Aliran annual meeting calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza and end to use of ‘pendatang’ label


Members attending Aliran’s 47th hybrid annual general meeting [on 25 November] unanimously passed a resolution urging for an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank to allow humanitarian aid to enter.

They also called for the release of all hostages and prisoners illegally or unjustly held captive on both sides and for the immediate withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Members unanimously passed another resolution urging Anwar’s “Madani” (civil and compassionate) government to call out and censure insensitive politicians who label Malaysia’s ethnic minorities as “pendatang” (immigrants).

The final text of these resolutions will be released in the coming week.

Earlier, in his address to the meeting, Aliran president Anil Netto touched on the need for the “unity government” to hasten the process for much needed reforms.

He said people understand that the prime minister has a tough balancing act due to the presence of the ‘old guard’ in his administration, which has dampened the prospects for reforms.

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But the PM still has to double down on the reforms that many had demanded and expected during the remainder of his tenure, especially the repeal of repressive laws.

Anil also said the government had to address structural economic problems, which had seen the labour share of national income drop while household debt remained high. “And so, the working class find themselves even more hard-pressed to keep up with the rising cost of living, with many only having meagre savings in their EPF [retirement savings],”, he said.

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The government has to be pro-people rather than allow democracy to be hijacked by vested interests.

Members re-elected Anil as president for a fifth year.

They also elected Mary Magdaline Pereira as honorary secretary, taking over from Dr Azmil Tayeb. (Aliran had earlier nominated Azmil for the post of peninsula vice-chairperson of electoral reform group Bersih at the coalition’s recent steering committee election – which he won uncontested.)

Members elected Azmil to replace Mary Magdaline as assistant honorary secretary of Aliran.

Henry Loh was re-elected as honorary treasurer.

Re-elected to the executive committee were former Aliran president Dr Prema Devaraj, Dr Mustafa K Anuar, Andrew Wong, Prof Zaharom Nain, Dr Khoo Ying Hooi, Dr Christopher Chong, Sukeshini Nair and Dr Por Heong Hong.

Also re-elected was K Haridas, who was recently elected to the Bersih steering committee with the highest number of votes.

Making a return to the Aliran committee were John Fong and Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan, who also serves as assistant secretary of Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia, of which Aliran is a partner organisation.

Hwa Jen was elected as honorary auditor.

Mary Magdaline Pereira
Aliran honorary secretary
26 November 2023

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Penang in 60’s and 70’s

Hopefully tunglang can return to provide nolstagic commentary of days gone by

Last edited 2 months ago by luca
Xiang Yee

Penang has lost most of the old days charm. Now too many high rise buildings and too many cars congesting the roads. The quality of hawker food has also dropped in general.


They should confined high rise to certain areas only to reduce the impact.


Greed, AKA development, AKA killing the golden goose.


It is not greed but is planning and zoning. When state government draft out for comments, rakyat only tidor. The planning zone could happen during Gilakan time when many professionals join the party.


Aliran need to use Tik Tok to be more effective in reaching out to today’s people especially the young and malays. Make short videos in Bahasa Malaysia, straight to the point to be effective.



The War in Gaza must stop.


Wishing all a Merry Christmas!


Yes they earned very much. Much more than the locals. Why gomen don’t tax them? They are not few but millions. What is inland revenue? Revenue is what one earns inside the country. They are not taxed because they earned a few sen on jobs big companies are unable to get locals to work in the plantations and constructions. If Rm 1 is not much, why not all who take the bus pay? After all is not much as one claimed?


Unease is said to be swirling in DAP over strained ties between Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow and his predecessor, Lim Guan Eng, with party sources alluding to a growing disquiet over the purported discord between the two leaders.

Signs of dispute arose in October when Chow spoke of a plot to topple him as chief minister over the proposed sale of state land to a developer. Lim, the Bagan MP and Air Putih assemblyman, had demanded proof of the claim.


Malaysia’s first entirely crowdfunded movie “Pendatang” will premiere on YouTube on Dec 21.

The Cantonese-language movie is a dystopian thriller that dwells on what would happen if resentment between Malaysia’s different races is not checked and left to fester.

