Penang fisherfolk issue five demands to candidates


The Penang Fisherfolk’s Association (Pen Mutiara) was established under the Fishermen’s Association Act 1971, over fifty years ago.

It is an organisation that has the legal responsibility to represent and protect the rights and wellbeing of 6,000 fisherfolk in Penang.

Pen Mutiara is deeply concerned with the environmental issues plaguing our coastal communities. With that, we would like to issue this statement to draw attention of the Penang state election candidates to the urgent issues and demand immediate action from them.

Penang’s beaches and marine ecosystems face multiple challenges, including rampant reclamation projects, marine pollution and inadequate protection for coastal fisherfolk.

As representatives of the fishing community, we call on the election candidates in Penang to give priority to the following demands for the advancement of our coastal community:

1. Stop reclamation projects in Penang

Uncontrolled and unsustainable reclamation activities in Penang threaten the marine ecosystem and the livelihoods of our coastal fisherfolk. We urge the Penang state election candidates to stop all proposed and recently approved reclamation projects and explore sustainable economic alternatives that do not jeopardise our environment.

2. Facilitate the growth of blue economy

The Penang government must adopt and implement a blue economy strategy, where sustainable economic growth should be aligned with ocean conservation.

For example, the marine ecotourism sector should be facilitated. Ecotourism operations such as homestay programmes, visits to flora, fauna and natural resource destinations, and fishing activities can stimulate the local economy and empower the Penang fishermen’s association.

3. Conserve and preserve our marine ecosystem

Penang state election candidates need to include this commitment and take immediate steps to conserve and preserve our marine resources.

Candidates must promise to implement stricter regulations so that marine pollution is reduced, important habitats are protected, and responsible fishing practices are encouraged.

All of these are important for the sustainability of Penang’s coastal ecosystem.

4. Recognise fishing villages as heritage sites

Many fishing villages in Penang have valuable historical and cultural significance.

For example, the Teluk Kumbar fishing village area has a recorded history since 1880. We call on the winning candidate in this state election to recommend to the authorities that the fishing community area in Penang be made a heritage site.

This is to ensure the protection of coastal communities and preserve their traditions and way of life.

5. Establish a climate resilience masterplan for Penang

Climate change brings great challenges to Penang’s coastal communities.

It is important for the state government to develop and implement a strategic plan that helps our coastal fishing community to adapt and be resilient to the effects of climate change.

This includes providing the necessary infrastructure, resources, training, and support to ensure our livelihoods are preserved. The winning candidate must support and lead this plan.

The Penang Fisherfolk’s Association is committed to working with the elected candidates in the Penang state election to address the above demands and to develop a fair and strategic plan for coastal fisherfolk that emphasises sustainable development goals.

By taking immediate action, we can protect the rights and livelihoods of coastal fisherfolk and ensure the long-term sustainability of our coastal communities. – Pen Mutiara

Supported by:

  • Pertubuhan Jaringan Ekologi dan Iklim (Jedi), Penang
  • Agora Society
  • Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP)
  • Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)
  • Tanjong Bungah Residents Association
  • Penang Public Transport Users Association (PeTUA)
  • Aliran
  • Forum Kedaulatan Makan Malaysia (Malaysian Food Sovereignty Forum)
  • Pertubuhan Lestari Khazanah Alam Pulau Pinang (Lekas)
  • Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka)
  • Persatuan Kesedaran dan Keadilan Iklim Malaysia (Klima Action Malaysia – Kamy)
  • Pertubuhan Alam Sekitar Sejahtera (Grass Malaysia)
  • Greenpeace Malaysia
  • Family Frontiers
  • Alliance of River Three (Art!)
  • Pertubuhan Sisa Sifar Malaysia (Zero Waste Malaysia)
  • Gabungan Darurat Iklim Malaysia
  • Five Arts Centre
  • Persatuan Aktivis Sahabat Alam (Kuasa)
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Yogi Baba

PF and Aliran can join PN motor bike convoy from mainland to island to protest ?
If so, PF and Aliran will for sure lose the majority of support from islanders. Both can try (Belum Cuba Belum Tahu).

To many islanders, PF is a pain the xyz. Aliran if not careful will follow the fate of Mr Chandra M to fade into oblivion.

Semangat 57

Thanks to these NGOs, PH will lose more votes and PH will gain.


More critical matter is the worsening traffic jam and indiscriminate vehicle parking on island !

Since car pooling not welcomed then the authority should start imposing congestion charges!


NGOs have no complaints since they are lije to drive their personal cars. Car ownership is an extension to their lack of personality., a booster to their ego.


