Why bulldoze mega-reclamation in Penang?


The Penang state government today announced it is pushing ahead with damaging plans to dump tons of rocks and sand into fish-breeding waters to create a “Silicon Island”. Civil society groups like CAP, Sahabat Alam Malaysia and Aliran have responded. This is Aliran’s media statement:

Aliran is alarmed that the Penang state government is bulldozing through its mega-reclamation plan to create a so-called “Silicon Island” off the southern coast of Penang Island.

The proposed 2,300-acre island lies smack in the middle of fish-breeding coastal waters in the south.

Even though the proposed three islands have been scaled down to one, the project will kill off the marine biodiversity in the affected area and damage the coastline.

It will also erode the fishermen’s livelihoods, as their catch dwindles, and weaken the state’s food security.

Reduced catches in the future will lead to higher fish and seafood prices for ordinary people.

Fresh hydrological and tidal studies are needed now that only one island will be built instead of two or three.

Has there been any study of the impact of the existing reclamation in the north of Penang Island? What is causing the worrying beach erosion in Batu Ferringhi and the pink tide phenomenon in the waters off Teluk Bahang and Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau? Shouldn’t we study this in more depth first before embarking on more reclamation?

On 25 May the Penang State Fishermen’s Association (Pen Mutiara), the South Penang Area Fishermen’s Association, and Zakaria Ismail, on behalf of the Sungai Batu fishermen’s unit, filed their notices of appeal to the Appeals Board. They are challenging the conditional approval of the environmental impact assessment report for the reclamation project.

This appeal has not yet been heard. So why is the state in such a hurry to start the project on 1 September. To present the fishermen and the people of Penang with a fait accompli?

READ MORE: Penang reclamation: At what cost?

There is plenty of cheaper land on the mainland for high-tech industry.

The country is also struggling to reduce its massive food import bill, which includes fish imports. Food security ought to be our priority in this era of extreme weather changes.

Aliran urges the Penang state government not to jeopardise our existing sources of affordable seafood.

Do not prioritise corporate profits at the expense of the people’s interest.

Stop grabbing the commons. Stop the reclamation!

Aliran executive committee
1 September 2023

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Darren Kong

Don’t worry, silicon island will get Special Zone status just like Forest City – more good jobs down the road! Penangites deserve good jobs or may have to head south to Singapore or Forest City in Johor.


High-value job opportunities are among the focuses of the newly launched New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP) 2030 as Putrajaya seeks to expand the middle class, says Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

He said global trends such as the rising role of IR4.0 technology, climate change and sustainability practices, demographic shifts and the globalisation of value chains are changing the nature of jobs (fishermen?).


Kee Cheong

Good plan but not sure our school leavers or graduates have that aptitude and attitude to take higher value chains.

Good ones already poached by Singapore companies. Remnants have questionable quality?


Special financial zone in Penang will curb brain drain. The Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce says many talents have been lured to Singapore by better pay and perks.

SFZ in Penang would give the state a competitive edge and the ability to retain its talents.



Penang’s allure for American investors remains strong as the state offers a fertile ground for business growth, backed by robust infrastructure and a talented workforce, said US diplomat Manu Bhalla.


Penang is responsible for more than 5% of the world’s sales of computer chips. The state contributes between 56% and 60% of the country’s E&E exports over the past four years.

Thalaivar Tanjung

3 islands down to 1, still complaint?
No island then where gog fund to run the state eg welfare like free bus rides and RM200 for senior like me?


Can they allocate 900+ hectarage of land on the mainland for their incoming business investors’ purposes?

You concern yourself with free rides and RM200. That is alright but what about food especially fish, a poor man protein, when it becomes out of your purchase reach, not only you but for other B40 and M40 Penangites. What you and they will do then?


What you suggest? Gomen feed, clothe, free housing? Go back to commie?


‘Targeted Subsidy’ based on PADU next year will mean less goodies for many M40 who have taken things for granted? GST is looming too.