It is set in the future where a Segregation Act divides ethnic groups into tightly separated and controlled areas.

Given its subject, the film would have never passed screening for national cinematic release by the Film Censorship Board (LPF).


The Sultan of Selangor stressed that Malaysia is a melting pot of various cultures that has been preserved since Independence.

Tuanku said the nation’s non-Malay citizens also ceased being “pendatang” (immigrants) after the social contract was agreed upon during independence in 1957.


GEORGE TOWN: Wearing shorts to a hospital should not be counted as an “immoral” act under Malaysia’s Rukun Negara.

If the Rukun Negara is used as a reference in the matter of attire, “we sadly forgot that an essential part of it is the preamble which all Malaysian should be made familiar with”, said Penang Harmony Centre board member Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Fazal.

Aliran agree or not?


Short is norm in hot climate. Or we wear like eskimos? Short should not be too short and should be one judge what is consider a mini skirt. No min short

Bad Behavior

“Woman ‘taste tests’ goods at dessert-sharing kiosk”
by the Vibes Team dd December 13, 2023.


Yes, have witnessed this type of behavior before at a supermarket, also a older woman, opened up a few ice-cream boxes, put it close to her nose to smell the content before taking one. 

No one from the supermarket working crew was around to tell her to stop her bad behavior. Unknowing customers end up buying them after that.


All boils to education and hygiene. Malaysian education fails, education from parent fails

US military is elephant who left behind heavy carbon foot prints and cause global warning. See how many bases, warships, war planes flying and sailing up and down burning oil for what. During ww2, they burn 3.82litres per soldier. Now they burn 93.3litres which is 30 times more.


Masyarakat bukan Melayu yang menjadi warganegara tidak lagi menjadi pendatang berdasarkan kontrak sosial yang ditandatangani ketika merdeka pada tahun 1957.

Walau bagaimanapun ramai masih menggunakan terma tersebut kerana tidak mengetahui perkara ini, kata Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

“Saya percaya ramai tidak faham kontrak sosial. Jika kita faham, kita akan menghormati satu sama lain.

“Jika rakyat mengetahui dan memahami kontrak sosial, mereka tidak boleh dibasuh otak oleh politikus yang membangkitkan isu bangsa dan agama.

“Tiada pendatang kerana Raja-Raja Melayu telah menerima semua, termasuk bukan Melayu, sebagai warganegara,” kata baginda.


WHAT about those from North Borneo and Sarawak? What social contract?

A Rakyat 88

Lets begin with history,

“The Historical Moments That Led Up To Malaysia’s Formation, Captured In 35 Old Photos”

Yes, it was our 1st PM who initiated the formation of the new Federation of States of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore. The process began in the early 1960s and culminated in the formation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

Well, as we know Singapore is no longer part of now.


history began earlier. The british decided to quit far east. In the past, they wanted more colonies. They sell opium andwanted a trading post. Not enough, they demand kowloon and new territories. In 960s, they want to abandon the babies.

A Rakyat 88

Don’t jump … here and there. Stick to the points you have raised earlier, conclude before you go to the next subject.


Point raise is they colonise and want more land. Then they abandon them like north Borneo and Sarawak. You get it? HK is a 1000 years lease kowloon is 100 years but they give up together.

A Rakyat 88

As for what social contract ?,

“The mythical social contract” by Lim Teck Ghee dd 12-12- 2018 12:36 AM


>>> Here read the above and the below from Wikipedia to get a general idea. It is just a fancy term used to refer to Malaysia’s Federal Constitution.


” Social contract (Malaysia)”


First thing social contract described is ARTIFICIAL and mooted in 1980s. Why only brought it up after 20 years Malaysia is formed. You can’t explain?

A Rakyat 88

Let me rephrase the term ‘Social Contract’ in my earlier reply dd 25 Dec 2023 10.32am.

The term ‘Social Contract’ refers to the consensus reached by our forefathers on specific social issues, which was then incorporated into our Malaysian Federal Constitution.


Lim is a well known and educated personality. He said it is a myth and who are you to oppose? Show us the consensus… Why Sin, North Borneo and Sarawak did not mention the SC?

