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Save Soonstead


This is a petition by the Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) to save Soonstead:

The heritage of Soonstead is threatened by a proposed 13-storey tower block which would necessitate the demolition of the house‚Äôs dining room wing and annexe buildings. (more…)


When another US president visited Malaysia …

I came across this eye-witness account of the scene around KL during then US president Lyndon Johnson’s visit to Malaysia on 30 October 1966. His visit to Malaysia took place a year after the United States deployed regular combat troops to Vietnam, following its stepped up involvement after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964. Apart from Malaysia, his tour of South-East Asia took him to Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. In next-door Indonesia, in the transition to US-backed Suharto’s New Order regime, a massive anti-communist purge that killed over 500000 people had subsided by March 1966. (more…)


Old Penang – Ferry services (updated)

This was a ferry shuttling to and from the Malayan Railway jetty along Weld Quay on the island and the railway station at Prai Junction on the mainland.

The S S Violet shuttling between Weld Quay and the Prai Junction Railway Station

The S S Violet shuttling between Weld Quay and the Prye Railway Station – Photo: Anything Goes blog