Live – Hulu Selangor Nomination Day


Live coverage of Nomination Day for the Hulu Selangor by-election.

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steven sua

hulu serlangor rakyats please vote for zaid ibrahim . dont vote for bn. because bn is a corruption ,lie. and talk for pakatan rakyat. only pakatan rakyat can help poor people.

Gerakan K

Ha ha O,

I managed to chat with VVIPs for few minutes. I think I have scored BIG this time for my effort. Looking forward for a joint project between them. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

My wife said she spotted my face in yesterday news. About 2 seconds long ! Unfortunately nobody record it for me.

Anyway, based on ground reports (ie from party workers and spy from other side), BN 54% and PR 46%. Expect more goodies very soon from BN.


Gerakan K,
As expected and just like all the froggies, your support of UMNO + BN are not for the people and country but for your self interest. How pathetic.

Gerakan K

Do you wonder what are GDP, economy growth %, etc. Where these things come from ??? It is not from your pocket. It is plain business activities. I’m contributing to Malaysian economy by involving in business activities while stay legal all the ways.

How pathetic ??? I’m full tax payer even not bother for tax reduction like PC & books purchasing, donation to legitimate organization, etc. I give more to my country.

Yang, do you pay tax ???


To the Chinese and Indian voters of Hulu Selangor, go vote PKR, we, at BN, do not need your votes, and don’t try to bootlick and curry favour us at BN.


hamid ibrahim

Dear Anil; Sorry, I have not been in touch due to illness. NOW THE HEAT IS ON. I LOVE IT. You bet it will be ZAID who will win the election People know that sami has done nothing , in the 65 years he has been in the bn; no body likes him but he has fattended himself …and his croanies… What a joke, he is looking for a job after (all this). I HOPE ALIRAN CAN GIVE HIM A JOB AS AN OFFICE BOY WHICH HE WAS IN 1960-1970. POOR SAMI… I congratulate, in advance, ZAID IBRAHIM personally. justice… Read more »


Who has now become the agent of the American. Our PM Najib. He has now become subservient to Obama & the American interest by (allegedly) stopping fuel supplies to Iran a fellow Muslim country. So much so for calling Anwar an American agent.


Just shows how much “Komali”-Nathan knows about 1Malaysia. Its about championing the rights of 1Malaysia, and NOT Championing the rights of any One Bangsa. (FYI – Komali – (Tamil – Joker)
This clown is sucking up so much to his masters…


Another good sign for PR.
4 MIC branches has dissolved in protest. Shafie, Ganesan & Samy Vellu hurted in barb wire. Samy Vellu shamed by UMNO Muyideen and Palanivel … mouth stucked up. MIC 64 years choice vetoed. Pathetic Samy Vellu shows his impotence. Local Indian protest UMNO high handedness. Chinese votes is still solid with PR. PR coalition partner solidly behind Zaid while BN partners in disarray. Kalamathan support PERKASA a racist organisation. UMNO strategise plan for the Hulu Selangor loss in order to claim back the seat at next GE.


i was there at the Bukit, where they claimed Pakatan supporters threw bottles, and all i can said is LIE!!!!!!! How can the supporters do that when the police parked 2 (or 3, i forgot) black marias in front of the BN supporters (who all camp far away), plus there’s another row of FRU guarding in front of the truck. It seems that someone is spreading lies and the picture provided does not showed that claimed incident. All i can said is, the PR supporters were all in high spirit and BN had definitely lost their confidence and resort to… Read more »


It is also in this blog where many UMNO & BN cronies are also spreading lies and half truth. So let us all beware and point out their lies for the people to see.


Why dont someone show the disgusting picture of this gerakan k fella?…

The barb wire sure did the job. It pricked Samy in more than one place.

Why no comment on MCA? Did it have an invisible cloak.


Let us simplified our thoughts to select the eventual winner for this HS by-election, based on; Zaid, a quality man with ministry experience and well qualified. A man will not compromise on his principles. Politician like him, is hard to find these days in the Malaysian political arena. Whereas; Kama the BN candidate, a rookie, when selected, the first in his mind was to please his political masters…a win for him is a “gift” to UMNO PM! Gosh, what an …!! He forgot, in the first instance, it is the electorate that make him a MP!! Where is the appreciation… Read more »


Anil, or Anil,

There is another big development on another front:

Malaysia’s Submarine Scandal Surfaces in France

The link is at

Mind if you dig up more juicy stuffs for us, please ?

Oh yeah, you can ask … Suaram for more info, they are the one who contacted the French lawyers.


Submarine finally submerged and emerged. The fact that the newly purchased expensive submarine could not submerge itself, the Government said was only a SMALL defect. Why did they buy a ship that looked like a submarine?? Something wrong with them. The Defence Ministry doesn’t seem to know the difference. They must be taught the meaning of ‘submarine’. Bet a Std. 1 kid could tell the difference. Now, they have wasted our money in correcting the error and are again wasting our money going to court over the purchase and murder of the foreign go-between. The BN government is only expert… Read more »


Anil, Not wanting to be superstitious, but, what happened yesterday at Bukit Sentosa and what happened today at the nomination centre, certainly does not look good for BN. God’s fury was shown at the ground breaking ceremony for the Chinese school at Bukit Sentosa. Lightning, thunder and storm, it shows God’s anger with those BN men. Liow, Wee and Kong were aware, just look at their sad faces. They know it is an indication of things to come. They were shivering but because Mdin was there, they had to stand still otherwise these people would have fled. Today at the… Read more »

Gerakan K

OMG ! Now I’m very scary. How did you know me ??? I was there on that day. The one that asking people distributing bottled water. I sponsored that you know and there were VVIPs very impressed with my effort. I will meet them during “ceramah” in next few days. Ha ha O, now I’m connected !!!


Now I’m very scary

You admit that you are very scary ?

I thought you were only naughty. Hmm ….


Hey, I read in the Sun that the water bottles were used for throwing at supporters of both sides. Thank you for giving supporters something to throw. Perhaps, you should not supply such ‘ammunition’ to people on nomination days. It only creates trouble. The police also didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. (Maybe they) left the barbed wire to do their job of crowd control and gone somewhere to sleep under the trees or even in their cop cars. May be they were having breakfast at the kopitiam nearby. It seems about time Samy V. and Co. remembered what… Read more »


“Now I’m very scary!” I like that, at least you show that you’re still in the real world which is a little bit better than the BN that’s living on another planet. They have no idea of what the real situation is and think that the rakyat still believes in them. BN, keep dreaming on Cloud 9. It won’t hurt so much when you finally crash to the ground. Hidup Rakyat!!


why Khairy J tw like a pasar malam gossiper ? so provocating and low std, supposed to be the future leader I thought ? He must learn to upgrade his std. My goodness !


Azminali must be sad watching Palani/samy bull ….ing their supporters on this historic nomination day.


Yeah, people of Hulu Selangor, we have racist UMNO’s Noh Omar to thank for his (racist statement)…

Do you believe it was ‘slip of the tongue no fault of the mind’? …the racist mind? Let’s then bury UMNO/BN in Hulu Selangor!


Hi Anil, PR Zaid will win, this is a key by election, hopefully will send a clear message to BN to stop corruption and focus on the people.