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Photos have been circulating of cracks on the hlll-slope roads leading to the Vale of Temp.

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about cracks on the road to Batu Ferringhi, not too far from where the sections of the road have cracked or given way.

Apparently, there’s even a sink hole, somewhere near Gottlieb Road. From what I hear, there used to be waterway from the Botanic Garden to Gurney Drive, which was covered over when Gottlieb Road was built.

You see, we have been allowing higher density property development, especially in places like Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi, without looking at whether the supporting infrastructure can cope. In a blog post about cracks on the road, I wrote: “Residents worry that the supporting existing infrastructure (e.g. roads) will be unable to cope with the higher density.”

That road near Vale of Temp was never meant for heavy vehicles or the heavy traffic that high density development has created.

The following is is the original blog post from 9 January 2015:

Stress marks and cracks have appeared along the main road to Batu Ferringhi which hugs the hillslopes along the north and north-west coastline of Penang Island.

Photo 100, near military camp

Batu Ferringhi Road showing affected stretches

An obstructed pedestrian walkway in George Town - Photograph:

Penang Forum released this statement  yesterday, 6 October 2016 – but I didn’t notice any coverage of this in the media.

Syabas! Penang Forum would like to record our support for and the appreciation of the Penang Island City Council’s attempt to make Penang safer for pedestrians and more liveable for all users. 


Another tourist attraction? A panoramic view of KL from a height while walking precariously on the maintenance platform alongside elevated LRT tracks.

Two incidents in the space of a few days have shaken public confidence in the KL elevated LRT system.


Interesting to see the Penang state government asking BUCG of China to take responsibility for an accident in KL last month or withdraw from the Penang tunnel, three highways and property development projects.

A crane operated by the firm fell and crushed a woman to death in the incident in KL. The Penang state government has since consented to the removal of BUCG from the project.