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A heroic whistleblower is convicted

Update: Major Zaidi has been dismissed from the air force.

Major Zaidi obviously believed that the truth would set us free when he highlighted what many Malaysians were realising during GE13 – that the indelible ink was not really indelible. But this morning a military court found him guilty of two charges of violating protocol in speaking to the media without approval.



Rumblings within Umno?

We have seen Mahathir firing broadsides over 1MDB. Of course, he may have his own motives. After all, it is not as if there were no scandals during his administration.

Then we saw Batu Kawan Umno deputy chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan lodging a police report calling for a “detailed and comprehensive” investigation into 1MDB.

Now, former NST group chief editor Kadir Jasin has written a piece which suggests that discontent about the country’s leadership is brewing in certain circles. (more…)


Commotion at MIC headquarters

Not a very edifying spectacle. The Registrar of Societies had ordered the party to hold a re-election, and there are calls for the MIC president to quit.

But I am not sure what principles the people in the scenes here are trying to uphold. (more…)