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Will the 1MDB controversy drive a wedge into Umno?

Quite apart from the Pakatan and other non-BN voices sniping at the 1MDB issue, we had Mahathir firing an early salvo in his blog.

Then out of the blue, the Batu Kawan Umno deputy chief, Khairuddin Abu Hassan, reported to be a Mahathir supporter, surfaced to lodge a police report on this issue. Khairuddin insists he is acting alone.

Further pressure was heaped on 1MDB, and by extension, Najib, when Kadir Jasin revealed in his blog:

The police report (by Khairuddin) is the culmination of weeks of controversies surrounding the so-called sovereign fund.


EXPOSED: Tony Blair’s lucrative cash-for-contacts deal with 1MDB-funded PetroSaudi

The Sunday Times in the UK has a massive expose on that war criminal Tony Blair:

TONY BLAIR secured a secret contract with an oil company founded by a senior member of the Saudi royal family for a fee of £41,000 a month and a 2% commission on any of the multimillion-pound deals he helped broker, a leaked document reveals.

The contract agreed in November 2010 between Tony Blair Associates (TBA) and the oil firm PetroSaudi involved the former premier arranging introductions to his contacts in China, including senior political figures. The firm was told it could not divulge Blair’s role to anyone without permission.