Category: Accountability

Sirul teleconference fails to materialise

The scheduled teleconference with Sirul in Australia over an internet radio station has failed to materialise. The link-up with Mahfuz Omar at the Pas Media Centre in Jalan Raja Laut, KL was due to start at 11.33am over Hijau.FM.

At 10.44am, ‘Sirul’ was apparently contacted and given a phone number that would be used to contact him for the teleconference. But the event failed to get going. (more…)


Party boy Jho Low has an appetite for New York real estate

While Penang’s squash queen Nicol David has put Malaysia on the map in sports, another Penangite is carving a name for himself in real estate deals in New York. Only problem is the media coverage has not drenched his exploits with much glory.  Oh, what a tangled business and real estate web he has spun … Check out this New York Times expose and note Jho Low’s reported brief meeting with Najib.




Penang Freedom of Information Enactment: RM500 for five requests for info?

The fee for making a request to the Penang state government for information under the Freedom of Information Act is RM100 if the information relates to earlier years.

A veteran journalist then wondered aloud to me: “I want to make a number of requests for information in the course of my work,” he said. “Does that mean if I make five requests under the FOI, I have to pay RM500?”



1MDB debt weighs down on Malaysian economy

Bloomberg has carried a report on the situation at 1MDB that Malaysians must keep a sharp eye on:

The Edge Financial Daily said this week the fund had missed a 2 billion ringgit ($563 million) loan repayment on Dec. 31. It has been given until Jan. 30 to settle the debt, which was first due on Nov. 30, the article said, citing people it didn’t identify. (more…)


The PM’s spouse and the government VIP jet

A heated exchange of words took place in Parliament when Azmin Ali asked whether the PM’s spouse Rosmah is eligible to use the government VIP executive jet, whether the PM was involved in the approval of the use, and if it is proper for Rosmah to represent the country or government in foreign affairs. (more…)


Rumblings within Umno?

We have seen Mahathir firing broadsides over 1MDB. Of course, he may have his own motives. After all, it is not as if there were no scandals during his administration.

Then we saw Batu Kawan Umno deputy chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan lodging a police report calling for a “detailed and comprehensive” investigation into 1MDB.

Now, former NST group chief editor Kadir Jasin has written a piece which suggests that discontent about the country’s leadership is brewing in certain circles. (more…)