN. They only see everyone who do not toe the line of UMNO thinking as anti nationals. When they are unleashed to attack the opposition, they do not think or care. They just do, all for mere crumbs thrown at them once in a while. Do they understand that… Read more »


Hi Anil
this is not relevant to above topic.
Just for your info you are quoted by about street food museum.

I think it’s good time to rally for such museum and kindly alert tunglang about this.



Chua Jui Meng and PKR are supporting the STATELESS Indian and the MIC are thwarting Chua and PKR PR action.

What can we say of MIC.!!!!!

It shows that MIC, a party for the Indian are hypocrite and only interested in their self interest and not supporting the Indian.

Why should the Indian continue to support and vote BN and MIC.

Vote PR and kick out BN UMNO & MIC

Mr Nambikei

Last night RTM & TV3 did not show footage of Jui Meng & Stateless Brothers/Sisters. Only Hishamuddin echoing his cousin Najib that 300K stateless indians are TIPU.
Wonder if these Indians have been fixed into depositing their votes for who next GE13 as Indians are somehow flip-flopping ???


Najib is (fooling) the Indians once again with Nambikei.
He cannot give durian runtuh to the Indians, so why should I vote for BN?


You have to look at UMNO and Perkasa’s point of view. Given how much Samy Vellu, Taib and Sabah politicians has cost them for the little results they have delivered, the idea of expanding some 300K-400K of non-Muslims a big portion Indians, is like throwing a spanner into their hegemonist and dreams of living like Rosmah agenda.

Vincent ang

… if they (think they) can get more crumbs than the Chinese from their UMNO masters then they must keep voting for BN. … Keep salivating for crumbs in the next GE and continue to be beggars ….


They were sent as DUMNO goons, thats all they can amount to. S. Subramainam I’m ashamed to call you a fellow Indian. …

Meth Man

Hahahahaha…all right lah…..CHUA JUI MENG deserved it.

Katak from BN to PR deserve not only to be shoved & pushed …

najib manaukau


You should also list how long all these stateless have been waiting for their applications since they applied. You will be most surprise of how long these stateless have to wait or will never get to know the answers in their life times. Especially when compared them with the millions of … immigrants imported from southern Philippines and indonesia and above all fast tracked to become citizens of this country …

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The BN has failed all the stateless Malaysians! MIC for all its claims that they represent the community has obviously been only rhetorical in its claims as it is very evident that they have failed to solve the stateless Indians for the past 50 years! How can MIC ever stand up for the Indians, let alone all Malaysians, if at their recent General Assembly, Palanivel and his MIC leaders just sat there meekly listening to the insults dished out by UMNO Baru’s President and PM? Imagine, the PM Najib openly declared then that in the 12GE, the Indian… Read more »