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People’s Agenda: Why the need?

Here I explain the background to the People’s Agenda and why the NGOs felt the need to come up with the five key points.

Basically, we felt that the political discourse was neglecting the many pressing social issues of the day in the run-up to the general election. We wanted the political parties and political leaders to focus on these issues in their campaigning rather than on the divisive issues of race and religion.

People’s Agenda: Reclaim our nation!

Well, this is what my colleagues and I and our civil society partners have been busy with over the last few days.

The People’s Agenda was unveiled yesterday, with six civil society co-sponsors.

The theme of the agenda is “Reclaim our Nation!” with the slogan “People first, democracy now!”

Why was Jesus executed?

On Sunday, Christians celebrate Easter, the greatest day in the Christian calendar – yes, more important than Christmas – for this is the day Christians believe Jesus conquered death.

But we will not be able to grasp the full significance of the day if we do not look at the real reason Jesus was executed on Good Friday.

The rise and fall of the ‘LRT’

Check out this video about the elevated light rail system in Singapore, especially the comparison with buses and trams at street level.

What happened to the promised Tanjung Bunga coastal park?

About 50 people gathered in Tanjung Bunga this morning to remind the state government about its pledge for a seafront public park.