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Does Penang need a new airport?

Our guest writer today is Roger Teoh, who is doing his PhD in transport studies in Imperial College in London:

Penang DAP election results


759 valid votes. These are the results, according to FMT.

Ignoring Penang NGOS, copying Hong Kong-style ‘development’?

Photograph: Glamorous Mesh

The chief minister has said that if Hong Kong had taken the advice of Penang NGOs to stop all development following landslides, it would not be as developed as it was today. He said Hong Kong learned the lessons of a major landslide and soon came up with solutions.

Karpal (2002): Compensate property owners affected by Penang highway noise pollution

“Those whose property is not acquired but nevertheless are affected by the PORR [Penang Outer Ring Road] project with drop in prices of their property and the consequent noise and pollution which will be a result of the project should also be compensated,” said Karpal Singh in a press statement 16 years ago.

DAP calls for new EIA on Penang Hill project – in 1990!

This is the state of a road near the 'coolie' lines at the summit of Penang Hill - the site of one of two proposed hotels - Photograph by a concerned Penangite

It is fascinating what some people continue to dig up. This excellent statement below was issued by the then DAP secretary-general, MP for Tanjung and parliamentary opposition leader Lim Kit Siang on 28 September 1990.