Development issues

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The 19 deaths in Sabah were the first fatalities from a quake in Malaysia in living memory. We mourn the loss of lives and commend the courageous rescuers who worked tirelessly to reach the climbers.

The fatalities should serve us a wake-up call in terms of our preparedness and the precautions we should take to minimise casualties from future quakes, not only in Sabah but across the country.

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The City of Dreams project site

This statement by a group of Seri Tanjung Pinang residents hammers home the point as to why land and property development-for-infrastructure swap deals are a bad idea.

Such deals compromise the development regulatory process by presenting the land reclamation or property developments projects as done deals – because they are needed to finance the infrastructure projects.

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A major project near the Gurney Drive roundabout

It is the turn of the Gurney Drive residents to feel the pressure of high-density development in the absence of a gazetted Local Plan and the apparent flouting of density limits stipulated in the Penang Island Structure Plan.

At least four major projects are in the pipeline:

  • a large project near the Gurney Drive roundabout
  • a 20-storey block addition to Sunrise Tower
  • a 41-storey hotel at the site of Corner Club.
  • the Setia V Residences: a 43-storey tower and a 48-storey tower.

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Remember the Jelutong dump site? At one time, there were plans to create an urban park for the people. But now, PDC is requesting for proposals to redevelop the site, presumably for mixed development.

Similarly, over in Tanjung Bungah, the state government announced in 2010 the soft launch of a coastal park at the site now popularly known as the Sore Thumb, because it juts out into the sea following some (illegal?) development and reclamation work.