Many civil servants required to attend PM’s USM event


An officer in one civil service department has revealed that he and his colleagues were required to attend the PM’s Jelajah event on Saturday despite it being their day off.

From his section, he noticed that a couple of hundred of his colleagues were required to attend. A couple of hundred more could have come from other sections of his department, he said. He was also given the orange ‘Janti ditepati’ T-shirts but he did not wear it.

Many of them, he said, would be worried about eventually receiving a show-cause letter for not attending the event. In the past, those who failed to attend such functions would have had to produce a reason for not attending (medical cert, showing proof they were on leave during that time, etc) such functions.

This particular officer said he was not manning the booths but just sitting among the participants in the main tent.

Unlike similar events in the past, this time the officers were requested to wear ‘smart casual’ rather than their uniforms. “In 90 per cent of such functions in the past, we would be required to wear our uniforms.” Later, in casual conversations with his colleagues, he said they felt one possible reason for the ‘smart casual’ instruction was to give the impression of a large turnout by the public.

If you are a civil servant who had to attend this or other similar events, do share with us your experience.

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Bloated civil service a waste of public fund!

Phua Kai Lit

Instructive to re-read Barry Wain’s 2009 analysis of
Ah Jib Kor:

Gerakan K

@Tailo, please GOOGLE or read The Star. There are 2 cases in v2 PAS Islamic ruling for non-muslim. Another one is young couple KENA SAMAN because dating in broad daylight in public place. And in the 2-male case, nothing indecent or wrong there.

It is time for everyone to evaluate the consequences if pakatan able to win federal gomen. We are surely in DEEP DEEP TROUBLE !!!


This is not something new. I remembered civil servants were bussed to Mengkuang Dam for the Semarak event many years ago


The government abuses civil servants to a certain degree. When I say ‘abuse’ I mean in term of man power (not domestic violence). I’m not sure if this is just in my town or applies to the whole of malaysia, but civil servants have a “uniform day” here where it is compulsory to wear batik clothings on Friday. It’s fishy that not any Batik can be worn, but only some very expensive brands from a specific local makers are “approved”. Rumours flying around in the office is that a certain politician is linked to this batik maker. It is a… Read more »


Hi. I’m new here. I’ve been following post here for a while, but this topic caught my attention. Both my parents are civil servants. I grow up in an environment where I listen to my parents discussing work matters, which directly relates to part of how the government work (I will not mention which department for privacy issues). I didn’t think much of it back when I was a wee lad, but thinking back now, it disgusts me. Regarding the topic, yes this is very true. Civil servants are regularly “encouraged” to join such events just to make it looks… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Mr C

1. No, the TAX PAYERS are the ones who are actually paying your parent’s salary.

2. As a tax-payer who believes that it is the civic duty of all citizens to pay their taxes (but very angry at the wanton corruption and wastage of tax funds), I am glad to read that your dad “didn’t take a single cent that doesn’t belong to him”

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Gerakan K and everyone, There is no need for anyone to do Extra Work to discredit BN, PM Najib and the federal govt. They themselves are doing a very GOOD job of discrediting themselves!! No matter how the mainstream media spins it or BN sycophants cyber-troopers spins it, it is open and wide knowledge that civil servants, school and university students, etc, etc, are ‘coerced’ into attending such BN political functions, on the pretext that these are government functions! Food, drinks and transport are provided, ferried by buses, at times, allowances are also given! It is either the people’s… Read more »

Gerakan K

Wow, anil is doing EXTRA WORK here to discredit BN, PM and government !!!

I really admire your workrate for pakatan. Anil, you should ask for an allowance from pakatan.

p/s: PAS Islamic ruling for non-muslim in Kota Bharu v2 also not reported here but non-issue like the MIGHTY dolphin gain prominent coverage. Nowadays, non-muslim cannot dating in pakatan state. Nanti KENA SAMAN. The first step in PAS ISLAM for all including non-muslim. And Anil, DAP & PKR happily asking non-muslims to support PAS. Hmm, partners in crime ??? When will Anil, DAP & PKR start telling the truth ???


if not mistaken, the recent PAS summon in K’tan for one of the case is on 2 male individuals performing indecent acts inside a car near the airport grounds at 1.30am….. it is not for khalwat by a chinese male and female couple…


This is yet another example that BN can mobilise people for its cause with $$$.

However, those people who got the goodies (eg. orange janji t-shirt) may not vote for them.

I watched the TV1 live telecast of Najib speech at MIC assemby yesterday. As usual Najib is up to his rhetorics and sadly the MIC people will take the bait once again.


We still on this?? It was staged of course and you can tell Najib knew it even as he was making his speech. I think the real question really is why it was so badly staged? Why the degree of expense/investment and yet with such poor quality of trying to win Penang urbanites votes when the low hanging fruit is elsewhere? The answer is that Najib is grabbing whatever he can and his war chest is HUGE, HUMONGOUS and all … are feeding frenzily at the trough and Najib is weak to the influence of the biggest most aggressive bottom… Read more »

Gerakan K

Very funny !!! By the way, who told you all these allegations ??? RPK kah ??? Ehem, you need EXTRA effort to understand RPK directions of writing. Another angle of thought, many people regarded Penang as the safest state for pakatan because of LGE popularity. But our 1Malaysia PM Najib dare to visit pakatan strongest area to voice his commitments and visions for Penangites. It did tell you something, right ??? On the other hand, pakatan team never dare to do anything in BN stronghold area e.g. Pekan, Pahang also means SOMETHING. 1Malaysia PM Najib is the BEST Malaysian PM… Read more »


Penang people and the PR coalition under DAP LGE are peace loving and will welcome anybody whether from the opposition or ruling party. But it is different with Ah Cheap UMNO BN and their sycophants. Even though they use thuggery and violence PR PKR, PAS and DAP will continue to venture into BN stronghold such as Johore, Malacca & Pahang and spread the message of truth, peace and love and to expose the corruption and lies and deceits and scandals Do you want lies, deceits and corruption to prevail. Do you want a dumb PM who is not able to… Read more »