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Eighteen years, three days ago to be precise. That was when Anwar was unceremoniously booted out of government on 2 September 1998.

Mahathir turned up in court unexpectedly today to witness Anwar’s legal challenge against the draconian National Security Council Act, which gives Prime Minister Najib and an unaccountable council enormous security powers.

The site of a hill-slope project above the 250-feet threshold

Update: Looks as if there was no consensus between DAP and PKR on the issue. Azmin says they are “yet to be convinced on the objective”.

Talk of snap polls has been rife – though I fail to see the need for it when the next general election can’t be too far off.


Chow Kon Yeow’s response:

So it looks as if the BN is heading for a comfortable victory in both parliamentary seats, judging by the congratulatory tweets issued by the likes of KJ.

What is clear is that the BN and, let’s not forget, Hadi’s Pas have succeeded in driving a wedge among opposition supporters, who have divided their votes between Amanah and Pas. Otherwise, the total opposition votes would have been closer to the BN’s tallies.