Mysterious work at Penang’s Sore Thumb continues


Two excavators huffed and puffed their way on a Sunday (yesterday) at Penang’s Sore Thumb, as workers beavered away on land supposedly alloted for the Tanjung Bungah Coastal Park.

The public has been given to understand that there has been no approval given for the development of the Sore Thumb. In any event, work should not be carried out on a Sunday.

Said an upset eye-witness yesterday: “My recent weeks’ visits to the area now have the developer reclaiming from the sea front. Not only are they balding the Sore Thumb but they are claiming more land from the sea. (Refer to the photos which show the newly claimed bay at the sea!) Today, there are two bulldozers actively working in the morning. Someone says they are building a roundabout for a condo’s usage. Does anyone know what the developer’s plans are?”

It is believed that work first started eight years ago on plans to build some kind of marina while others say this land could be linked to plans for nearby high-density super condos. Some speculate that this work could be for access to the condos, a tourism complex or a marina. But with high sedimentation in the area, it is anyone’s guess if this reclaimed land could eventually be used for property development with an unobstructed sea view.

Neighbouring residents who turned up for a recent press conference are opposed to what they see as the alleged appropriation of land alloted for a public park. “We voted for change; now we see Ubah, but it is from bad to worse,” said one of them.

Others point out that a waterway in the area has either been covered up or diverted.

Some of those who attended recent press conferences have wondered why there has been hardly any coverage of this in the English-language mainstream media, given that they tend to be critical of the Penang state government. Is it because these pro-BN media are also pro-developers and receive advertising revenue from the industry?

Whatever the case, and to dispel conflicting accounts, the state government needs to quickly clarify the status of this project and what happened to the Tanjung Bungah Coastal Park for the public, the soft launch for which was held in June 2010. Also, were stop work orders issued in the past for this property development work? What was the result of these orders? What is this work all about?

Meanwhile, another observer shot this video clip yesterday of the work going on at a neighbouring project:

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3 Oct 2013 8.33am

Before anyone of you start shooting, perhaps you should find out how did they get the approval many moons ago.

It was approved a very long time ago by the BN government since the developer applied to reclaim part of the sea for a marina/ ship docking purposes.Back then, it was still known as Tanjong Club.

Penang Swimming club did the same thing as well. Tanjong Club saw it and just followed their foot steps.

24 Sep 2013 11.37pm

Anil, just read: She’s not just a stripper, says Cecil Rajendra of Rose Chan.
Can you make this another day’s topic. Certainly it will raise happy tumbs!!!

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez
24 Sep 2013 1.44pm

Why I am not surprised when I hear news like this?
I think more and more Penangites are becoming disgruntled with the lack of enforcement against errant developers.

Swee Huat
Swee Huat
24 Sep 2013 3.41pm

No use disgruntled. Same issue is repeated. No enforcement?

Batu Ferringhian
Batu Ferringhian
23 Sep 2013 11.26pm

Anil, can you please clarify…from what I’ve read, you’ve stated that the development has NOT been given any approval? Am I missing something here…?

If no approval, that would development, am I right? So what exactly is going on?

Can you also shed more light on the Tanjung Bungah Coastal Park? Did the state sell this land to the developer?

Which EXCO/MPPP Department is responsible for this?

So much for CAT, huh

Angry Tokong
Angry Tokong
23 Sep 2013 3.54pm

All Talk: Those responsible to face the law.
Bkt Relau having 2nd botak cut?
Who are playing the fools?

Aminah Sobri
Aminah Sobri
23 Sep 2013 3.16pm

Why there is no such report in The Star paper ?
Could this be a joint collaboration project involving the big guns from both sides of the political divide ?

23 Sep 2013 1.06pm

take a look at bkt relau, the developer, seems like is preparing the earth work again..

Angry Tokong
Angry Tokong
23 Sep 2013 12.32pm

Vote for CHANGE, Vote for UBAH, be prepared for change of lifestyle & environment.
Who are playing the fools?
Must ask for advice from angry seaside tokongs.