Reformasi message reaches the heart of Putrajaya


I thought Anwar Ibrahim spoke brilliantly when he addressed civil servants from the prime minister’s office this morning – though of course he had his own chequered past when in government in the 1990s.

The reformasi journey has reached the heart of Putrajaya, as Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim addressed a large group of personnel from his office.

Speaking in a calm, measured tone and sporting a smart casual look – netizens were quick to note he was not wearing a tie – Anwar appeared to be trying to win their confidence in achieving a rules-based civil service with integrity. Read the full article here: No more corruption, approvals without tender, Anwar tells PM’s office personnel

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Johnny Toh

PH has learnt from past lesson, cannot implement changes too fast as the civil servants are mostly senang diri that are resistant to change!

A Rakyat 888

What kind of excuse is this. Earlier before DE15 say the government and its civil service is not so good, but now PH come to power say ” cannot implement changes too fast ” as the civil servants won’t like it. Why don’t you say PH may be at a loss as what to do.


With RM6.6b investments, Penang soon to be one of the world’s top offshore hubs to make medical devices


Penang – developing a Future City of Malaysia


No easy to change the mindsets of the civil servants.

Govind Singh previously failed to revamp RTM.


Anoter example; Musa Hitam failed to reform Land Office.


Gobind tried to revamp RTM in 6 months and he failed because he underestimated the level of resistance (old habits among the RTM staff).


DAP national vice chairman Gobind Singh Deo said he declined to join the cabinet as he wanted to focus on his role as a lawmaker, but added he would assist the federal government in any way he could.


The bulk of the green wave in GE15 is the Undi18 voters, a bunch of youths nourished entirely on a poor education system, especially in rural states. There is a notion of privilege and entitlement amplified by teachers installed in schools under the same scheme.

The promotion of religious education as an easier way out to high government employment and pay over the pursuit of productive and tougher professional courses created a generation more inclined to vote along religiously extreme lines.


Anwar has to compete with Muhyiddin who is proudly and famously “Malay First” and Hadi Awang of PAS who is “Islam First”?


Muhyiddin should stop being a sore loser and understand that the formation of the current new government has the blessing of Agong, and the unity government thus formed requires a change in political stands and manifestos, which may not be consistent with what each party has been preaching before the election. The country needs to move forward to save the economy and restore harmony amongst people from different backgrounds and religious beliefs.


Umno information chief Isham Jalil, today called on the new government to probe how former prime minister Muhyiddin’s government had spent the RM600 billion in Covid-19 stimulus unveiled during PN’s short rule, following suspicions around PN’s well-funded campaign in the lead up to GE15.

Johnny Toh

Part of it went into Duit Minyak?

Sanusi Kedah MB slipped of tongue revealed that to us?