Vanishing trades happen with time. Things evolve with time and progress. Museums exist for a reason.

Similarly, old style fishing is disappearing with or without reclamation. We have seen fish farming as a sustainable solution to feed the growing population.

NGOs should help the transition towards more profitable and sustainable fish farming. Fishermen should evolve from catching fish to rearing fish.


Walk along Penang Road rows of shop houses mostly closed down because old trade could not continue in today’s environment.

But did any NGO take any pity on these old trade or traditional crafts?

Why the fishermen are given such high priorities while their children may not want to continue the trade?

A Traditionalist

Does this mean the Activist, NGOs, Civil groups etc, are not interested in preserving, reviving, maintaining the dying traditional crafts, its heritage, etc.

Besides these social groups, what has the state government, which has been governing our Penang State for the last 15 years, so very long time, been doing about it? What plans, programs, etc did they come up with?

Has the social groups done anything similar?


Gomen has to listen to rakyat. But NGos only KbKb about development, roads. There are no society to represent culture, trades. Orso rakyat are busy cari makan. No time for them. Ketuan very poor unlike Sink apor or Japan or HK where youngs are encourage to take up music and find arts.


Long ago, is free range eggs and chicken. World population. Exploded like India overtakes China. Combined 3 Billions. So they industrialized and increase production with caged chicken and eggs. Same with fishes. They rear fishes like at home aquarium. Now they rear in the sea.


Aquaculture has improved food security, says UN

Aquaculture has expanded fish availability to regions and countries with otherwise limited or no access to the farmed species, often at cheaper prices, leading to improved nutrition and food security.


Reminds me of my kampung friend who claimed that wild boar tastes better than pig. Same thinking?


You want to see wild boars walking in the flats, in Penang road, chulia street and the beaches, gurney drive pasar malam?


The current level of fishing is unsustainable, which can harm the oceans and sea creatures.

Wild fish have higher levels of mercury, while the levels remain low enough not to be toxic to humans, farmed fish have a significantly lower amount than wild-caught.

Ocean wild-caught fish mean fishing boats using rapidly depleting fossil fuel. The burning of oil and gas contribute to polluting emissions.


Rearers learn new skills and they take samples and learn if the water is polluted or not as they can kill the fish


Barn chicken and eggs also different from caged chicken and eggs too. Mamak shop, one egg cost chip chip?


agree not same but what choice over food security? no or less fish is insecure. abundant of fishes is secured


Today do you still go to the jungle to hunt for buffalo meat or wild chickens?


A good reference of Penang vanishing (vanished) trade:

Making joss sticks, songkoks, chops, baskets and signboards the traditional way is a vanishing art. In a the next decade or two, will these still be practiced in the real world or will they be relegated to mere demonstrations in a cultural village set up for tourists?


Why ngos never fight to help these old traders and craftsmen? What about those displaced roadside hawkers?

The reclamation only affects 100 fishermen, but became of political matter. What is so special about these fishermen when ample compensation will be given to them?


Old trade craftsman that need support in George Town.


Do the NGOs understand the plights of hawkers on the road like this roti seller on Beach Street, George Town?


Children wants WeChat, tiktok, twitter. Fish in the sea is under very very hot sun. Chinese looks like aliens under the sun. Orso very very lonely. Fish harvest very different. Sure can catch the fish.


Who said reclamation is uncontrolled? Gone thru EIA, current modelling to flush out storm runoff. Unless like PAS, Kampong style, just taroh like making Teh tarik.
Blue econ. Modern tech use fish farming and requires to monitor the water quality and sustainable food to feed those fishes.
Create more jobs. Why these ngos not ask Penang Sains uni for more research and fish harvest vocational schools?


Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi will be arriving in Penang on Friday for a meeting with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar, who is also finance minister, said Wang was eager to meet him, hinting that it could lead to further investments in Malaysia.


GEORGE TOWN: The much-awaited new ferry service from Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda (PRTU) here, to Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim (PSAH) in Butterworth commenced full operations today.

Ferry commuters will enjoy free shuttle service from today until Sept 7, and each ferry is able to accommodate 150 passengers and 50 motorcycles at any one time.