A Rakyat 88

The ‘Social Contract” does not exist separately. It is actually a specific part of the Federal Constitution agreed upon by our wise forefathers.

Show me where I have opposed? What does consensus and incorporate mean in the context of the Federal Constitution?

You read but you are poor in understanding or capturing the meaning of what is being said.


Dr Lim shows you and even google shows it. Which part of the Constitution you cant even quote. You have worst understanding. If you think you are right go and correct Dr Lim. How can you tell nons in Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak when they join Malaya to form Malaysia 8 years later, the nons entered into SC? What a insult to logic.


If you are smart, clever than Dr Lim, how come Sarawak and North Borneo can have its own immigration – bar Rakyat from entering, use of english and recognise UEC? They should be in the SC. You cant explain but you can spin?


Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, who will be the next Yang di-Pertuan Agong, has vowed to combat corruption when he ascends the throne next year.

In an interview with Singapore’s Straits Times, the Johor ruler said he will hunt down the corrupt.


Before Hamas attacked Israel, Israel is worse than isa. They put the palestinians into jail without trial and abuse them. They took the Arab land in the west bank. As a result Israel is breeding hatred upon themselves. They can enjoy music festivals. Israel is supposed to be a civilized demo nation but they way they are doing is no different from Hamas on civilians. About 2/3 killed are Women and children


Forest City: Inside Malaysia’s Chinese-built ‘ghost city’ – BBC News


In an interview he gave to Singapore’s The Sunday Times, the next Yang di-Pertuan Agong said he hoped the rail project would be realigned to run through Forest City, a controversial property development in the Straits of Johor comprising four artificial islands on reclaimed land, spanning 30 sq km.


The gateway to melaka…

Globalization or investment
The Sail another project to destroy the legacy of a country, the great reset.

A Rakyat 88

Our PM told the Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability Minister to look into flood waters and drought and how to combine both or some thing like that, to come up with a solution, so that we can have water all year round. Its been more than 365 days now. What has come of it, the instruction that was given to the NRES ministry to find a solution? Now almost end of 2023, its the flood season and there is water water everywhere. ======== “Environment minister says prioritising transformation of Malaysia’s water sector” dd Thursday, 08 Dec 2022 4:49 PM MYT… Read more »


You think 365 days can find the answer? If gets wrong and spends billions on the projects, you blame the government? You think is always Exact science? If exact science, then can go to Gentinh


“Nga Kor Ming: Not the right time to restore local govt election” By Muhammad Yusry dd Thursday, 28 Dec 2023 12:07 PM MYT ======== The right hand of DAP say YES lets have LGE (Local Government Election) but the left hand of DAP says NOPE, maybe after 10 years. Come 10 years it will another 10 years. Why DAP most times comes up with a 10 years, 20 years or 30 years programs, policies or planning?   On the issue of LGE to happen, DAP have been at it since 2008, the year DAP took over governing our Penang State… Read more »


DAP is only a component. One of the fingers. Explain why humans are born with 10 fingers and not 1 finger?


Why asked him? You should ask PKR
Where are the reformasi? Where are the keadilian?


“We will focus … give priority to the well-being of the people.” >>> Is not LGE for the well-being of the people, our Rakyat? Of course, maybe not for the politicians. “Give me 10 years, after I complete 50,000 public infrastructure projects, maybe, that’s the right time,” he said.” >>> 10 years after 50,000 public infrastructure projects ( not sure what they are and also by looking at the budget if they have the funds for it ) and then he goes on to say, MAYBE meaning not sure. ” always communicating with the newly appointed FT Minister …. to discuss the… Read more »


“It’s only been a year. We are just showing you the beginning of our success.”

>>> So please, let us Rakyat know what those successes are?

Have ‘WE’, the Unity people made improvements to our economy, food security and sustainability, reduced cost of living including prices of food, protection of our green environment, proper management of our Nation’s finances, reduced our national debt, a budget with allocation for development higher than operation cost with nil deficit and complete eradication of corruption, corrupters brought to justice etc etc etc. What about our regular, yearly, flood and drought seasons?


