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Najib trying to do a makeover

Just before the Cameron Highlands by-election, it became apparent that former Prime Minister Najib “apa malu, Bossku” Razak was trying to re-invent himself, presumably to try and save himself and Umno from oblivion.

Paltry fine for 1MDB auditors just a rap on the knuckles

This statement by Aliran puts the spotlight on the 1MDB auditors, who appear to have got off rather lightly.

Happy New Year to all readers!

Wishing all readers all the best in the coming year as we journey towards a more sustainable future in the new Malaysia.

Affordable housing: Relaxation of rules – whose interest does it serve?

The housing glut – the G-word few want to say – in Penang has once again come under the spotlight.

Bukit Kukus road: Strong response to lifting of stop-work order

Who will bear responsibility for any future tragedy along this controversial hill road? Let’s not even talk about the mega Pan Island Link project that will tunnel through and hug risky hill slopes.