Thalaivar Tanjung

The key word is GLAMOUR.

Mainland is less glamorous to attract big money investment.



Yap, ah can see that, the terribly congested city of Georgetown, the horrible road leading to Batu Ferringhi and its eroding white sandy beaches, the traffic jammed Bayan Lepas, the uncut branches of trees blocking the road signs, etc etc etc.


Now you kbkb about congestion, terrible roads and eroding birches? Rakyat and PF complain about new roads and viaducts? Yet with new roads you are like 3 Malau. You know to criticize only.


Why you so terrible and mangleish like this. Opposition has mentioned about congestion a few times before, so have others not now only.

You must have buried your head so deep into the ground, you did not get to realize it but always complain, kbkb, wow wow and criticize only.


Sure very very glamour. That is why was called islander. Many people look down at mainlander.

Thalaivar Tanjung

NGOs should be concerned with breaking the monopolistic cartels on food eg fishes.

Jabatan Perikanan should guide coastal fishermen to form Koperasi to rear fishes for mass consumption.


You voted for the state. Before voting, did you ask the state chief this question about ” breaking the monopolistic cartels on food eg fishes”. They are part of the Federal ruling government.

As for NGO’s, they are not the ruling government. NGOs are not part of the cabinet. NGOs do not have reform powers. At best, they can have their day in court. 

Thalaivar Tanjung

NGOs are not ruling the state. Why keep on instigating no island reclaimation and waste time and energy, and instead be the true Rakyat champions to enter political arena to become the government in PRU but where are they????


Your unity govt. DPM has now been discharged of his alleged crime. PAS Opposition people are laughing at the clueless supporters like you and at DAP, the leading political party of the current state government. 

As for ” waste of time and energy “, its theirs, their sacrifice, not yours, so why do cry so much about it? 

As for “enter political arena”, then they will no longer be an NGO but a political party. Get to know the difference.


Get to know the difference. You r clueless. What has state to do with country’s constitutional law on crime?


Don’t know, clueless lah. Since you kbkb say you know the difference, why don’t you wow wow explain state and country constitutional law on crime?


Wow to wow to one who is clueless about the state and country consitutional law. waste of time to one only kbkb.


You clueless. rocket only looks after unimportant ministries. The reformasi party you should say is a waste of time and energy.


So clueless. If rocket wants to look after unimportant ministries, their problem lah. You so concern or unhappy, throw rotten eggs lah.

Why must say reformasi party waste of time and energy. You don’t like
reformasi party, is it? Set up your own reformasi party lah. Why wow wow, kbkb kbkb complain so much here?

Meaghan Hardley

I concur with your view on this.
I have lived in Penang for 10 years but I hardly see anything constructive from the local NGOs. They tend to complain for the sake of it. Have they ever suggest ways to reduce the number of cars on the road – car pooling, more public transportation etc.

Night Owl

Actually they have. You must have been sleeping like Rip Van Wrinkle and missed it. Go do some checking before talking about it.


The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons, or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don’t have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work. They have jobs that require them to move or get up frequently. And they walk every single day. Almost everywhere.



YES cartel – how about bernas cartel? sugar cartel? Why you and NGOs dont bising2. They have been there for soooo many years and now you wow wow.


Already highlighted lah. Most of the time, you put your head in the deep in the ground, after that wow wow and kbkb kbkb, senselessly. Soooo many years like that already.


Jabatan has no solution to long-standing problems: (a) AP for some seafood (b) storage facilities at jetties (c) illegal sale of fish and subsidised diesel at sea to foreign trawlers.


But they have soln to fishermen’s s demands. Give them engines, free gas and net. Bechah rider. They ask for it. Ais kosing


Indirectly, they are telling you to go eat silicon.


Only time separates to whatever that is going to take place in the coming future based on the present way of developments.

Already there are now rationing of white rice, our Asians most important staple food eaten daily.

