Hulu Selangor: Citizens’ intelligence reports


Here’s your chance to file in your citizens’ ‘intelligence’ reports from Hulu Selangor.

If you have been to Hulu Selangor to witness the by-election campaign – or if you have heard from others who have been there – share with us in the ‘comments’ section what is happening on the ground and what voter sentiment is like.

Please comment here only if you have heard what is happening on the ground. No other comments will be published.

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Fatimah Zuhri / Gerakan K

I am from PAS and currently sending this message from Bukit Beruntung. I don’t suppose you know that PAS members are nowhere to be seen because most of them are not wearing anything that could identify themselves as PAS supporters. We purposely don’t do that because it gives us the advantage to follow the BN supporters wherever they go and enjoy their facilities. But when we get to the ground, the ‘whispering’ begins. That’s why you don’t see us around.


April 23rd, 2010 at 3.22pm · Reply
*Potss Services is an independent body for political survey and analysis services firm.

How come a service highly depended on Internet for commucations has no website ?

Roy for imformations we are a newly form outfit,and still in the process of setting up our website and at the moment our ground forces are still on the ground.

B(uaya) Nasional

Pakatan is more reliable than any other parties put together.Those who left PKR were desperate for money, we know that now.

If HS choose any other candidate besides Zaid, only they are going to loose in the long run.

We must do all we can to disallow the poor be deceived by these irresponsible people who want to keep them that way forever poor and in need.

dahi ketiak

You are spot on O,
This is not a fair or clean election and there is no level playing field. My info tells me that millions of ringgit is being thrown left, right and centre not only on Hulu Selangor but also in other parts of the country, even in Kelantan, to try to rubbish PKR’s image and policies. this is one byelection Najib must win and BN is coming out with all its guns blazing!!!! So expect more …. from BN.


I heard the people in Hulu Selangor have a special hand sign for Chua Soi Lek. I leave it to your imagination as to what it is.


*Potss Services is an independent body for political survey and analysis services firm.

How come a service highly depended on Internet for commucations has no website ?


According to our ground forces on the ground, we find that until today;

BN (malay votes) basing on 80& voters turnout
53% = 14,610
27% = 3,390 (Chinese votes)
49% = 4,949 ( Indian votes)
48% = 630 (other votes)
Total votes for BN = 23579 votes

PR 47%(Malay Votes) 12,957
73% (Chinese Votes) 9,109
51% (Indian votes) 5,207
52% (Other votes) 662
Total PR votes 27,935

PR majority by around 4,536 votes.

from, Director of Potss Services

*Potss Services is an independent body for political survey and analysis services firm. (We can be contacted through [email protected])


I know it’s 5 days ago, but I just want to say I was there (KKB) on nomination day. It was very congested … we had to park the car and walk 2km into town. Pakatan people were out in full force with PAS, PKR and DAP people mingling freely, very eager and in high spirits. The entire town was filled with Pakatan people long after the nomination process was completed. Anwar took charge of the campaign right from the word ‘go’, made a brief but stirring speech, and basically asked everyone to get down to work immediately (“doa tetapi… Read more »



Today’s Chinese newspaper carries this news:

The authority took down two PKR banners, claiming that the banners – and I quote – “ incite racial hatreds ”.

Do you know what the PKR banners say?

The Chinese and the Indians must be grateful to the Malays for granting them citizenship” – Nor Omar.

Oh yes, that famous saying came from Nor Omar, of UMNO.

How come UMNO people are allowed to say whatever things they like but others are not allowed to print it out?

UMNO got a special “UMNO copyrights” or something, huh?


Iron says only 25% of Indians are expected to vote for PR meaning BN will pull 75% of Indian votes.

Hold on! This will be the same as the extent of Indian support for BN before Hindraf, the 12th G.E. and all that has happened since including Kugan, cow head protest, Allah issue, etc. It will mean a complete reversal of Indian support between PR and BN.

Have things improved so much for Indians since 308? I find no basis for such a reversal.


“Iron says only 25% of Indians are expected to vote for PR meaning BN will pull 75% of Indian votes.” Although it was me who wrote the message, the info was from my friend who is in HS right now, turun padang. What he told me holds true. He said – and I paraphrase: * Those supporting PR may find themselves with too much work that day (in the estates, there are always tons and tons of work waiting to be done) * Those supporting BN may get a whole day free, and they will bus those people to the… Read more »


BN will win with a majority of 4500 +/- 1000. Election funds deployed by BN (are believed to have) broken the RM 12mil mark. This is the highest amount deployed by BN thus far for a Parliamentary by election, RM 4mil more than in Permatang Pauh. By Saturday this figure (could) surpass RM 18mil. Relatively much much cheaper,and more effective, than amount paid to APCO to bolster Najib’s image. Foregone conclusion,Main media already ready with super spin of Malaysians acceptance of 1Malaysia. Money talks louder than words or deeds for citizens of any country that accept and tolerate corruption. Money,… Read more »


BN has not learnt anything from their past mistakes. Ibrahim Ali, Ezam, MPs that crossed over or became independents are all a BIG LIABILITY to BN. Yet they are bringing them to campaign against Pakatan. This will fail, miserably. The “drink” issue on Zaid has backfired. Personal attacks of this nature will always backfire. Just look at the mainstream media – they talk nothing positive about Anwar, Zaid and Pakatan. They go all out to condemn and smear them. Ask the people in Hulu Langat and they would say “sudah benci, sudah melampau”. On the “drink” issue, it’s not an… Read more »


Keep dreaming.
The figure we have now is minimum 70% Chinese (target is 80% by this Saturday) plus minimum 55% India vote. The Orang Asli vote will improve as well but not significant. As for the Malay, majority are much more smarter and open minded than you think. They focus on the issues related to thier well being rather a candidate’s past drinking habit. And obviously you fall under minority group.