NGOS must take ride and give comments where the service can be upgraded

A Rakyat 88

“Grow fruits, veggies for local consumption, Anwar urges plantation firms” dd Saturday, 05 Aug 2023 8:52 PM MYT ======== Pardon me, PM DSAI. You are instructing Sime Darby Bhd, FGV Holdings Bhd and Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd to implement growing fruits veggies for local consumption? Why? What is your Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security doing or has been doing or have done so far? What is the purpose of this ministry? Malaysia is fertile, yes but what has insufficient vegetables and fruits got to do with supply and demand and the increase in prices? This items are being imported… Read more »


Alpha 888, our rm is higher than their $$$ last century. Not big country rm more than 3.5 times smaller than red dot. Who plant fruits and veg when everyone here has a degree and want to be boss? You ask fishermen to plant fishes better??


“Issue 5 demands” sounds very threatening.

Please learn to be collaborative and not confrontational.

Strive for win-win. Otherwise it is seen as election blackmailing.


Politicians and civil servants are employees and servants of the people. Never forget that.


Reclamation orso helping another group of rakyat especially the younger ones to have jobs and better future. unlike ketuan, we educate rakyat with $$$ and when they finished school, red dot take those free human resources and talent.


Penang Hidden Gem – Fish Cage Culture


Fish farming is like cattle farming. No more hunting in the wild.


Perpaduan adalah kunci kejayaan Malaysia Jom kita sama-sama undi untuk #perpaduan pada 12 Ogos ini.


Ramasamy quits DAP right before election is a form of sabotage?
Not able to counter so called “Emperor” from within now resort to Independent platform, so what legacy he is leaving behind?
Now we shall see if he supports island reclamation or more tree planting.


Ramasamy true colors shown, 3 terms DAP supported him not enough?? now we all know why he wants a 4th, a 5th, and even a CM posts. If he is not nominated he quits and bad mouthed his colleagues.

Better be gone Mr Ramasamy, DAP is greate without your kind of ungrateful self centered self glorifying man.
So blame the Emperor? You want to be the Ramasamy yourself for 4th, 5th, ??


The nation’s loss includes you and me. Who dares to raise issues that can affect the future. Many reforms are required to move forward. Instead we are like Burma, vietnam and cambodia. Tony and Kian are slowly fading. The rest rather not to disturb the eagle’s nest


Disgruntled DAP veteran P Ramasamy has resigned from the party. A blessing in disguise for DAP.


Ramasamy could now join Aliran – to contribute in his writing.

Anil can then focus more time on this blog?


Yes a blessing to take over MCA. Looks like MCA, act like MCA and smell like MCA. Voters fatigue or feedup?


Do the NGOs have any comment or reaction towards the quota matter surrounding matriculation intake?


What reformasi is PKR shouting? Or shout formasi? Instead they have popular to make happy with rm 10 to who? Gomen workers who oredi an iron plate.


Gerakan Dominic is very thankful to these NGOs to help him to ‘break the egg’ to be YB at Bayan Lepas.

However, Bayan Lepas Fishermen’s Welfare Association does not belong to the group.

Yogi Baba

Dominic and gang are noodles and did not pay RM25. They thought they are Emperor convoy can eat for free?


Dominic resort to this low to seek publicity?

Bayan Lena’s say no to Gerakan PN, agent for green wave.

A Rakyat 88

How is it that they are able to produce so much, enough to cover their own requirement and export the balance. Why are we not able to do that.
We have fertile land, do we not? You said so. We also have lots of rain and sunshine and its free. So, what exactly is the problem?

In the 8 months the unity government has been governing, how many instructions have you issued so far and what has come of it? We Rakyat have lost track already.


We have fertile land but not fertile coastal sea. We have fertile deep sea but no one’s go there to catch …for years?? Alpha888 since you talk about sun, why not talk about solar panels and burn less coal? China, Europe and USA reaches 40 plus degree


“Why are we not able to do that.
We have fertile land, do we not? ”

Because we shut down Universiti Pertanian to convert it to Universiti Putera decades ago.

Also because too much emphasis on automobile industry under M despite Pak Lah’s failed plea of “Pertanian adalah Perniagaan”.

Young people like you need to understand the development of our economy of the last 40 years since the introduction of Proton.


If no durians where are the solar panels? Malaysia in Siberia? No sun? Cannot harness the sun energy? We have every unis like mamak warung? Uni grad wants to be manager and sits under A/C?


When Traditional Fish Farming Gets Help From Science & Innovation In Singapore


Grow kangkung can fetch RM5/kg.
Grow red chilies successfully you can join T20 high income earner.


Successful chili farm in Malaysia

Big money to be made. Imported chili from Vietnam is now very expensive.


If kangkung and red chillies flood the market, you still get high price? One eat kangkung everyday and is chillies like rice?


Hi-Tech Crawfish Farm in Cambodia, operated by Singaporean