Did it occur to anyone that in our country this will happen. Plenty of land, lots of sunshine and rain all year round. But, it is happening.


never mind, the bumi soil and ketuan grows palm oil,runner trees, durians and previouslt are raINFOREST jungle


Registration for the Penang South Island’s Social Impact Management Plan is still open to south Penang island fishermen.

Those who had not registered should do so as soon as possible at Pusat Perkhidmatan Setempat Nelayan (PPSN) to receive ex-gratia payments.


Boat owners from Tier One will be eligible to receive new boats and engines.


I want to set foot on reclaimed island by November, says Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow


The state government also wants the 700-acre Green Tech Park to be ready in three years.


GEORGE TOWN: More and more fishermen near the reclamation site of the Penang government’s Penang South Island (PSI) project are coming around, signing up to receive benefits under the Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP).

The fishermen have started visiting the Fishermen’s One-Stop Service Centre (PPSN) to register for the SIMP.



GEORGE TOWN, Sept 26 — The number of visitors to Penang Hill including many returnees demonstrates that a US newspaper was wrong to rank the Penang attraction ninth in its list of top 100 tourist traps in the world, said state exco Wong Hon Wai.



Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow has ordered the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) to find new ways to improve its policies on holding open tenders, requests for proposals and direct negotiations.

This follows the rescinding of the controversial land sale between construction giant Umech Land Sdn Bhd and PDC, after it was revealed that the contractor had at the last minute entered into a majority equity sale to master city developer – the publicly listed Sunway Group Berhad.


Penang has decided to completely prohibit the use of condominiums, apartments, and flats as Airbnb accommodations starting from March 1, 2024!

The decision to set the implementation date in 2024 is to provide property owners and managers with sufficient time to make necessary adjustments.



Soon some people may have to sell their condo units since no airbnb income to service the bank loan. Good for home hunters looking for bargain?


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki says Airbnb is set to spark a real estate market crash

Airbnb owners could be pushed to sell their properties because of either lower profits in the short-term rental market or because of tighter regulation in major cities that are cracking down – this wave of selling by Airbnb owners could spark a 2008 style housing correction.



For the recent state election, they cleared a path for an ex developer from a very deep pocket multi Billion Ringgit developing company to contest on a very safe seat as a State assemblyman and after the easy winning, made him not only an Exco for one portfolio but for 2, both the Housing and Environment. They claim no conflict of interest.  But this sounds like the chief fox ( People’s impression on this matter ) telling them clueless chickens it is guarding, that there is nothing to worry about the other foxes because they will have to come to… Read more »


Is it a fox or a dog steal or guard the chicken? Just a month, you oredi claim your chicken has been stolen?


Just because he comes from a developer, you kbkb and said is a conflict of interest and shout your $$$ has been stolen when one have not been on job yet. No wonder your PN wants a religous person to be finance mister and a technocrat to be a minister of reliogion – totally no conflict, no idea, clueless and no experience is what you and pN wants


The Penang Development Corporation’s (PDC) board deliberate over the controversial land deal between them and construction giant Umech Land Sdn Bhd, has opted to cancel the joint development agreement (JDA).


You never make noise when you say kedah take 8 portfolios for himself?


You did not make noise when a Penang state assemblyman was given 2 portfolios with possible conflict of interest. Worse, believe he became a member of the political party sometime just before the state election.


“POSSIBLE” you start making a lot of noise. So you prefer PAS ulamak to be finance minster and technocrat Bersatu to be a religious minister – totally no conflict of interest. YOur view of avoiding conflict of interest

Night Call

Well you said it, not me. Does Opposition becoming finance minster and technocrat whatever interest you? Totally no conflict of interest? Good, then go ahead give your full support. No one will wow wow. pow wow or kbkb about it.


you are the very one who make noise. If hold 2 portfolios, he dont get double pay. Save tax payers $$. Your ke dah sanusi – 8 portfolios no conflict of interst and orso save $$$$$$$$?


