Zaid for Hulu Selangor: What do you think?


So Zaid Ibrahim is the PKR candidate for Hulu Selangor.

Over the last few years, he has been articulating a more inclusive Malaysian vision for the nation – unlike those Perkasa folks. He has also taken commendable positions on oppressive laws such as the ISA.

In that respect, the man appears to have evolved. The Zaid version 2010 seems quite different from the Zaid version 1980s of the Muslim Lawyers Association during the height of the judicial crisis. But he redeemed himself when, soon after his appointment to the Cabinet, he said the government had to openly apologise for its handling of the 1988 Judicial Crisis, which culminated in the unceremonious dismissal of the then Lord President of the Supreme Court, Tun Salleh Abas.

I have one concern though: as a corporate figure from the largest legal firm in the country, does Zaid have what it takes to empathise with the aspirations of the lower-income and the marginalised groups and their difficulties and needs such as affordable and accessible housing, health care and education? That remains to be seen.

What do you think of the choice? How would you rate his chances in the by-election?

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Pakatan will win Hulu Selangor. And it will not be due to the stature or character of Zaid Ibrahim. The people of Hulu Selangor will be voting for change because now, in this digital age, UMNO and BN’s dirty laundry is laid bare for all to see. The people now know how much … there has been for the past 40 years since Tun Razak’s watch.

You just can’t hold back the tides of change.

James Loh

Can’t he empathized with the poor? He was from the poor family.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Election time is hereeeeeeee
Yipeeee !
Dont forget (the racial statements)! ! !…

Selangor umnoputera say “you chinese and indian be grateful to umno for giving citzenship”
All you non grateful… VOTE VOTE VOTE PAKATAN RAKYAAT , …

Zaid ibrahim is the MAN for ALL RACES.


VOTE ZAID and sleep well

Ramasamy a/l Ponnampalan

Zaid is a disloyal UMNO crony. They (allegedly) made him rich. After all, why him and not other Malay laywers ? With money, then he had the luxury of trying to be civilised and try to better his fellow man ? How ? By betraying UMNO to join PR, which in itself (has) a bunch of ex UMNO crooks, from top to bottom. Either side of the aisle, you must respect Lim Guan Eng, who through thick and thin, either in jail or at the CM’s office, si still a DAP man. And Tengku Razaleigh, who despite disagreeing with UMNO,… Read more »


Zaid is a disloyal UMNO crony.

Grammar error alert !

Cannot use “IS”, must use “WAS” as ZI is not in arm no anymore.

After all, why him and not other Malay laywers ?

Ill-logic detected !!

Typo detected !!!

laywers ? I believe you wanna say “lawyers”, right?

ZI is definitely NOT the only wealthy Malay lawyer. But of course, you could be blind and not see the big cars those umnoputra lawyers are driving….


Datuk Zaid will win hands down. Even with the tripple M contesting! No contest!


When ZI left his job & UMNO, he lost everything. No, he didn’t come this far to be a frog. Beware of his critics in PKR, these critics look like frogs to me.


A young Samy Vellu …-kisser VS. the vision of Tunku Abdul Rahman..

Its almost unfair.


can anyone guarantee Zaid will not cross over? i’m really sick and tired with endless problem in PKR especially party hoping. so much of betrayal. also PKR cannot keep on claiming this is isolated or personal problem and doesn’t reflect overall bad state of PKR > my foot. knowing this is indian constituency, why so hurry fielding malays candidates? if this trend allowed to continues than there won’t be any Indians in future in Parliment. it shows PKR greedy to earn malays (consist ~ 60% vote) only, irregardsless of non-malays. but it’s unhealthy. i don’t believe in so called fielding… Read more »


can anyone guarantee Zaid will not cross over?

Nope. No one can, not even ZI himself.

But then, I can’t guarantee that I myself will be alive and kicking tomorrow. Who knows I might be run down by a car 2 hours from now?

If you really want to worry, worry about where this country is heading.

A frog or two won’t necessary have a big effect on the country as a whole.


Who is this (person) by the name of K?

… tends to talk nonsence and gossips… I would say this is not the place for that.

A wise person will not simply judge a person’s past. He/She may be a good person in the past but not now anymore, so what is the use?

Similarly, he/she maybe a bad person in the past but he/she has repented and become good or seeking to be a good person, isnt that wonderful?

If, really, Zaid were to lose in the by-election, i will give up.

Hidup Zaid ! Hidup Pakatan !


