Save democracy, uphold rule of law


The People’s Agenda is organising its fourth webinar in the ‘Reclaim our nation’ series, this time on the fourth concern of its five-point agenda:

4. Save democracy and uphold the rule of law

  • Ensure that all legislation protects human rights, due process and basic freedoms
  • Reform key institutions of governance to ensure checks and balances

Panel of speakers:

  • Nurul Izzah Anwar, Permatang Pauh MP
  • Prof Wong Chin Huat, political scientist, Sunway University
  • Rani Rasiah, central committee member, Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)
  • Rajsurian Pillai, criminal law practitioner

Moderator: Amirah Haziqah, Suaram

8.30pm, Thursday, 8 September

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I doubt young voters with limited attention span will invest their time to watch webinars. It will be more helpful if Aliran could summarize the key points (after the event) into bite-size Tik Tok videos and YouTube shorts. It will also allow easy WhatsApp dissemination to reach a wider audience. Aliran need to adapt to be more effective.


Good idea by Inquisitor.

In fact Najib has been successful with his short messages that appeal to people with short attention span. He spent a lot hiring experts to help his social media campaign and Aliran can certainly learn from their effort without having to spend big. I think Anil can appeal to volunteers to help I this area without spending a lot.


If you wish to reach out to young voters, do not use old ways. Nobody reads nowadays. Nobody wants to watch long-winded videos.

Young voters must be excited by short video straight to the point delivered by influencers. I doubt any of the speakers here are influencers.

Ong Lok Xian

Well said. A lot for Aliran to learn. Hope it helps.


This is a good example of short and effective video:

Kee Ling

I like short video that delivers message straight to the point, and can be disseminated easily via WhatsApp to reach wider audience. Aliran must keep up with change to be relevant.

Dr Watson

Youngsters have limited time after studies or working. Limited leisure hours spent on Tik Tok, youtube, motorbiking, eSports or following addictive Korean dramas or Netflix TV series. So must use millennial mindsets to compromise with them

Gregory Theng

Need to understand the behaviour of young generation if you want to target them for votes.

Do not rely on old school methods that may not even appeal to the tech savvy old voters today.

Positioning is the key marketing strategy and you must use it to your advantage. Otherwise your effort is nothing but syiok sending.


PKR is pivoting towards a purely data-driven campaigning method that Rafizi declared could revolutionise how election campaigns are run.

PH chances of getting the 30% Malay vote needed to put the coalition back in power at the 15th general election is “doable”,

Omega 888

In this, you are right. You don’t see him talking about his data thing nowadays, do you ? And after the ‘LCS’ scare, he went quiet a bit and is now cautious in what he says. A neophyte in politics.


Need tunglang to give a marketing lecture on positioning in election strategy!

Hua Sau

Election is coming.

If your YB in your area has been sleeping, time to boot him or her our regardless of party.

MCA is coming to Bayan Baru. So YB Sim must be very worried since he has not contributed to the residents there.


I remember readers in this blog previously urged YB Sim to set up a library at Bayan Baru but YB Sim turned a deaf ear and ignored the request. He instead launched frivolous cycling campaign showing his ignorance of Penangites strong affinity to their personal cars for transportation. I believe he will switch to other area knowing that the Bayan Baru residents are pushing for change and MCA is now making its presence felt with a young candidate .


Bayan Baru library was closed (without replacement or alternative) to make way for [email protected] (RM10 million spent), to the dismay of many Bayan Baru residents.


[email protected]? What economic value had it brought to Penang? YB Sim can quantify or not?


Many vacant buildings can be converyed into mini cyber libraries.


Library at Bayan Baru serves the needs of older retirees. They can read newspapers as most of them not familiar with internet.
Also school children can concentrate their studies in quiet cozy library and not distracted to study at home.

Kee Ling

Wrong focus by the government.
If you want to have investors presence, let them pay for real estate, and not deprive residents their library.

YO Liew

MCA Bayan Baru Parliamentary Constituency Coordinator Saw Yee Fung has been doing door-to-door visits at Bayan Baru to meet residents. I think residents are tired of the ineffective YB SIM and are clamouring for change even if the candidate is a lady from MCA


All the Malaysians should remember GE 2013 whereby Najib with the help of Jho Low using 1MDB money organised big parties with lucky draws all over the Penang, especially the island side.

There was also Psy show with his K-pop “Ganganam Style”. Najib proceeded by repeatedly asking the crowd “Are you ready for Psy?” and the spectators responded “Yes”. However, he next asked “Are you ready for BN?”, which was met by a resounding “No!” from the crowd.


With the constant inundation of bad news, it is so easy to give up hope. Maybe we should start focusing on where it is bright, and give what support we can to that part. By all means know where the government goes wrong, but always turn our energy to making things better, as much as we individually can, and where we can.

A good leader always inspire change, even when times are dark. If only more of our politicians are like this.


