What are the issues in Hulu Selangor?


This time, they have to call a by-election.

What do you think are likely to be the main issues in Hulu Selangor?

Anwar’s trial will be going on.

So will the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

Voters will remember how the Selangor government was put under tremendous pressure. It has also been thwarted in its attempts to take over and restructure water management.

The GST is in the pipeline though shelved temporarily. The Full Paying Patients scheme is being quietly extended to more hospitals. These neo-liberal policies will affect the low-income group most, whether in the rural or urban areas.

It will also be a referendum on the defections of PKR reps and what voters think about them.

Of course, the BN will go all out with its (or rather our) money, media and machinery.

What do you think are likely to be the major issues in Hulu Selangor?

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Charles F. Moreira

How to explain the affect of GST.

Simple. If the GST rate is say 7% then tell the rakyat that if they buy something for RM10, they must pay RM10.70 inclusive of GST. Is something costs RM100, they must pay RM107.


UMCO and MICSamy latest wayang kulit should be the immediate issue amongst the other main issues in HS.


Unless Samy devalue contest….. or even if it’s him, hmmmm Datuk Zaid would win hands down. Any bets?

Rav Tapah

So… who going to be the BN candidate for HS… I thing Malays will still stick with the racial sentiment.. And for Chinese 80% of their votes will be for PR.. But Indians.. I think it is impossible for BN to convince them even by naming a new face from MIC since the party precident is still Mr. Samy..


ken better go back and study 1st.u are saying the Bn done nothing to indian comunity.please do not fool people around. 2nd, if PR going to bring TBH case, sodomy case, kugen case, norizan case, u think BN cannot bring alternative issue ka?u just see one side of the coin only.but u almost forget, coin have two face!


Factors which may help PR retain Hulu Selangor. 1. The rise of Perkasa with the tacit approval of Umno will disgust many non-Malays and moderate Malays. 2. Chua SL’s winning the MCA presidency is against the sentiment of the Chinese community. 3. The case of Norizan Salleh, a Malay single mother shot 5 times and assaulted by police with no apology and no admission of culpability. Selangor govt gave compassion amount of RM5000. 4. Anwar’s sodomy persecution is still hot. What I would like to see is Kugan’s mother, Teoh Beng Hock’s siblings and Norizan Salleh speaking at the PR… Read more »


Good analysis, O. But I think you’re too optimistic for HRP’s votes. I reckon they may only get a few hundred Indian votes. The HRP candidate will lose his deposit. From what I gather, Uthaya hasn’t got much influence left with the Indian community. He is unable to muster any meaningful crowd these days. Only 100 Indians (probably all party members)turned up when he led a demo against PKR at their HQ in PJ. But is the Malay vote really split 50-50? If it is BN wouldn’t have won all the 3 state seats. One report said that BN won… Read more »


It would be 50-50 here. My heart is for Pakatan Rakyat. Not that they are saint, they are the best around town.
Palanivel is having issue with Samy. Guess Indian camp in MIC kenna splitted. Plus the malay votes too…..Nor Omar & Khir Toyo camp.
PKR got to choose its candidate carefully. If Pakatan win, it would be a major boost….

On second note, I am hoping Nibong Tebal & Bentong (Pahang) should be released back to DAP in the next GE.


Hello ZI, why you so kurang ajar one. Ask people to go to hell. You got no religion one meh. If you are BN supporter then it shows that all of you have no compassions towords human beings. Some more ask people to rest in peace…. Very cruel man indeed…


PKR is a Pain in the ***…PR need to restrategize and kick (out) all the frogs/ex-umno/zombie/PKR. They had make PR look stoopid.
Unifi crap, if PR take over also crap…we need a mixed govt or a third solution.


Election P94…a great turning point for PKR to go to HELLLL…RIP!


its pakatan guys. After all the isuess do you still want BN. IT IS PAKATAN all the way. This is selangor It is PAKATAN STATE.


