Combat corruption across the board

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This is Aliran’s latest media statement in response to certain quarters claiming selective prosecution:

Aliran welcomes the strong anti-corruption stand taken by the government so far.

We note that the attorney general has declared publicly that his office has not been under any external pressure and it has been independent in bringing charges in recent high-profile cases involving politicians.

We expect that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has been thorough in its investigations and has adequate evidence so that prosecutors will have watertight cases.

We have seen many cases of the unsuccessful filing of charges or prosecution of high-profile suspects. These failures have wasted public resources and funds.

Aliran is fully aware of the optics of recent high-profile cases, as the politicians being charged are from the opposition. So it is easy for critics to complain of selective prosecution.

This is why the fight against corruption must be carried out transparently and professionally – across the board, and irrespective of political and business alignments.

In this respect, Aliran welcomes Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s recent statement that no one will be spared investigations, including members of his own party.

We look forward to the successful prosecution of individuals who have plundered the public coffers and impoverished the nation.

Aliran executive committee
11 March 2023

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Someone should remind Muhyiddin that both MACC Chief Commissioner Azam Baki and Attorney General Idrus Harun were previously appointed by him. It’s laughable to accuse the authorities of practicing selective prosecution or political persecution only when Muhyiddin is being charged now, but was praised by Muhyiddin as incredibly professional when he was the prime minister.


Malays must wake up now.
Abah is exploiting the bumipuera agenda in the name of Jana Wibawa.


PN might use 4 narratives against the unity government: that the LGBT lifestyle is apparently spreading under this government; that Christianity is growing whilst Islam is under threat; that the Malay majority in the country is losing power; and that the corruption charges levelled against former prime minister Muhyiddin is nothing more than political persecution.


Muslims in Johor free to visit houses of worship of other faiths, says Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar – he believes the faith of Muslims is ‘strong and unshakable’.


The MACC has sufficient evidence to bring charges against an alleged PAS member, who was caught on video handing out cash to voters in Marang, Terengganu (MP Hadi Awang) – during the last general election.


On Monday one TSMY got Oscar in Los Angeles while the other TSMY got charged for corruption in Shah Alam court.


Umno’s reputation is on the line. It will be under pressure to show its new friends in Pakatan that it commands Malay support in Penang state election. The burden is on Umno to deliver the Malay seats.

A Rakyat 88

UMNO has never been anything in Penang. We have had issues ( Mega Projects, etc.) but to all these issues they have been quiet, contented to whatever it is they have been doing all this while and resigned to the fact that they are no match to the ‘juggernaut’ DAP led State Government (some Penang folks choice). And now in 2023, they are with them because of being part of the unity government.


Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar said certain politicians had crossed the line. “Focus your attention on resolving the people’s burdens, such as the cost of living, meeting daily needs, their struggles to pay their household bills and economic concerns,” “What are you doing to alleviate the flood problems which occur every year? Tell us what are you going to do about it? “Instead of dividing the people by harping on race and religion, tell me what are your plans to bring harmony,” he said. “Do not tell me that politics is part of Islam and politicians can talk freely,”… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

“These are key to managing operational costs and maximising profitability” But our Nation’s budget is still upside down. Many times more for the Operation’s Cost and much much less for the Development’s cost and with deficit.  In the sixties through the seventies ah believe, it was the other way around. So, what brought about the change? Will they be ever able to reverse this because national development is suffering – hospitals, schools etc etc etc. Then we have our National debt. Up until, let’s say from 1960 to 2017 or 2018 the National debt was said to be around 800+ in… Read more »


Ex-Perlis MB charged with submitting over RM1mil in false claims
Azlan Man is accused of submitting claims for return flight tickets to the UK and hotel stays.


Singapore’s Inclusive Public Transport System


An activist has taken Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to task for a claim he made against Dr Mahathir during PKR’s congress last month.

Kua Kia Soong said if Anwar had evidence to back his claim that Mahathir had enriched his family during his time in power, the prime minister should have lodged a report with the MACC by now.

A Rakyat 88

News Of More Politicians Being Appointed To GLCs Making The Rounds by FMT Reporters dd 25 Mar 2023, 5:16pm


Isn’t this action similar to what our previous PM8 and PM9 government were doing to shore up support and the Opposition PH people and their clueless supporters were complaining and saying all sorts of nasty things about it?

What have these people got to say now ?

A Rakyat 88

“Behavioral Insights can reduce cost” dd Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023 ======== Actually, this thing called Behavioral Insights, it can not only be applied for economic understanding but for a whole range of other subjects matters where human activities or actions are involved. For example, “BI could be used to reduce compliance costs by deploying the optimal level of resources on regulatory or procedural monitoring and enforcement.” >>> Corruption – It has become somewhat a way of life in our Nation that all levels of our society are involved, in one way or other, especially those at the top levels,… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

  Experiencing flood in our nation is not something new. It has been there for ages but till to date the government has not been able to come out with a proper system of removing water accumulation during the rainy season – water removal operating systems like drains, to meet a seamless flow of water in to water out, to eliminate (doubtful) or at least to greatly reduce flooding? These are just a few examples. Behavioral insights, one must also know, gives us Rakyat, insights into the type of leaders we have and how they think, what they say in the… Read more »