Ekonomi Negara Menghampiri Kehancuran – Tak Kira Siapa Jadi PM Atau Menteri


First fighter planes without engines.
Then submarine that cannot dive to deep waters.
Now we have invisible frigate.

How to defend our country?
No way even if you have thousands of patriotic soldiers like Mat Kilau since the weapon is never on existence.


People have no choice .
It has to be one of the 3 coalitions- PH,BN or PN in Peninsular Malaysia.
PH 22 month rule is a short time.It was damaged by Tun.He did not listen to other PH leaders.
Thus PH can be given chance as both BN and PN had failed.
But PH must accept MUDA otherwise people will not come out in big numbers to vote.
All 5 – PKR,DAP,Amanah,Upko,MUDA then should tour country together in addition to campaigning individually.
Anyway, can never trust Warisan or GTA!

Omega 888

‘Robocop’ DAP with shades of grey while looking at the bigger picture with PKR made the bad choice of who should lead their Opposition coalition in 2017/18. Then took a dive after only 22 months.

They should go back to political school 101 for Dummies and start learning politics all over again and remain an Opposition thereafter.


Whenever a politician goes to court for trial, now going to jail, always ended up sick somehow. Don’t know why ? When they are not in court for trial, they are like tigers, full of vigour and energy, go around campaigning, attending gatherings and functions, … and going overseas for holidays. Shame on them !!!!


Generic drugs have been around for upteen years and many of us have been taking generic drugs from GH without problems. Najib seems to have these problems only when he is convicted and was very fit before that, even could travel to Singapore to play golf. Is he telling us that generic drugs in GH is less effective? Khairy need to explain.


Mat Sabu: Hidup Melayu! Curi Duit LTAT, Hidup Melayu! Curi Duit Tabung Haji, Curi Duit MARA

15/09/2022 Dataran Melang, Kuala Pilah

Omega 888

Mat Sabu of Amanah expresses his views very well. He should be in the foreground more instead of being in the background. More air time and publicity should be given to Mat Sabu to speak more on issues which are of interest to us Rakyat.

He should also be groomed to be the Opposition’s PM in waiting. Not AI. Not sure why the Opposition Pakatan Harapan is not doing this. The Opposition is having a gem in their mist and they are not doing anything about it.

Dr Watson

Anil can follow the footsteps of Wong Chin Huat, who provides his social political comments regularly on Astro AEC or Awani, and earns extra income besides aiming to be GE16 influencer.


Ringgit meltdown – preparing for the worst

It is more logical to expect even more inflation in the immediate term as greater credit costs would leave no choice for the local businesses but raise their prices.


PSM to join Pakatan Harapan for GE15?

Last edited 4 months ago by Alive

PSM got no option left.
Better for cooperation to face common nemesis BN and PN.


MCA has expressed its interest to contest all parliamentary seats previously contested by Gerakan in Penang in the upcoming 15th general election (GE15), said its president Wee Ka Siong.


Talk big as usual.

We make sure MCA cannot make inroads onto Penang to help BN to retake the island. BN will likely have Umno guy as chief minister as MCA is no different from Gerakan – no hood.


PH has not done much for Bayan Baru according to my friend who is living there.

Wee Ka Siong’s MCA has launched Pantai Jerejak operations room to gear up for GE15 in Penang to recapture Bayan Baru seat.

YB Sim’s complacency could be a downfall for PH at Bayan Baru. The Chinese residents especially the young voters are now warming up to the MCA representatives in Bayan Baru.

Omega 888

Make sure how? Penang island Natural Beauty is turning into Concrete Ugly
and you can’t even do anything about that and we Penang Rakyat don’t want
Concrete Ugly.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

Will the participant speakers be neutral and objective or will it be one sided and personal, when they give their views, opinions, etc. ?

Dr Watson

Pengkhianatan bos GLC terhadap orang Melayu miskin

Usaha Kementerian Kewangan untuk memotong gaji dan elaun pengerusi, ahli lembaga pengarah dan CEO di GLC menerima tentangan hebat dari mereka yang dilantik oleh rejim Najib, terutamanya GLC yang tersenarai di Bursa Saham.

Mereka mahu imbuhan yang lebih besar. Jika dipotong, bagaimana mahu ke London ketika musim sejuk nanti? Mana ada “kelas” bercuti di Malaysia tanpa salji?


PM Sabri could easily cement his name on local history book by renaming Sept 16’s Hari Malaysia as ‘Hari Keluarga Malaysia’


UMNO was and probably still is a giant ATM for those who do it’s bidding. The electorate must also bear responsibility for supporting them and their cash for votes gerrymandering. Now the focus is on the Agong and the hope he will stand up for justice in the final analysis on Najibs pardon. Behind the scenes the deep state are still building grounds to support a review and pardon by probing Nazlan even though the highest court in the land unanimously found him [Najib] guilty. By the same token they are dragging their feet on the LCS scandal that implicates… Read more »