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The Gurney Drive beach in the city that we lost

Look at this photo of Gurney Drive, probably in the 1970s. It is hard to imagine we had a lovely beach in the city of George Town, Penang, once. People happily swimming in clear waters. A day out for families. Some buying fresh wild-caught fish directly from inshore fisherfolk. You can’t get fish fresher than that!

And the photo below is from the 1930s:

Now, after degrading this beach, we want to spend billions of ringgit trying to create an artificial “Gurney Wharf”, which is supposed to give city folk an artificial beach (which we once had for free), and a massive eight-lane coastal highway. (In reality, the real purpose of this reclamation is the high-density property development planned on reclaimed land from near the Gurney Drive roundabout to Gurney Plaza.) Full article on Aliran website

Tell Me – a song by Amirah

“Tell Me” is the talented singer Amirah’s second single. It was originally composed in Malay and entitled “Katakanlah”.

Amirah writes:

With the global pandemic and political turmoil, I felt this song could not wait any longer. It is more important now than ever for us to unite. In this song, I asked questions: Are we our name? Our face? Our religion? Our race? It saddens me greatly when I see people in conflict because of the differences in their skin colour, religion, race, status, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.

Lyricist: Amirah, Amy Powers

Publisher: Amirah360 Publishing

You can follow Amirah on her Instagram, Facebook or Facebook Unity Group.

This is her earlier song from 2020:

Dolphins frolic in fishing waters threatened by Penang reclamation

It’s almost as if they are popping up in Teluk Kumbar in southern Penang Island to highlight the threat to marine biodiversity that the massive land reclamation projects pose. Penang is ground zero of the reclamation madness and greed that has swept across the west coast of peninsula Malaysia – the other affected areas being Langkawi, Malacca and Johor.


PTMP has failed! Go back to the drawing board

Penang Forum has just released a statement on the contractor-and developer-led proposal dubbed “Penang Transport Master Plan”, which in reality was driven by land reclamation interests.

Check out the statement here.

It’s game on: PN vs PH vs BN vs….

With Pas now allying itself with Bersatu in PN, it is game on for the coming general election. The lines have been drawn (well, not quite, but still…).