Ah, finally you have come out from your clueless world to our sensible world on the subject matter of ‘conflict of interest’.

Saving money, not sure unless they reveal this information to our Rakyat. So far, they have mentioned anything about it.


No wonder you prefer your Ar Jib. One man taking many ministeries. Your Ah Jib take one salary or each ministry each salary?


In last 15 years or so the state was in the hands of the Opposition while the our Nation was in the hands of a ruling government whose political parties were opposed to the political parties of the State government. This project was delayed to a stop was not because of the Activists, NGOs or Civil groups constant protest but it was because of lack of funding and relevant approvals from the relevant authorities. But now the Opposition has become the ruling government. All checks and balance seems to be good and approvals have been given. Funding is now available,… Read more »


Penang Infrastructure Corporation chief executive officer Farizan Darus said fishermen not yet registered for the Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) for the Penang South Islands land reclamation project should do so urgently to receive ex-gratia payment.

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said 75% of the fishermen would receive payments in phases, while the remaining 25% would be credited early next year.



You think is morally right when you complain about poor roads to tg bungah. Now you kbkb about gomen tried to get funding for m the island. This you complain, that you complain? Morally right? You think central gomen gold mine or photocopy machine? During Dr M’ and Moo’s time so much went lost it’s way and you never make noise? After being lost you KbKb.


“morally right when you complain about poor roads to tg bungah”????
“central gomen gold mine or photocopy machine?” Complain complain, morally right, morally wrong, kbkb here, kbkb there????

He He, are you on ice?

A Rakyat 88

PDC’s termination of Batu Kawan land deal leaves many questions unanswered By Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy dd 18/10/2023 https://focusmalaysia.my/pdcs-termination-of-batu-kawan-land-deal-leaves-many-questions-unanswered/ ======== >>>Some very interesting questions have been raised in the above article regarding the sale of the land in Batu Kawan. The onus now is for the state government to explain clearly the reasons behind the sale and the choosing of the buyer. The excuse it being raw land or located next to a landfill does not count. Sounds lame. It is said that the coastal Pulau Burung landfill is almost going to be filled up. The state has since July 26, 2019… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

Have a look at what is happening to the Jelutong landfill and what has been planned for it. Jelutong landfill to undergo rehabilitation, redevelopment by By Audrey Dermawan – February 21, 2020 @ 4:42pm  https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/02/567682/jelutong-landfill-undergo-rehabilitation-redevelopment >>>and so believe that the same will be planned for the Pulau Burung Landfill. “It was reported that the said land (a 558.9-acre / 226.20ha) was acquired by the state at about RM10 per sq ft.” >>> Bought from whom and for what purpose” “PDC was alleged to have sold it to a private company for lower at RM26.53 per sq ft. compared to the… Read more »


Former Penang deputy chief minister P. Ramasamy has urged the state government to cancel the sale of a plot of land owned by the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) in Byram, Seberang Perai Selatan, to Umech Construction Sdn Bhd.

He was pretty quiet when he was DCM.

A Rakyat 88

“He was pretty quiet when he was DCM” ???

The question is, did he knew about this sale of a direct negotiated land deal, said to be sold at a much lower price per square feet and leased for 99 years.

A Rakyat 88

“Suspend PDC land deal, ex-DCM Ramasamy says” by Predeep Nambiar  dd 10 Oct 2023, 12:23pm https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2023/10/10/suspend-pdc-land-deal-ex-dcm-ramasamy-says/ ======== “Chief minister Chow Kon Yeow defended the sale, citing LACK OF INTEREST on the land, with a PDC sub-committee allowing its sale.” >>> Questionable excuse, don’t you think, especially when the state government have all this while been claiming that there is limited land in Penang even for some thing as important as Food Security. PCCC could be or have been the other potential party with interest to purchase the land hence maybe their questioning of the direct negotiated and lower than market rate… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

“Penang reclamation begins” by Predeep Nambiar dd 24 Sep 2023, 8:07pm



” This project is crucial for Penang’s future economic prosperity,” he said, accusing “some factions” of opposing the project without presenting “viable alternative plans for the betterment of the people”.