Bro, Do not be too over confident! This is going to be an uphill battle! It is Barisan’s stronghold, and the ultimate decision makers are not the Chinese or the Indians! They are going to be the Malays and orang Asli. If only BN wins 70% Malay votes, the game is over. Otherwise they would not be so arrogant to tell MIC and Samy off. As usual Sam will issue threats only to retreat! Always so disappointing! Thought MIC will stand up and fight those bigots but as usual it is all talk and no action from MIC! MIC had… Read more »


Whoever the man,as long as he will not do a froggie like in the past should get the votes of the rakyat. It is not merely about the man. It is about saving Malaysia/ It is about our children and their children. Vote for change/ VOTE PR you folks from Hulu Selangor.


Corporate guys can be down to earth people. Hulu Selangor is exactly the test ground for ZI. It trust he will be. I will vote of any PR and Malaysian first.


MCA pledge to bring in 8000 votes..hahaha!
We have heard that from MCA many times before…….

As a racial political party, why should they bother too much of another race…

So why vote BN?!!



I don’t normally stoop to his level of this ‘BN jingle bells’ calling himself, “K”..wasting my time….


at least he being honest about his mistake, he admits it , not like the so call “lawyer” candidate last time. for me honesty is the one that’s count.


We want politicians that do work, not seeking glamour & adulation and rakyat beating the kompang for them. Using children welfare like Rosmah as bargaining … chip. This is our right and our children future!! We must get back our RIGHTS from these elitists greedy politicians!

Cheng Poh Heng

I knew Zaid when he was in a small office next to Halim Saad’s Hatibudi cronies before Zaid Ibrahim & Co became the largest legal firm in Malaysia. Of course, I cannot say for sure whether he knows me! I last met him on the night in J W Marriot, when Badahwi announced the “compensation” to the judges, who were “removed” during the 1989 judicial crisis. When I asked him whether he could remember me, he answered that he could! Be that as it may, I do not want to make any claims that I know him well However, his… Read more »


Cheng I fail to understand your logic. You say AI and Zaid’s past shouldn’t be held against them. Yet, these 2 are no better (if not worse) than some of the very same UMNO leaders they condemn viciously. We need to judge a person by their deeds and not just their talk. Anwar’s past excesses will never be erased since we will never know how he will behave when he regains the position of power. Me, I wouldn’t want to find that out. Zaid is one of the Umnoputras that PR fond of criticising. He has benefitted from NEP greatly… Read more »


Im sure you must find a good and nice cucu nut sheel so that you can hide after the HS by-election result announce.
Just wait and see bro.


By the comments of the cyber-troopers here, it seems UMNO/BN strategy is to split the Indian votes and they think he won’t get the Malay vote. Its a big mistake because the idea that Zaid cannot connect with the rural Malay is such an insult. Zaid is from Kelantan, have always maintained a home there, before fight against BN, his charity work has to do with the unfortunate in Kelantan which Forbes recognised before his entry into politics. His wife is generous, warm and down-to-earth person although with a distaste for politics and he wants to keep her out it… Read more »


Zaid may be the kind of politician M’sia needs but he is not a local and can’t in all honesty represent the interests of the majority in Hulu Selangor.

PR should be about the future and a new political culture. They should have picked a local.

Zaid is already politically far bigger than an MP from Hulu Selangor.

The electorate in most cases votes along party lines anyway. If Zaid wins, in all probability, any other PR candidate will also win.


We should not judge a man’s past but rather his present. I think Zaid has redeemed himself in the last few years and he should be given a chance to prove himself before the upcoming General Election. I think he is a class above BN in his behavior during the past few years.


From all the comments here,i can conclude that whoever wins the citizens of Malaysia will lose.


I’m a malay and i think if d (voters) in hulu selangor dont pick this (candidate), then they r a stupid bunch… But dont get me wrong, its not because d other side is indian, but its bcoz d person comes from a … party (perceived to be corrupt). … if u dont vote for this guy, then u r surely stupid bcoz u keep in listening to news that being feed by a malay racist party thats been fooling u guys throughout independence and u will never get to know what fair means in this country of ours.. Abt… Read more »


Put yourself in Zaids shoes, would you resign from a MINISTERs post just because you disagree with the GOMEN??
IF you cant answer immediately, then you should support THIS MAN FOR PAKATAN !!


I think NEP is slowly becoming a liability to UMNO because of the exposure on who gain from it. So, they can play that all they want but as smart as Dr. M is I think he is behind time. It is what you have done for me lately society not I respect you first society today.



A Malaysian hero that everyone should support. He is a great man who I personally know. He is a man of principle. He is the right choice for the people of HS. He will make a good leader. He is well liked by all races. Never mind that he’s not a local. The issue here is the people want a strong voice in the parliament. BN is in turmoil now. Palanivel? Mugilan? The debate is going on. There is trouble. Real trouble. MIC should be aware that its candidate will not win this by-election. Why then push for Palanivel? To… Read more »


I think Zaid is a true good leader. He has integrity. I respect him a lot. I pray he will win with a huge majority