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MRT2 review welcomed; review Penang’s RM46bn transport proposal too

The RM46bn SRS rojak

You’ve got to applaud the federal government for reviewing the MRT2 contract in seeking the best possible deal for the people.

No more swap deals?

The federal government’s intention to “decouple” land swaps from public-private projects should be welcomed.

MRT2 underground termination highlights fundamental flaw in PDP model

The RM46bn SRS rojak

The termination of MMC-Gamuda as the contractor for the RM17bn underground portion of the MRT2 project in KL highlights a fundamental flaw in the project delivery partner (PDP) model, which is also being used in Penang.

Exposing the elevated LRT spin

Our guest writer today is Perplexed Penangite:

Botak Hill images they haven’t shown you

Botak Hill aerial view - Photograph: A concerned Penangite/Penang Hills Watch

The Star featured Botak Hill on its front page today, with some worrying images. But perhaps its drone did not go high enough. A concerned member of the public sent these images to Penang Hills Watch last year.