This piece was written by Rexy Prakash Chacko, an avid hiker and nature-lover, who is also part of Penang Forum. More Penangites must speak up to save Pulau Jerejak.

Like many other Penangites, I was flabbergasted when reports started surfacing in mid October about development plans for Pulau Jerejak.

The pile of rocks at the fishermen's jetty on 28 September 2016 has grown higher.

Media reports have been full about the scarring and blasting at quarries in Batu Kawan which have alarmed nearby residents.

At the same time, over the last couple of weeks, the pile of rocks at the fishermen’s jetty in Bagan Ajam has grown higher. Where are these rocks coming from?


This video has started circulating on social media, as if to say, “We are watching you!” It looks as if work on the land reclamation off Gurney Drive and Straits Quay is going full steam ahead despite yesterday’s serious incident.