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Some 10,000 people turned up for a PKR ceramah at Sungai Buaya in Hulu Selangor last night, seemingly supporting the optimism in some PKR circles of a favourable result.

The crowd packed an area the size of a football field. For details, go here.

Another 2,000 turned up for a PKR Chinese dinner in Rasa last night.

A PKR MP told me he was confident of a positive result. “On paper, there is no way we can lose.” But he cautioned a lot would depend on how smooth polling day is tomorrow, especially if the 13,000 voters, whose polling stations have been changed, can find their correct polling centres.

LIVE discussion on this blog tomorrow from 4.00pm to 5.00pm

A Pas grassroots source tells me that he feels the odds in Hulu Selangor are 46:54 in the BN’s favour, with a margin of error of plus/minus 2 per cent. (I asked him how come his instincts are so precise!)

Niz Aziz having dinner with Zaid Ibrahim tonight before hitting the ceramah circuit. They will attend a PKR Chinese dinner in Rasa at 9.30pm attended by 2,000 people. Nik Aziz will also be speaking at a DAP ceramah in Asam Kumbang and a PKR ceramah in Batang Kali – Photo courtesy of Fahmi Fadzil

Another Pas source, an MP, who has campaigned in Hulu Selangor, concedes that Felda areas are proving “difficult to penetrate”. All the top guns will be descending there in the next couple of days. Najib, for instance, has reportedly distributed RM50,000 each to 100 Felda settlers and promised more money. (How blatant can you get! – and this was aired over television news at 8.00pm.)