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It’s raining kembung in Penang!

This is ground zero of the proposed 4,500-acre land reclamation site off the southern coast of Penang Island, where the state government plans to build three artificial islands.

Grabbing 51% stake in local freight forwarders will erode business confidence

Have you read Aliran’s media statement on this? How will this move affect business confidence?

Aliran calls on the government to drop – instead of merely deferring – its requirement that local logistics and freight forwarding firms must have 51% bumiputera equity interest.

Better, cheaper, faster alternatives to Penang tunnel and third bridge

Penang Forum has just released this statement:

It is with great relief and validation that Penang Forum notes the wise and mature decision by the Penang state government to revise their plans for an undersea tunnel.

Proposed third Penang bridge leads to prized reclamation site on mainland

Another day, another mega-project proposed… You would have thought the pandemic and economic slump would have made our planners a little more circumspect about indulging in more mega-projects.

A great day for People Power in Malaysia!

It has been a most eventful day involving the three-island project in Penang and the plan to develop more than half the north Kuala Langat forest reserve. Aliran has just released this statement:

Today has been an inspiring day for People Power in Malaysia.

Two major successes in one day show we can never underestimate the power within ordinary people to bring about change.