He don’t even seem to understand what he is talking about.

A Rakyat 88

What the state is doing “Crucial for future economic prosperity” is the reclamation of coastal sea for land thus displacing the fisher folks way of sustaining their life which they have done for many decades and the viable alternative the opposers are saying is to use the existing land available on the mainland.

So, it is perplexing, baffling, puzzling, confusing, bewildering to us people of Penang at your befuddled statement when you say, ” opposing without presenting any viable alternative plans “


Poon: Going To Gurney From Butterworth With Public Transit Is Frustrating


No consideration for mainland folks who do not drive. Perhaps Gurney is meant for Richie Rich with cars?


“Sacrificing now for a brighter future” dd Monday, 18 Sep 2023



Aside from reclamation of coastal fishing waters for industrial purposes and displacing our local fishing community, does our state government have any similar programs like the one the Cambodian government has introduced to their fishing community to sustain food security?

Does coastal sea environment matters fall under the State Environment agency ?

A Seaman

Human activities among possible factors in Teluk Bahang fish deaths: report By Ian McIntyre dd 16 Sep 2023 10:32AM thevibes.com/articles/news/98773/human-activities-among-possible-factors-in-teluk-bahang-fish-deaths-report ======== “Algal bloom linked to agricultural runoffs, dissolved chemicals, effluent from sewage treatment plants” >>> So, now that the Pink Algal bloom has been linked to human activities such as above, what is our just appointed environmental Exco going to do about it or the kind of action that needs to be taken? There has been no statements on this matter from the state govt or their state green agency, silence seem to observed. Earlier news report said thousand and… Read more »


“Taipei building sinks into the ground, sparking debate on construction industry problems” By Yip Wai Yee dd Saturday, 16 Sep 2023 1:01 PM MYT



Earlier in the week it was in Hong Kong coastal landslides and now in Taiwan, an island with apartment building sinking.


“Residents evacuated from luxury homes” dd Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023



Hallo, people of Penang island, please take note. So many tall chicken coop building has been built on hill slopes and beach fronts. We now have erosion, landslides and sinkholes etc, taking place all over our country, along with climate change. 

Abuse Mother Nature’s natural environment and she is going to wreck havoc.
And please, don’t put the blame on God by saying, “Act Of God” and what not. Just blame yourselves and your leaders for their poor thinking.


“Penang Ferry offers discounted season pass, extends operating hours” By Lo Tern Chern dd Tuesday, 12 Sep 202310:08 AM MYT https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/09/12/penang-ferry-offers-discounted-season-pass-extends-operating-hours ======== ” it said the special initiative, with the joint endorsement of the Penang Port Commission (PPC), Transport Ministry and MMC Corporation Bhd (MMC),” >>>> Clueless man Shriek, why PPSB say joint endorsement? You say you so so very smart, can explain or not. Some more complain given to non. If so unhappy, why you no protest at Swettenham Pier or at Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal here or if you are Mainlander at Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim ferry… Read more »


GEORGE TOWN (Sept 6): The new ferry service in Penang will charge passengers starting on Thursday (both ways).

Individuals or pedestrians aged 12 and below will have a RM1 fare, while adult passengers or those above 12 will be charged RM2.

Cyclists will be charged RM2, while motorcycle riders will need to pay a fare of RM2.50.


Yes, that is RM4 back and forth for Individuals. Very expensive, lah.
Happiness short lived.

Ferry services under unity government. State government, part of unity government. Guided by Madani some more.

So, why so expensive?


You clueless. Ferry run by Sdn Bhd and is not given to non.


Yes, we are clueless. Thank you for letting us know about it.

