Pulau Jerejak: Voices from the Past, Choices for the Future


A video in four parts of a fascinating recent forum about Pulau Jerejak in Penang.

Part 1 above – a presentation by Rexy Prakash Chacko of Penang Forum. More below.

Part 2 – Presentation by historian Mike Gibby:

Part 3 – Presentation by Ben Wismen of Penang Heritage Trust/Penang Forum

Part 4 – A panel discussion including a representative from Ideal Property. Moderated by Khoo Salma Nasution of Penang Island City Council and Penang Forum:

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Please kick start discussion on GE14, now that redelineation has give unfair advantages to BN.


Many bloggers like Anil are very cautios now because of the Fake News Act. Also many of them have received warning from MCMC. That explained why Anil is pretty quiet lately and not commenting on GE14?


Do not intimidate bloggers fighting for justice!


Anil, April will be sleepless nights for many who want to speak their minds but are unsure of the ‘law to muffling’!
Anil, will you be biting your fingers? to kick start discourse on GE14?
Btw, what is fake news? Is personal opinion also a fake news?
What about 6th-sense, feelings to share, anger to speak out?

Looks like tomorrows will be fake tomorrows!


Like someone said to disband malay regiment? The guy twist by dropping the word Royal. It is ROYAL malay regiment commanded by royalty. We are very proud of it.

Ho Wan Lai

Virtual reality to be classified as fake by BeEnd ?

Ready Player One is a new movie currently showing in cinemas, where reality not aligned to some considered fake?



GE14 is not a fight between the Malays and Non Malays (particularly the Chinese). It is a fight between biased Malays and innocent ignorant Malays. It is a fight between integrity and corruption- free on one hand and corruption and cronyism on the other hand. Not all are angels on the Opposition too. It is therefore for the Malays themselves from both sides of the Divide to make the right decision based on the teachings of their own religion Islam which strongly dictates that leaders must serve society with full dedication based on truth,integrity and righteousness. We pray that the… Read more »

Ho Wan Lai

Free Bus shuttle implemented at Air Itam to alleviate traffic congestion. Routes to be extended to other townships. What’s your comment t on this?


How to be reliable wben buses have to share with ah pek, ah soh, ah soon and many other stakeholders.what mca transport minister do? Transport should be state matters and funding be given..instead, rapid belong to dummo expect pg lang to pay for dedicated bus lane, bus stops , income tax, gst and other bus related facilities

Ma jiji

Since Penang is in shortage of burial-sites, why not make Pulau Jerejak a cemetery “garden” for the RIP souls ?


What hsppen if there excess of dead to be buried? who wants to visit there’



I hope all is well with you.
Wanted to wish you Godd Friday but your site blocked comments.
Do not be intimidated by the Fake News Act, so long as you champion the truth.


Message could not be sent, instead a small pinkish ‘pop up’ appeared with words ‘Are you Hacker?’

You may want to check it up.

I mean Good Friday, but spelt wrongly as Godd Friday.


Seems ok now if you get this message.
Problem on Good Friday and the day before.