Development issues

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The present Penang state government may not have granted any land reclamation rights since 2008, but recently concern has been expressed about possible land reclamation to finance the RM27bn Penang Transport Masterplan (of which RM17bn is for the construction of more roads and highways).

The following is an extract of a descriptive piece written for Malaysiakini by Mariam Mokhtar about a dialogue in London with the Penang Chief Minister.

The question that irked Lim was as innocuous as those that preceded it, but they brought passion to Lim. They were about the sustainability of development in Penang, hillside development and the threat posed to the breeding grounds of fish, by land reclamation.

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The 19 deaths in Sabah were the first fatalities from a quake in Malaysia in living memory. We mourn the loss of lives and commend the courageous rescuers who worked tirelessly to reach the climbers.

The fatalities should serve us a wake-up call in terms of our preparedness and the precautions we should take to minimise casualties from future quakes, not only in Sabah but across the country.