Anyway, have you highlighted to SG of DAP now MOT, your grievances about the sdn. bhd. not being given to a non?

You seem much aggrieved about it as with other such matters.


you really clueless. Sdn oredi SOLD by years ago. You want to buy? How less you want to offer to Sdn?


You clueless. You dont know what is xxxx Sdn Bhd? Your ketuan sell it to a kawan. He is orso supposed to deepen the harbour. Taxi, buses etc are all being sapu.


If they are selling it to a kawan and you are not happy that they did not sell it to you, you have your democratic right to protest all these things being sapued. Did you do that?

Why only now you come here and complain, wow wow and kbkb. Did you engage a lawyer to argue about it in a court of law? Nothing right. NATO, talk only no action.


Be a he man and tried to hide under all names and call others names. You argue just you love to argue. You under Public name like Public Bank complained about very expensive. It expensive because it has been piratised – sdn bhd. In the first place, you are the very one said is expensive. What complain i did? i just said it become SDn Bhd under opposition leader


“No end in sight for Penang’s deluge, nature society warns” by Ian McIntyre
dd 04 Sep 2023 9:43PM



“Stagnant drainage system cannot hold water against climate change, K. Kanda Kumar says”

We spoke of this last year. The same reason Penang Int. Airport and other areas of Penang was flooded. The same reason Selangor was effected by flood. Probably the same with Johor too. All talk only, no action. 15 years too busy with politics and mega projects.

The floods, landslides, sink holes etc, are not going to go away. Mother Nature keeps warning.




They should take bus and not drive personal car to show they are serious about environmental issues. Otherwise tokkok no use but very tiring for us to listen your lecture.



Xinjiang with no sea can now harvest seafood.

If no believe see link above (in Mandarin but PF can translate it)

It’s all about technology to create the unbelievables.


In the matter of “monopolistic cartels”, it is the duty of the federal government to regulate and enforce laws related to competition and anti-competitive practices.

The State does its duty by monitoring and reporting anti-competitive practices to the federal authorities and helps in its investigations if needed, etc etc etc.

But still, have you taken up this matter regarding “monopolistic cartels” with an NGO? OR you can ask Anil here and get his opinion.


Federal laws, you expect state servants to kpc? Federal laws have federal agents. You expect local council to spend $$$ on federal matters? Local councils have no $$$ to establish libraries, community centers etc


So, what do the States do with the annual State allocation funds from the Federal Government?


So you do not know? You want to know now? You know the meaning of conflict of interest but you do not know there is State Fund and Federal Fund. You as well say a = b or a= b to z.


Opposition asked you a simple question about Federal allocation to State. Why can’t give a straight forward answer instead of talking nonsense.


You clueless? State allocation spend on state and state gomen staff? You want state to pay mata2, teacher, public hospital doc’S salary? They work for federal and post to here and there…


So much gibberish talk and always trying to side step the issues. The question was what does the State do with the funds allocated by the
Federal government to the State?


You are clueless about the answer given and only just to make noise. Fund for state is for state use. Only ostrich buried their heads.


So far, this MUDA political party, whose chief recently claimed to want to be the Opposition voice for the State of Penang is no where to be found on this reclamation issue. State election over, probably back to sleep till the next state election and issue out empty statements again.


No advisor to tell Muda how and what to do. Instead Senior Rakyat is making all the attention here.


Muda has called the DAP party a ‘lapdog’. Could have used other proper words to describe the situation.

But a precedent has already been set before. A member MP of the DAP party said the same thing about a Dewan speaker in parliament about 2 or 3 years ago. Now he is a deputy minister.

Now DAP is not happy when they are referred to as such. Their Clueless Supporters are still just as clueless.


You are clueless – Muda oredi lost in the election and many lost their desposit. Yet you want to bark and yell for MUDA …. Better sit still.


you are clueless. How small is MUDA? They say anything but still a mosquito, You can take over and be next to leader and still no one hears you.


