Second recreational park for Tg Bunga


A second recreational park, the Tanjung Bunga Coastal Park, is set to be officially opened in an area increasingly filled with high-rise condominium towers.

The soft launch of the park will be held on Saturday, 5 June near the Cove.

The first park is up on Pearl Hill while the Coastal Park will be at the illegal land reclamation site next to the Penang Swimming Club. Both these parks are the result of initiatives by members of the Tanjung Bunga Residents Association (since 2006) and the State Assembly member for Tanjung Bunga, Teh Yee Chiu (since 2008).

Good work! We need more such parks all over Penang and in other towns and cities.

The next phase would be to gazette public beaches as recreational beaches to prevent the closing up of beaches by hotels, condominiums and gated communities. Public support is needed for these activities.

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tg bunganian
tg bunganian
13 Oct 2010 9.36am

I do not see any recreational park next to the Cove. Where is it? As far as I’m concern there is a signboard of new condominium will arise there.

2 Jun 2010 8.57pm

Good news. Any idea when work on 1st park will start? Can’t wait for it as I am staying in Pearl Hill area.

2 Jun 2010 12.17pm

The DAP led PR government is extremely popular in Penang.
Even die hard BN supporters among my morning walk kakis are won over.
That’s my input for today. 🙂

kacau kacau
kacau kacau
1 Jun 2010 10.18pm

is there a picture or anything?….
I stay near there but I never notice the park!!! haha

Penang Voter
Penang Voter
1 Jun 2010 10.45am

I proud to say that I voted for DAP and I will continue to do so.

Now, you see the difference between those ‘Who Cares’ and those ‘Who Doesn’t Care’.

1 Jun 2010 1.43am

Hello Kee, Yes, the Botanical Gardens is very close to the hearts of Penangnites. I do have fond memories of Botanical Gardens, especially during the mid to late 70’s where we were able to park our vehicles inside the Gardens at night. Well, this Federal Government is going all out to destroy the Botanical Gardens and anything good in Penang and to put the blame on DAP. Unfortunately, I tell you Kee, sentiments on the ground for DAP in Penang has never been stronger. I was in Butterworth recently, and LGE is extremely popular in the Malay areas. I was… Read more »

31 May 2010 7.17pm

Another good work by PR & CM Lim Guan Eng

31 May 2010 3.10pm

See, Pakatan government does think of the welfare of the people whereas BN government is “korek korek” all the way and they are confessing now, the COUNTRY, our beautiful land, MALAYSIA is going bankrupt… sob! sob! sob! Earlier, lots of readers here blamed Lim Guan Eng, including you ya “O” for the blunder in Botanical Garden, so all of you realise now, it is actually the act of the Federal government ya? Please go and ask Dr Ng Yen Yen. For BN, ada project means ada masuk and vice versa. So, what they care is project, and not white elephants… Read more »