Public transport

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This video was circulating on Whatsapp (I don’t know who filmed it). I put it up on Youtube for you all to establish if it is genuine (that’s the reason for the question mark) and if so, to try and establish which flight and route it is.

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Sorry, only three ferries in service (July 2014)!

This was the sign at the Butterworth ferry service after 3.00pm on a weekday, last year. Most of the time, only one to four ferries are in service. At nights, even during school holidays and weekends, only one ferry after 10.00pm!

Last year, I blogged about the ferry service, complaining about the delays and the slashing of the number of ferries. I also tweeted a lot about the poor service.

Now, the federal government has asked the Penang state government to submit a detailed proposal before it hands over the recently privatised ferry service to the Penang state government.