Mosquito has been around for hundreds of millions of years. Thanks for the compliment. Obviously, you have been, as always, clueless on so many matters.

Simon Tambiahrajah

This by-election finally exposed Muda as fake and possibility a Mole from Pejuang. Good for PH!

Night Watch

Your reasoning MUDA is a fake and a mole was because MUDA stood up and walked away because Unity crossed the red line.

Other coalition members of Unity could not do that probably because integrity was shelved when they came together.

Now is it the by-election or DNAA? Shameful to face the real reason or
supporters are simply being clueless?


Muda now get advice from PSM,
Two losers cone together can become winner. Add pejuang to the mix and you get triple disasters!

Gold Fish

Was not your DAP a losing party for about 50 plus years? Barisan Nasional was the winning party.

But now some change has taken place now. But will it last for long. History tell us, it has not been the case.

So, no need to talk silly and gloat so much. But if it is to convince your possibly bruised ego, that is your right.

Idyllic life

“NGOs mulling court injunction to stop Penang South Reclamation project”
by Ian McIntyre dd 02 Sep 2023 10:20AM

“We will see what we can legally do, says Sahabat Alam Malaysia president”



The CM said that the work on the reclamation project was suppose to start yesterday – 1/9/2023. Has it started? For the NGOs, Activists and Civil Groups, time is of the essence. 


Apollo Aquaculture is looking to revolutionise fish farming in Singapore by having its entire operations in an eight-storey facility in Lim Chu Kang, to produce 2,700 tonnes of fish a year by 2023.


With the help of technology, Apollo Aquaculture Group has diversified into cultivating food fish and recently entered a joint venture to set up a farm in Brunei.


Penang can seek Singapore for joint venture in fish farming?


Will NGOs go and KbKb? Will they say fish farms orso produce fish waste and pollute the water?

Thalaivar Tanjung


Malaysia housing minister has engaged Singapore counterpart to emulate HDB success. Time to learn less controversies.

Likewise, fish farming in Singapore we can send a delegation there to learn, and Aliran and Penang Forum can bring along affected fishermen.


Penang’s residential property market was the second-best performing market in Southeast Asia with an annual growth of 5.6% in the first half of 2023 (H1 2023), according to Knight Frank’s Asia-Pacific Residential Index for H1 2023 report.

Penang saw prices rise 5.78%, while Kuala Lumpur’s increased by 0.34% year-on-year, the report said.


One man from the ruling government told the state (since there was no mention of discussing the project in a cabinet meeting) to downsize the reclamation project despite knowing that the fisher folks and fishing in the area is going to be effected and also gave the approval and funding for the LRT project now from just 10 billion to maybe hundreds of billions. Where are they going to get the money from to fund this project? CM Chow, in his last year, during his 1st term as Chief Minister, has already suggested that those Penangites who are unhappy with… Read more »


Yes, but it is just one. There must be more, from others, NGOs, Activists and Civil groups and Penangites in support of, not only the appeal but also for the cancellation of this silly reclamation project.

Like you said, there is still so much land on the mainland. So, why is the State’s mind so narrow, so fixated, so obsessively focused on the island only to the extent of displacing the fisher folks and their livelihood? Is it simply because of poor planning on their part?


islander – why not an outlander to be mainlander? why people wants to be an island? mainland like mainland china a taboo? like some drive 4 wheel drive to mainland just to enjoy the nature and then come back to island for the real life and action


By putting the fihermen out of work, you can get them to work cheaply on the new fish farms, instead of paying foreigners. This is called development.


Fishermen. They are experienced in fishes cause compare to foreigners who for the first time see the vast tract of water let alone the sea unless they come by boats


Milkfish on Malaysian menus by 2025 if breeding efforts succeed


The fisheries department is producing milkfish fry for distribution to fish farmers as domestic demand for the fish has increased.