Anil An EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE public transportation is sorely needed here. But that is not to say, that other parts of Bolehland has this excellent infrastructure. We all know this don’t we and how expensive public transportation is here? PR should look into this sector very seriously, if it aims towards an environment-friendly nation and address trafffic jams. Besides, Hulu Selangor should also have a hypermart like a Tesco, which will give some poor Indians and Malays a job at the end of the day. (Umno government is the one that grants the approval, it is made to understand, however… Read more »


Pakatan will win this seat with a better majority. BN is in quite a dilema. Fielding a non-Indian candidate by BN will make MIC and its supporters sulk. They will vote for Pakatan. BN may not field an Indian candidate this time and this would be a big blow to MIC and the its supporters. Pakatan will field a Malay candidate for sure and if it’s a credible candidate Pakatan has a better chance of winning the seat. Selangoreans are now solidly behind Khalid the MB. The image of Khir, the former MB, will erode the support for BN. The… Read more »


the internal problems within PR, be it genuine or not, has stirred the confidence of rakyat. this is mainly through PKR. no fire no smoke. going to be tough road for PR. I guess BN through MIC candidates will win. nothing remains permanent especially with politics and associated matters. majority of malaysian living under stress, thus they got no time to think big on the policital related matters/news that has passed for sometime already. they just looking for betterment from time to time…


neither can afford to lose. it will affect each side’s morale in the next PRU13 tremendously. it will b a v v crucial election certainly as critical as a national referendum itself. the margin of defeat MATTERS a lot. if BN loses rather heavily (wt min 2000 votes or so) then they can forget on their dream to retake selangor next PRU. and if PR loses of similar margin then it’s gonna b downhill from now on for them till next GE13. but if margin of defeat/victory remains below 500-1000 on either side, then still all to play for come… Read more »


bro, 1.PKR kena cari calon yg paling ideal dan dapat menarik dan menambat hati penduduk di Hulu S’ngor..dan rasanya Dato Zaid memang ok..tapi kena ingat kawasan nie mmg kuat BN.. 2.cuba jugak bawa nama2 orang muda dalam PKR do S’ngor..mungkin ada yg bersih..ingat integriti calon amat penting..cuba tengok DS Nizar..wpun di gelar sebagai derhaka pd sultan perak tapi kena org bukan melayu begitu kuat support beliau?? 3.paling penting kesefahaman antara parti dlm PR sendiri..jgn jadi macam Manik Urai..jgn jadi macam Bagan Utama..ingat..kalau tak sepakat lebih baik letak calon bebas.. 4.peranan blogger dan media baru..kalau ini betul2 dimanfaatkan seperti yg berlaku… Read more »


In other words, it will come down to mud-slinging..


This is Hulu Selangor. For fisherman – it will be about the fish-boxes. For the Indians, BN will be (enticing voters) and PKR will have to bring Indians from Penang and other parts of Klang to convince the Indians in Hulu Selangor they can change things . For the Malays, Anwar will talk injustice, corruption and for BN, the frogs of PKR will lead the charge. For PKR, their ace in the hold is that the the country is going to the dogs according to Razaleigh. You want to believe the frogs of PKR or do you want to believe… Read more »


It depends greatly on who is the candidate and how the Indians are voting.

The seat is a BN stronghold and PKR won, albeit very narrowly the last time, because of the popularity of their candidate.

… Anwar (could be tied) down with court proceedings throughout the campaign period … the charismatic opposition leader can and will tilt the voters to their candidate.

By the way, what is the number of postal votes in this constituency?


One strange feature of 2008 result for this seat is the 1466 spoilt votes. How can it be that so many people in Hulu Selangor do not know how to write an X on their ballot papers? The explanation is probably dissatisfaction with the PKR candidate. Maybe he was seen as too much of an Umno man. If PKR fields a strong candidate the chance of winning is good. Demography is 53% Malay, 28% Chinese and 19% Indians. With 45% Malay, 80% Chinese and 50% Indian support PR will get 55.75% of the votes. It’s a shame that the Indian… Read more »


That’s the power of spoilt votes. Hence, why I suggest those who are supportive of 2 parties, spoil their votes. On the other hand, I would vouch for Zaid Ibrahim though he’s more suitable for Bandar Tun Razak

Gerakan K

O, 1) I’m very busy now preparing the things for current events (MCA election and another by-election duh!!!) 2) For people that are not familiar in Selangor issues, 3) Anwar trial is not hot anymore, 4) Teoh Beng Hock inquest effectively is not a issue after majority of the experts had said thing that couldn’t exploited by the opposition. They are familiar with the Sg Buloh Hospital (Selangor) expert. 5) For GST issue, most people there even do not know what is this unless they have experienced it. So GST is not an issue anymore. 6) Be practical this blog… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Thanks for your lengthy explnation. May the best candidate wins!


