Will Malaysia’s reclamation projects meet the same fate as Dubai’s ‘Palm Islands’?


So do you think we can justify all the mega-reclamation projects going on all over Malaysia?

Just watch the video and reflect on the readers’ comments below the video.

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Alpha 888 ( A Voter )


Halt Melaka Gateway Project, DAP MP tells state govt by FMT Reporters 
dd August 17, 2022 11:46 AM

” has caused major environmental damage to the Melaka coastline.” ” The project has badly affected the fishing communities in Bandar Hilir and Duyong. It has also affected the cultural heritage of the unique Kristang community in the Portuguese settlement.”

“The project and others along the coastline have triggered erosion and disruption to the irrigation system, which have contributed to the increased frequency of flash floods in Melaka.”


cont. to A2


All pha, you dont understand simple english and Law? PAS minister even well verse in koran knows to develop a place, there must be a EIA. But your MCA dont bother like cowboy in wild wild west.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

A2 == A similar situation like coastline erosion is taking place here in Penang and more will take place in the future if the project is not scrapped and done away with. So, Kota Melaka MP Khoo Poay Tiong, why are your counterparts in Penang so adamant in wanting to going ahead with a similar project here. Do DAP people in different states, have different mindsets. Something must be seriously wrong with the way DAP people think and do work. No uniformity and no common sense. Better our Rakyat vote them out come this GE15 before more damage is done by… Read more »


All pha, you are not a costal engineer and dont talk like one. Without development, beaches in Trengganu and gun pillars in Kelantan to fight against Japanese are all gone and wash away. MCA also talk one. Sound ofd silence in Malacca, Johor and Kedah

Alpha 888


1. Penang Govt Loses Legal Did To Reinstate Penang South Reclamation Project by Ho Kit Yen dd August 29, 2022 5:43 PM



Penang Rakyat is grateful and happy with the decision made by the court and the consistent efforts of Zakaria Ismail and his fellow fishermen whose way of life/lives will be effected and together with lawyer Meenakshi Raman to see to it that this unsustainable project will be dropped, eventually. 

cont. to B2

Alpha 888

B2 == 2. Penang Govt To Discuss Failure To Reinstate PSR Project, Says Zairil by Imran Hilmy dd Monday, 29 Aug 2022 9:19 PM MYT https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2022/08/29/penang-govt-to-discuss-failure-to-reinstate-psr-project-says-zairil ======== Why, the state government needs to persist on this project. The Penang Rakyat are not happy with it, the Penang fishing folks who will be impacted by this project are not happy it, why should the State continue with it?  The State should make a wise decision and simply just drop the project … permanently, and go with the way of the Penang Rakyat wishes. The tourist are just as happy to come… Read more »

Alpha 888


What Steps and Actions, has the State Govt taken to counter the coastal erosions taking place around the State of Penang’s coastal areas? What is happening to Gurney Drive and Batu Ferringhi area ?



CNA Explains: What was revealed in the declassified reports on Malaysia’s warship procurement scandal?


Former defence ministers Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi were both involved in the deal to purchase six littoral combat ships from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd, a declassified report revealed.


Despite of the desperation and disappointment of Najib, Zahid and UMNO with the decisions made by this panel of Federal Court judges in Najib’s present appeal, I am optimistic that Malaysia will have a good future for all Malaysians if and when: 1) all the other Federal Court judges will also (and am sure they will) be like members of this present panel who are firm, decisive, efficient and for giving a very sound bold clear reasons for their judgment, 2) all our law enforcment agencies can also think and act like this present Federal Court panel, 3) all our… Read more »


Why look so far at Dubai?

Just look at Johor’s Forest City – so far one out of four planned man-made islands reclaimed, but has become a ghost town.


Dubai and forest city different market. forest city for foreigners – mainly chinese. further gomen shift goal posts again. foreigner homw owners have harder restrictions


Gardenia will increase (again) the prices of its loaves, spreads and other products from Sept 1.


Mansor Saat

I thought the government has put into place measures to contain basic food price hike?

I think now hawkers have enough reason to have another round of price increase.


The projects are not just reclamation but every sort including construction and IT systems. The common elements are lavish scale, big bucks, secrecy, overpayment, late completion if at all and shoddy work.


Still harping on same old issue repeatedly instead of the emerging new hot issue that R Nadeswaran can raise in Malaysiakini?


No wonder one user has claimed that this blog has lost its oomph?

Alpha 888

Some people do not have the capability nor the proper intelligence to give talks or give their views or opinions on various topics that is put forward for discussion and so, slowly envy sets in. 

These sort of people will begin to find fault on those who are able to, sometimes faulting with words like ‘Trolling or Troll Farming’ or name calling or personal/personality verbal attacks etc etc etc.

Venger meaning an avenger, what is your opinion?

Don Daboba

Personal attack will drive out readers, leaving behind meaningless bantering. Venger is hinting to Anil to emulate Nadeswaran to bring out current pertinent issue to keep the blog fresh and up to date. Recycling old tales will bore the readers.


all pha – you comment, finding faults and critise everything and anything. You have all the capability and intelligent? Jack of all trades and Master of none.

Alpha 888

Jack of all trades and Master of none ” . And yet shriek, you find it important enough that you must reply to all my comments. Even though it is now the last to get published after many days, you still seem to wait to want to reply.


Good opportunity for Burberry Man to kill off his opponents (bossku, monster and Kerisman) within his party?



Skandal LCS:


No point discussing about LCS matter if Anil is not raising it as an issue. Respect him to stick to the topic.


Those making Mat Kilau a box office success should realise who is the current traitor to our national defence


Thought I should highlight this while we await the long overdue response from Anil on LCS issue.


Penang reclaimation issue easy target coz the state government are gentle no ISA power. Go touch LCS the rascals involved may get you to Sg Buloh! So webmaster is in catch 22?


Skandal LCS: Zahid dakwa tak terlibat tapi sekarang dah ‘kantoi’


Skandal LCS salah siapa?


Kapal pertama LCS dijangka siap pada April 2019 dan kapal keenam atau terakhir bakal siap pada Oktober 2023.

Namun hingga ke hari ini, Ogos 2022, satu kapal pun tak diterima.


Timbalan Presiden PKR Rafizi Ramli sekali lagi mencabar Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Abdul Latiff Ahmad supaya menyamannya dalam isu kapal tempur pesisir (LCS).


It is disgusting and unconscionable that these people would jeopardize the country’s defense to satisfy their greed! If there is a treacherous act that trump them all, this will be the one. Their action has put the entire country’s navy in a vulnerable position. How is this going help bangsa, negara dan Agama? The Navy has [allegedly] been operating “junk” ships for the past 20 years no wonder why Abu Sayyaf in Eastern Sabah can operate with impunity.

Mat Kilau has no match for Mat Sakau today!


Spotlight pada Hishammuddin. Duit Lesap. Kapal Ghaib (Spotlight Hishammuddin. Money & ship are gone)

Mansor Saat

A very comprehensive report in BM for Malays to understand.