Why not you show us the failures?.You think you are consistent? Can you control floods and droughts. Further flood mitigation projects take years of planning and construction. Are they implemented by PH? BN federal has been spending billions

A Rakyat 88

“The K-word – A learning opportunity for all of us”
by Ong Kian Ming dd 26 Dec 2023, 9:48 am


Is saying ‘DAP’ an insult in the type of context it is used for? It is simply an abbreviation for the ‘Democratic Action Party’ political party, the name registered with the Registrar of Societies, which is usually used as a reference to the political party. Otherwise, how do we refer to DAP whenever there is something to be said about the political party? Gees, talk about being overly sensitive.


Don’t jump here and there.

A Rakyat 88

“I was citing a book, Anwar says over use of ‘K’ word” 
by FMT Reporters – 23 Dec 2023, 7:58pm


It is said that ignorance is not a virtue. Ignorance can hinder our personal growth and prevent us from understanding the world around us. It is through knowledge, questioning, and seeking information that we can expand our perspectives, make informed decisions, and contribute positively to society.

Ignorance might lead to misunderstandings, biases, and even harmful actions, which can perpetuate injustice and inequality. Therefore, it is essential to continuously educate ourselves, question our beliefs, and strive for intellectual curiosity.

A Rakyat 88

“He said the party needed to go to the grassroots and explain things, especially its cooperation with DAP”

>>> But DAP has nothing to do with UMNO’s problems and image. UMNO only won about 26 seats in last years GE15 and DAP was not even there together with them. They are simply using DAP as an excuse which we Rakyat know better.

A Rakyat 88

>>> Wonder how effective is one going to be in eradicating more then half a century of corruption habits and corruption especially if among one’s own coalition members are found to be corrupted.

Politicians need to remember that this is the 21st century. It is the digital age connected by Internet / social media’s. It is easier than ever to fact-check vast amount of information available online or verify information and discern truth from lies.

So, all must or needs to be equally prosecuted when it comes to corruption of any kind, in our peaceful Nation.



Government buildings are not like the wet market or chicken coops or goat’s shed, found at one’s backyard where individuals choose to freely wear whatever they like when to visit or work.”

If one must know dress code contributes to maintaining a respectful and dignified atmosphere within government buildings. Certain clothing choices may be deemed disrespectful, offensive, or distracting, which can hinder effective communication, compromise decorum, or undermine the dignity of the institution.

So, standard dress codes rules are applied.


Dressing changes. In past, she wears samfoo. 1969s, bell bottom pants. 1970s, 2 nd gen jeans. Now anything from mid east pass 100%

A Rakyat 88

Our government’s focus is not on discussing the evolving fashion trends, but rather on emphasizing the importance of dressing appropriately and respectfully while entering government buildings.


Shorts, samfoo, bell bottoms, jeans not appropriate? You want to impose your standards? We pay taxes and they are to serve and do their jobs. They talk so much about dressing and neglect the more important work we paid them to do. First to to do their work for rakyat competently. You want Seniors to get discount in fares but they tell when you get into the government buses, trains and planes, you have to dress well.

A Rakyat 88

Which part of dressing appropriately and respectfully while entering government buildings you do not understand?

What ? Just because you pay taxes, does not mean have to “get on knees, bow to greet” whenever one enters government buildings?
British mentality, is it?

The civil servants are doing their job fine, actually much better than private services, who are rude at times.

The civil servant don’t have time to talk about dress codes. It is a standard government policy.


You dont have any sense. If private service is rude to you, you still go and do business with them. You are crazy… There are many companies offer the same service. If they are rude, you dont know is digital age and let your fingers do the walking to find similar companies.


Government buildings represent the government’s authority and credibility. By incorporating specific dress codes, our governments establishes a consistent and professional image. 

The aim is to maintain an effective and efficient work environment, upholding the dignity, security, and reputation of the government  institution.


Government’s image include work ethic. Rakyat pay taxes and since civil SERVANTS were paid, rakyat expect service in return. In hot weather, we have been wearing shorts even before 1957 independence, the only dress ethics is not sexy and revealing.

Annie Kheng


Are you affected by the water cut?

In January there could be up to 4 days without water. Be prepared to store water.