Ahmad Syafiq

May the better candidate wins Gerakan K. May the better candidate wins…

Cheers bro.


Thanks for your support, Ahmad! Gerakan K, is a nice guy! He is from the other school of thought and ever since participating in this blog, I had taken a liking for his comments. By the way, Ahmad, while I agree with you that Hulu Selangor had all along been a BN stronghold, no doubt about that, but, the fact is, do you think voters after voting for PKR only two years ago will dump them? Besides, PKR had done good to all Selangorians! One thing I detest, is the call by PKR’s Sivarasa for an Indian candidate. Wierd is… Read more »

Ahmad Syafiq

Being a pessimist as ever O, I’m not hoping much from this by-election though. I think BN will regain the seat for sure, it’s just a matter of how much the majority would be. However, I will play ping pong left hand all day in uni if PR wins in Hulu Selangor, hehe. But then again, it’s just wishful thinking, but still possible. My pessimist view: BN to win with a majority of 5,000 – 7,000 votes My optimistic view: PR to win with a majority of at least 500 votes About the Sivarasa statement, yeah, I’m not surprised that… Read more »


Bro, Your comment refers. Really, just how can you take such a big guess? 5,000 to 7,000 for BN and 500 for PR? On what basis do you think BN can win by 5,000 to 7,000 votes? Taking into consideration the total number of voters, the racial composition, current sentiments, just how did you arrive at the above figure? That I think certainly is too pessimistic and not probable. Reading from various news blogs, the Malay votes are evenly split, the Chinese that forms 27% and the Indians that forms 19% are going to decide who is their new Parliamentarian.… Read more »

Gerakan K

O, my quick prediction

I predict BN will win by huge majority in the region between 4000 and 7000

p/s: I have to go for a marathon campaigning for the election now.

Ahmad Syafiq

I know you feel that my prediction is a bit too pessimistic. We musn’t forget that the 3 state seats under Hulu Selangor are all under BN, with a combined majority of 6,000+ votes. Of course, there are protest votes by some UMNO supporters as well because of the uprising against Pak Lah last time, which made it possible for PKR to win this seat in the 1st place. If we were to compare the 2 majorities, which is the combined state seats in total, and the one at parliament level, we can see that we have a lot of… Read more »


O, Sivarasa is merely proposing. Plus, you didn’t notice that there are fewer Indian MPs on the whole. Now, we would not wanna give detractors the opportunity to screw Pakatan Rakyat just because of the selection of MPs. I am sure Gerakan K would scream…..Don’t forget of his hype on KBP. So does Anil Netto…..Me just like Benjamin in the Animal Farm got long memory. Guess what would happen with Najib winning Hulu Selangor. Would UMNO abandon their partners once the deal is done. It had happened too many times. O, Remember, Mahathir has accepted Suqiu in priciple & reneged… Read more »


hahaha… time just right to test Najibs … 1Malaysia concept… so many issues and i bet PR will still win this by election despite a tough war of BeNd candidate and its puppet independent ones…. kakaka… let’s show BeNd government that u r still going down, no matter what… the rakyat of Selangor have already deserted u long ago… BTW, bro Ken had quoted that “However in 2008, PKR won by only 198 votes, a surprisingly narrow margin.” But u need to realise that PR have successfully won this Parlimental seat with the increase of vote of 10k from election… Read more »


It is about time Anwar brings in Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. As mentioned.
Please don’t bring in any potential Frogs and Toads. By now, I am sure that PA team is aware who the frogs are.
Few politicians command greater respect in the country today that Datuk Zaid. So DSAI, be the man, do the right thing!


This by-election will be a good indicator of Malay support for PR as of now. The non-Malays are still with PR despite recent ups and downs. I predict PR will win hands down and to hell with BN. I cannot wait for the 13th General Elections to see BN thoroughly decimated. The electorate should give a huge mandate to PR. It’s about time there’s a change in federal rule. Enough is enough for BN. The Hulu Selangor by-election is going to be very interesting.