Kanason Pothinker’s frantic final call

Kanason Pothinker - KANASON FAMILY

The former assistant auditor general of Malaysia, Kanason Pothinker, passed away on 9 June, with hardly any public notice.

It was a strange feeling for me: I had got so used to hearing about his concerns that the final silence left a sense of unfinished business.

Who was Kanason? In a career spanning 33 years from 1959 to 1992, he was directly responsible to the then auditor general for the planning, audit and reporting on all statutory bodies, both at federal and state levels.

In 2005-2006 during the Abdullah Badawi administration, Kanason headed a team to review financial management policies and procedures in the public sector.

This concern for reforms to public sector financial management haunted him to the end. Full article on Aliran website

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Seruan dan cadangan untuk KJ, usah lagi tunggu sekejap, tubuhkan Parti Bangsa Johor:


How To Let Go of Always Being Frantic:


True courage isn’t giving 110%, full-throttle effort every single day. It’s accepting setbacks, failures, inadequacies as they come. It’s learning to stop engaging in the need to do more, recognizing you did the best you could, and say “I’ll come back to this tomorrow.”


Also recognize insecurity and the constant reflex to retaliate or impress.


Insecurity is evident in Malay Proclamation after 50 years of NEP still blame others for their failure!


Now Mahathir wants Melayusia?

Old age comes with dementia, mudah lupa?


Mahathir does not know the education policy of Singapore. The medium of instruction in schools is English, but it is compulsory for Singaporeans to take a mother tongue language as a subject: the ethnic Chinese learn Mandarin, the Indians take Tamil and the Malays must learn Malay.


Minimum credit in A level mother tongue language to qualify for university admission in Singapore.

David Loman

Frantic attempt by a senile old guy trying to protect own family interest by evoking racist proclamation to the laughter of the world.


After Muafakat attempts and massive repeated failure, the only unity is multi racial one for all Malaysians regardless of race or religion!


Sivaraj to create a new Indian party to provide an Indian wing for PN?



Non-Muslim business owner fined for wearing shorts (“indecent clothing”) at her shop (‘public place’?) in Kelantan


Imagine PN in Penang: No shorts, no cinema, no Magnum/Toto/DaMaCai, no concert, … Vote wisely in PRN.


Every vote counts if you do not to be denied the rights to wear shorts in Penang.


Young and senior non-Muslim ladies (even aunties) like to wear short pants at Penang shopping malls.
If PN controls Penang, short pants demand will be affected, and long track pants sales can go up.
Vote wisely.


Isu seluar pendek & pakaian seragam jururawat – keutamaan PAS?


Dressing by air stewardesses and nurses are questioned by PAS. Now non-Muslim civilian clothings also want to control. Penang cannot afford PN influence however small it might be.


This is a frantic issue for PAS?

Malaysia’s first Malay/Muslim Victoria’s Secret model Nia Atasha draws mixed reactions



Your health is your wealth, as they say. And it’s true – without good health, it’s difficult to enjoy all the other wonderful things life has to offer. That’s why we’ve put together this list of health and wellness ideas to help you out!



Anil and fellow readers

Do regular health check, eg blood test to understand physical if not mental condition.


Not everyone can afford? How much is the health check and check involves what? Blood only?


From RM130 to RM270 health screening should be affordable, better early for preventive action than to discover illness late to incur higher cost.

Fellow readers can share share info.


Anil deleted link is understandable because no commercial interest.

Shriek can Google search for promotional health screening, or check with Uncle Alpha who should be aware of best deals.


Why link it? Tell us the $$$. You ask me? …


Blood work provides essential insight into how your organs are functioning.

Blood tests have multiple benefits, including:
Determining your risk status for disease and conditions
Checking treatment success
Early diagnosis of some conditions before symptoms or complications develop
Identifying treatment side effects
Monitoring chronic disease status and progression


Good for Seniors to be involved in anilnetto.com comments so as to remain mind active to prevent dementia (no cure so far).


Avoid oily and fried food and sugary drinks.
Quit smoking.
Avoid late night supper.
Exercise at least by walking to bus stops or climb stairs instead of taking escalator or lift.


Too much brain-washing (marketing) about sweat (except in a gym), comfort (keeping up with the rich), alien culture (including food and weather), safety of commercial products (including food.

Oil (not used to fry) and fibre are essential. Carbohydrate is not. In refined (milled) carbs, all the fibre has been destroyed.


Carbs are fantastic, but protein is what you need to help stabilize your blood pressure. Do your part to help prevent future you from developing late-onset diabetes and eat more chicken, fish, and lean meat. Eggs, dairy, and nuts are excellent sources of protein for vegetarians.


Chicken, fish, lean meat, says only but they are not chip chip. If eat rice, one must exercise or walk more, no sugar or sweet tooth. Eat more veg and no or less sugar in coffee or teh.


The title of this Reuters report is misleading. WHO finally admitted that all synthetic sweeteners and stevia are harmful.


Everything Also want subsidy. Like that Ringgit can never rise.


Free health checking n screening at QBay Mall until this Sunday.

Uncles n Aunties be there.

Health is paramount.


Baby Boomers are reaching End of Line.
Expect continuous stream of obituaries from now on. Savour the Moment!


Cherish old friendship before last frantic moment to reconnect.

Anil and tunglang must reconcile. Life is short to argue over petty matters.

In the spirit of Madani we hope to see the 2nd coming of tunglang to bring more meaning to readers’discussion.


Close to 90,000 candidates who sat for last year’s SPM exam failed Mathematics while over 52,000 did not pass English, according to an analysis of the results conducted by NGO Untuk Malaysia.


Not an encouraging news for foreign investors.


This is happening despite the allegations that the passing marks have been lowered over the years. Note also ten thousand straight As students.


When a 20% score is all it takes for a pass at SPM


Teachers who have marked answer scripts in the past say the current pass mark could be as low as 20% for subjects like mathematics and science.


If they are really good, why not do hsc? Why matric for him and hsc for her?


Matriculation is way below the standard of Stpm or HSC, only for poor performers to jump start their uni days in the name of ketuan!


Those who score the answers may not know the pass limit. It is a national secret under OSA.


Unlike in the past, with senior Cambridge, they print list of names who pass like alpha 88 and those with top marks can go to unis.


The opportunity to work in advanced industries in Singapore, which promises better pay, career development and attractive lifestyle saw ethnic Chinese rushing to work there, attracted mainly by stronger currency. Meanwhile, unemployable graduates or SPM dropouts joined the gig economy as food delivery riders, making it even more difficult for the government to raise interest rates.



You are right. Work but suffer for 5 years in Singapore, save enough money to buy a property in Penang.


In demand jobs in Singapore


Save S$1K a month in Songapore, after 5 years will have S$60K or almost RM200K can use as down-payment for a home in Penang. Good strategy.


July 3 — The ringgit’s continued slide reflects entrenched weaknesses in the local economy that requires political will to fix, a local rating group claimed today as it countered the official argument that suggested a weaker currency plays into Malaysia’s advantage.



7 pieces of Money Advice to Malaysians in Singapore