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The good folks at Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan Malaysia have gone through the Prevention of Terrorism Act bill and are struck by how closely Pota resembles the ISA.

Here are their observations:

KPRU mendapati, POTA memaparkan beberapa ciri-ciri yang dikongsi bersama sebelum Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) dmansuhkan seperti berikut:

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Update (3.40pm): The Prevention of Terrorism bill was tabled today in Parliament. The bill, which allows for detention without trial similar to the ISA, will go for a second reading this week. “They’re going to steamroll the bill through,” says one MP in Parliament.

Preventive detention could very well be making a return soon with the tabling of the Prevention of Terrorism bill and a string of other related bills in Parliament tomorrow. We got rid of the ISA, which allowed detention without trial, not too long ago. Now this…