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The moment of truth for Mahiaddin

So it looks as if Monday will be the moment of truth for Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yasin.

Mahiaddin’s last-ditch offer smacks of desperation

What do you think of Mahiaddin Yasin’s invitation this evening to opposition parties to come together.

The writing is on the wall for Mahiaddin

It looks as if (outgoing?) Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yasin is fast running out of options as the rug is pulled from under his feet.

Do we need a new airport in Kulim?

The Kedah government has signed an agreement with ECK Group to build a northern regional airport in Kulim.

ECK Group and the Kedah government will hold an 80:20 stake in a special purpose vehicle to build the airport.

The first phase will reportedly cost RM6bn.

PM under mounting pressure

The PM must be under tremendous pressure with each passing day. Give the departure of a group of Umno MPs it is hard to see how he can come up with a parliamentary majority on 6 September.