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Why does Penang need an elevated LRT when we could have this…

… at a fraction of the RM8bn price tag for the elevated light rail transit? The above is the autonomous rail rapid transit (ART) or trackless tram in China. For those who say trams will take up road space, compare the width of this tram with the road width required for the supporting pillars of an elevated LRT.

‘You want answers? You can’t handle the truth!’

When the flurry of reactions to the Suhakam findings on the cases of enforced disappearances emerged, I don’t know why I kept thinking about this classic fiery exchange from A Few Good Men.

What a day … Najib trial drama; enforced disappearances; tunnel bribery case

At long last, 10 years to the day after he first became prime minister, Najib appeared in court for what promises to be a long drawn out legal battle on multiple charges. A bit of drama outside the courtroom as well. And listen to those chants of Malu apakah, Bossku?!” (shakes my head in disbelief)

Large water spout sends flimsy roofing flying in Penang

One of the largest water spouts to spiral around these parts in recent times sent flimsy roofing flying over Tanjung Tokong in the early afternoon today.

No federal loan for Penang transport projects? Turn setback into opportunity

The RM46bn SRS rojak

The latest statement by Penang Forum just out…What do you think?