A count of 55% Indians voting for PR is simply too unrealistic.

I am not in HS but a friend of mine who is on the frontline (as we speak) tells me he puts it at less than 25% as a big portion of the Indian votes came from the estates.

BTW my friend is pro-PR.

If he is that pessimistic, so am I.


it’s 60 – 40 for PR. this is the ground survey done by bn.

we hv our own survey also but it’s for our eyes only. suffice to say it very close to the figure above.

so stop the bull….. u can do it elsewhere, not here when we hv facts & figures at our finger tips.

Fatimah Zuhri

Dear ck,

1. you asked sharizat huh? lol

2. sure

3. my report still stands. i think based from past comments made here and elsewhere most of my figures and posting never went off target


Stop the bull, check with sharizat…. the figure is 60% – PR & 40 – bn.

this figure is not from us. we hv ours but it’s for our eyes only.

Fatimah Zuhri

Dear Anil, 1. As you know from my pasts comments, none of them were off the marks so please let me give my 2 cents worth here. 2. At the moment the advantage is clearly with BN. If a rough survey is made at the time of this writing, BN would win with a majority of +- 1300. 3. This is in tandem with military intel which reported around 1500 to BN come nominations days. 4. However due to the large number of “fence-sitters”, I predict that BN will win the by-election between 2k-3k. 5. Now on to the analysis.… Read more »



Channel 2 Mandarin News at 8PM just shown Health Minister LTL visiting Hulu Selangor to attend an event organized by the Health Ministry — something with free health exam for the Rakyat or something like that —


Isn’t this VOTE BUYING ???

Channel 2 Mandarin News showed that !!!

Lone Ranger

This is VOTE BUYING aka CORRUPTION. This is the nature
of umno & bn


Please let me have a say here k? What’s wrong in PKR having Datuk Zaid as their candidate in US? He’s just the best and knowingly that he won’t frog towards BN. Well, Dr.Halili Rahmat, didn’t you have the chances to compete in the state and parliamentary elections? Look! the rakyats in Ulu Selangor rejected you time and time again. It’s maybe due to your arrogance since your are a specialist and the rakyats are too dumb to be in your class. I believe it’s cause. Just feel free when PR goes to Putra Jaya and leap again! I have… Read more »


Pas members are camping in felda areas. How do u see them if u were in the town? I just received the confirmation from Pas folk on the list of voters transferred to other voting centers; from Sg Selisik, we have 331 voter being transferred to SK Gesir Tengah & 514 voters from SK Kg Gesir to SK Gesir Tengah. The news about Pas not helping is totally untrue & malicious in nature. That game we played in the 80’s & now, this guy is doing it here. Lol!!!!


If this is a fair elections then Pakatan Rakyat will win this election.

Our numbers people have provided us with the statistics on the ground. All the Chinese, Indian and Malay votes are going to Pakatan Rakyat. The citizens cannot be fooled anymore.

Pakatan Rakyat will win because we are there on the ground dealing with the real social and economic issues. We dont need to play dirty or run down the opposition party.


I am supporting PR but …

All the Chinese, Indian and Malay votes are going to Pakatan Rakyat.

ALL ??

Citation, please !


I am a resident of Rawang town …. this are news that i personally obtained from people involved in the election ….( an effort done by Najib without the knowledge of MIC – Samy Vellu and Palanivel ) to gather the indian votes … This is before the nomination day ….. 1. Najib (is believed to have) appointed a special commitee headed by a so called Fuad which mainly focuses on visiting to all the estates in Hulu Selangor area (i personally saw the list) … this is a team which is (said to be) pro on Palanivel being the… Read more »


… Sad to say, the Indian votes from the estates are the most unpredictable since some of them are too willing to exchange their votes for money.

It has happened before many times. Those in the field can tell you war stories regarding the estate workers.


Zaid: Saya rela dikutuk untuk membela rakyat


It seems there are just too many “leaders” in UMNO Baru running the by election, from Sham, toyo, KJ, Ibraham… Sham and KJ said no to character assasination, all but, sandiwaras only. Ibraham … must answer to the Malay folks which is more damaging, drinking alcohol or gambling? Ibraham … must come clear on gambling, which is a bigger curse to the Malays and Islam? He had become very quiet on the gaming issue especially the sports betting license ? … What are the issues that they are bringing to the folks of Hulu Selangor, what can they offer? We… Read more »


I suggest PR put more big picture of Samy Vellu …. those people love him so much …. Dont underestimate PAS .. and i must say PAS election engine is the best .. they really go door to door campaigning reaching out the people .. DAP will handle the chinese and indian voters while PKR will strengthing and pushing agenda for the Zaid .. With Nik aziz expected to campagin for Zaid on friday .. it will draw big crowd .. fielding the best strikers nik aziz, anwar ibrahim and … lim guan eng with supporting striker zaid ibrahim ..… Read more »


Maika issue will not be settled. It’s only a political gimmick. Samy has said the same many a time in the past. Samy is again talking before a by-election. It’s only a political promise. Maika is doomed. Nobody will bail out Maika. The appearance of Samy in Hulu Langat and on TV has become a liability to the BN candidate. Samy is very unpopular and he is doing the damage to the BN candidate. Kamalanathan is no match to Zaid. The split in MIC is obvious. The anger among UMNO voters cannot be calmed. The Chinese can never forgive UMNO… Read more »